Style Bee in Winter Neutrals

Winter Neutrals


Style Bee in Winter Neutrals

Big news! I may or may not have discovered the secret to winter layering. If you’d prefer to go on with bunchy sleeves and constricted shoulder movement, please don’t read any further. Here it is….you sure you’re ready….sleeveless shirts. Is your mind not blown? Well, maybe it’s no secret at all or I’m the only person who can’t handle more than two sets of sleeves at once, but I have a feeling I’m not alone. Regardless, it’s a theory worth exploring because with this trick you’re torso keeps toasty while your limbs go unimpeded. Plus you get to look all put together without feeling all squeezed together.

Style Bee in Winter NeutralsStyle Bee in Winter Neutrals

Here I’ve worn a sleeveless blouse (seen previously here and here) under a woolly knit, under a leather jacket. If I was having a total layer spaz I may even top it all off with a little fur vest. I’m also really feeling neutral tones lately. Pairing elements of black, white and brown can result in something classic but textured and a touch of leather adds an edge to a cozy look.

Style Bee in Winter NeutralsStyle Bee in Winter NeutralsStyle Bee in Winter Neutrals

So that’s my two cents and my butt (layers matter from the back too!) on winter neutrals and layering tricks. Do you have any winter style secrets you’d care to share? Go on, spill ’em!

Hat Old Similar // Sweater Ganni // Shirt Equipment // Jacket Old Love Love // Denim Anine Bing // Boots Rag and Bone // Bag Madewell Similar 

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Hilarious post! Pictures of you are really great. Kudos to your photographer.