Style Bee - Light Packing - Everlane Weekender

Light Packing for a Long Weekend


Style Bee - Light Packing - Everlane Weekender

Whether you’re headed for a family visit, to a cottage or a quick international jaunt it’s always tough to decide what comes with you on a long weekend. It’s so easy to go too far and end up bringing half your closet on a three day trip. I am a chronic over packer and finally decided that my most recent trip would be the one to break the habit.

My latest cause for air travel was a quick but action packed journey to San Francisco for a good friend’s bachelorette celebration. Before I even had my flights booked I was asking myself, “What should I pack?”. Things could have easily spiralled into big suitcase territory so I forced myself to set some boundaries. I knew my Everlane Weekender was well within the carry-on limits so I let that be the main determinant as to what I could bring. To both my surprise and delight I was able to pack everything I needed and still be content with all my style options. Woo!

So with one successfully packed bag under my belt here a few tips to help you pack light for a long weekend:

1. Know the weather forecast. Wait until a day or so before you leave to make any final calls.

2. Know your itinerary. So you can choose outfits that are both appropriate and comfortable for different activities.

3. Make a list of what you need. This way you’re less likely to forget things. See my detailed checklist list below, customize and print it for your next adventure. Consider choosing interchangeable items, then you can easily pull together an extra look without bring extra pieces.

4. Try each outfit on to make sure you feel comfortable in it. It’s too easy to throw in extra pants or a ‘maybe’ dress just in case. Try it on and ask yourself if you’d really rather wear that over something already packed.

5. Make sure your bag and contents are within the carry-on baggage limit. Cue mini toothpaste and tiny shampoo bottles! Air Canada’s liquid limit is 100 ml but check the regulations of the airline you’re flying with to be sure.

Here are all the items that joined me for a springy long weekend in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Style Bee - Light Packing - Flight Down Style Bee - Light Packing - Friday Night Style Bee - Light Packing - Saturday Adventure Style Bee - Light Packing - Saturday Dinner Style Bee - Light Packing - Sunday Brunch Style Bee - Light Packing - Accessories

Flight DownLeather Jacket / Sunnies / Tee / Pants / Flats / Tote (not shown)
Friday Night OutLeather Jacket / Little Black Dress / Sandals / Clutch / Sunnies
Day TripSunnies / Denim Jacket / Crop Top / Maxi Skirt / Clutch / Sandals
Saturday Night Out – Dress Similar / Necklace Similar / Heels Similar / Clutch
Sunday Brunch & Trip HomeSunnies / Tee Similar / Pants / Denim Jacket / Flats
AccessoriesGold Necklaces / Rings / Necklace Similar / Bracelets

Print and customize this list for your next long weekend! Pictured list and blank template included here.

Style Bee Light Packing for a Long Weekend List

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  1. Mindy says:

    Love this post and how you laid out each of your outfits. I don’t have any big trips planned, but I am a serious over-packer and need to plan actual outfits for each event like this! I especially like the versatility of your outfits.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. M says:

    Great post! How do you like the Everlane weekender bag? I was thinking about getting one myself but was wondering about the quality, particularly the handles. I tend to overload my weekender bags and the handles usually end up tearing off!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much! I really like the Weekender, have only used it a handful of times but I’d say it’s good value and well made. There are more durable options out there from Filson or Tanner but the price quadruples. It was filled pretty well to the max on this trip and felt like it could definitely handle the weight no problem. Hope that helps! xo

  3. Shannon says:

    I’m so terrible at commenting on blogs, but that ends now! I faithfully read yours and love to comment on your IG posts, so giving this a try now. 🙂

    This is amazing for so many reasons! That Madewell leather jacket, oh man. It looks so cropped and tiny online, but it seems more normal-length here. Any tips on sizing? I haven’t bought a (real) leather jacket since high school (which I still wear surprisingly!), but I’ve been contemplating a moto style one for a while now, and who better than Madewell?!

    Also, thanks for reminding me to buy those drawstring pants in black too! I love my navy ones, but black would be so much more versatile.

    Lastly (I feel like I’m writing a novel here!), all that delicate gold jewelry is perfect! I’m getting so sick of all my statement necklaces, and I don’t own like anything simple or delicate, it’s sad. Will have to check out your links, thanks! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Shannon! So glad you chose this post to break your commenting silence haha! I’m honoured 🙂

      I know exactly what you mean about the Madewell jacket looking cropped online. The model must be in an XS or XXS. I got the small and it’s just right. I can wear it over a long sleeve or light sweater but it’s nicest just over a tee. Highly recommend it, and for the price it’s a great investment. My cat decided to climb up my old one while it was hanging on the wall and she’s not declawed so…

      LOVE the drawstring pants! Honestly, would wear them every day if I could.

      You style your necklaces so well!! I started feeling a little tired of big jewelry recently too though, time to switch it up for a bit but I’m definitely not letting go of any statement necklaces just yet.


  4. Natalie says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! Idk how you do it 🙂 I have a big Italy trip in June and I’ll have to come back to this post! It’d be so much more productive and smarter of me to pack for each day and put outfits together beforehand.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Natalie, thank you so much lovely! Italy in June will be a dream! Maybe you can pack me in your suitcase? Picking, choosing and trying on outfits takes an extra bit of time but will be so worth it. It’s also so nice to have looks pre planned on a trip too because you want to be out exploring, not stuck in the hotel deciding what to wear. xx