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StyleBee - Scawl

A “scawl” is what I’ve decided to call this giant piece of awesomeness (scarf + shawl = scawl, yes I’m that clever). I’ve worn it twice on the blog already (here and here), I just can’t stop myself! I’m currently using it to curb my craving for a poncho/cape. Were capes this popular last year? I honestly can’t remember but as much as I’d like one now I’m just not quite convinced they’re a critical closet item. Good thing this scarf can double as just about anything. I just folded the top 1/4 down and wrapped it around my shoulders. Throwing a cross body bag over top helps to keep it in place and the asymmetrical result is kind of dramatic and fun. This is a great Sunday set up for brunch or bouncing around town. Since it’s the last day of a long week I won’t drone on any more, I’ll just wish you a happy Friday friends!

StyleBee - ScawlStyleBee - ScawlStyleBee - Scawl

Scarf Zara // Sweater Dress Aritzia in black here (similar in grey here, here and striped here) // Bag Baggu (similar here and here) // Tights Uniqulo (they’re the best) // Boots old from J.Crew (similar here 25% off) // Sunnies Madewell 25% off

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  1. Deanna says:

    I love how you’ve used your Zara blanket scarf as a shall! And the crossbody bag holding it in place is a great stylish touch. I’ve been eyeing this scarf myself but I am deathly afraid of all the shedding rumours. The price we pay for fashion!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Deanna! I honestly haven’t found it to shed very much at all. The odd thread comes loose once in a while but that’s because of the raw edge. There are 1000 awesome blanket scarves available now though so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one. xoxo

  2. Megan says:

    I love how you made this into a shawl! Scawl is so funny and perfect! You look so great and I love your dress too!