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This may be a trivial matter for many but for those who share my flat haired frustrations it could prove useful. I’ve attempted to curl my hair countless times only to find my locks are deflated and lifeless in less than a couple hours. No amount of hairspray or pinning tricks make any difference. All my hair genius friends have attempted to impart their skill and wisdom unto me with little to no success. That is, until the idea of a curling wand rolled it’s way onto my radar, thanks to my dear and divinely coiffed girlfriend Allie.

With this discovery, I dare say my deflated hair days are destined to be a lot less frequent! I recently got my paws on a curling wand and as far as I’m concerned it performs magic. Well, it actually just gets crazy hot (430 degrees) and that, along with the coned barrel shape and absence of a clamp, seems to be the difference from many curling irons and straighteners. The high temps help create waves faster and hold them longer, the cone shape creates a more natural curl (tighter at the end) and without a clamp there is no unwanted crimping.

Upon first use my waves lasted all night and I used almost no hold spray at all. I woke up following morning with a full head of slightly more relaxed waves and felt pretty pleased with the whole situation. I used Emily Schuman’s quick and easy tutorial to help me hone in on my technique. Next time I won’t hold my hair around the barrel of the wand for quite as long so the waves are looser and more beachy.

There are a slew of curling wand options but I went for the Céramkore available at Winners. It was reasonably priced and had all the factors I was looking for, which were a ceramic barrel (no friction, even heating), high temp, ultra fast heat-up, auto shut-off, adjustable temp and a swivel power cord (when my hair is wrapped around a 430 degree stick I don’t want the cord getting twisted and caught!). Rank & Style has a comprehensive list of great curling tools that includes several curling wands (I’ve seen the Amika Tourmaline curler on a number of other ‘best’ lists too).

So from my (previously) flat hair to yours, give a wand a whirl! Please do tell if you’ve got any hair styling secrets you’re willing to divulge. I need all the help I can get!


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  1. Candace says:

    Nice! I love my curling wand. Second day hair does best for me, or if I have fresh hair I will add a dry shampoo to give it a little grit before curling.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Candace, Thanks for reading and the pointers! Good call on second day hair or dry shampoo, less chance of frizziness then too. Plus if it’s next day hair you don’t have to spend all the time washing and drying it first. Lazy hair styling 101 haha XO