Style Bee - Timeless



Style Bee - Timeless

We recently celebrated my Grandma’s 89th birthday. She looked as elegant as ever and even wore a new pair of strappy heels to her party. Needless to say she is an amazing woman but she was also my very first style icon. I remember staying with her and my Grandpa and being allowed to sleep in the guest bedroom. This was extra exciting because it was the room where my grandma kept the clothes, shoes and accessories that overflowed from her closet. All those treasures! It was dress-up and make believe heaven! After raising three boys I think she was glad to have a little girl around and let me try on whatever I wanted. That was my first major taste of wardrobe wonder and I’m lucky it belonged to such an admirable lady with incredible style.

I can only hope that one day I’ll have a granddaughter and that she’ll feel the same about me. One thing I know is that this incredible coat will still be in my closet when I reach 89 (fingers crossed anyway). It’s easily the most elegant and timeless piece I’ve ever owned and the first article of clothing I’ve felt like I will absolutely never grow out of. I wear it over anything and feel instantly chic and fabulous. It takes a certain design genius to see a shape like this coat and turn a few pieces of black wool into a future family heirloom. Elizabeth Suzann is indeed said genius.

Style Bee - TimelessStyle Bee - TimelessStyle Bee - TimelessStyle Bee - TimelessStyle Bee - Timeless

Coat Elizabeth Suzann // Top #1 Elizabeth Suzann // Top #2 Aritzia // Pants Madewell // Bag Primecut // Heels Zara (similar) // Necklace Biko // Bracelet + Ring Laite

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  1. hallie says:

    I love your outfit! you look so chic. may I ask what size you ordered in the coat?

  2. Connie says:

    This whole outfit is perfect! Love your style.

  3. Shannon Buckley says:

    I know it’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to comment on a blog post (so sorry!), but please know that I haven’t stopped reading! I just usually catch up with 5-10 posts at a time now, ha. Stupid work schedule…

    Anyway, this coat (and the whole look, let’s be real) is amazing. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Suzann’s pieces for some time now, but I have yet to purchase one unfortunately. Someday! This is gorgeous though– really good choice. I love how her line has such a similar aesthetic to HDH. I can only imagine how chic your grandmother is! Sadly I have no fashion icons in my family to speak of (unless mom jeans and sweatshirts count as chic?). I can only hope I have daughters and granddaughters someday to inherit my absurdly large wardrobe!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Oh Shannon! Do not worry at all, I totally get it and appreciate any chance you have to swing by. Thanks so much for your sweet comment though! I love that you have an “absurdly large wardrobe” too. Makes me feel a lot less crazed haha. Your daughters and granddaughters will be so lucky to inherit you’re great taste 🙂 xoxo

  4. Emily says:

    This coat is everything! Glad I had a chance to check out your blog. Beautiful photos!

  5. Megan says:

    This is such a great story about your grandma! So sweet and your outfit is so timeless and classy!