Style Bee - Knitted

The One That Didn’t Get Away


Style Bee - Knitted

Confession time. I bought this sweater in early August, which is kind of insane, right? Well, a little bit sure, but not entirely since I knew 2 important things: 1) that it was going to sell out super fast and 2) that it was the oversized black turtleneck sweater of my dreams. So what prompted this out of season, mid-summer sweater purchase (other than dire need, of course)? Well now, here comes the real madness, at the end of a season (in this case fall) I like to jot down the items I looked for but never found or couldn’t factor into the budget (in this case an awesome black sweater). Then before the season returns and I consider any new items I refer to “The List”. No surprise this sweater was at the top of it and as fall was on it’s way back I knew i didn’t want to miss my chance for knitted bliss. Juuuust a little peak into the inner workings of this shopaholic’s psyche. I may be crazy but at least I nabbed the best black knit out there! Right….? Anyway the moral of the story is to plan ahead and prepare to pounce when the time is just right in order to get the perfect item. Have a good week friends!

Style Bee - KnittedStyle Bee - KnittedStyle Bee - KnittedStyle Bee - KnittedStyle Bee - Knitted

Sweater s/o Hope (Similar, similar, similar) // Denim Rag&Bone // Boots Madewell //Hat old from Blush Shop (similar, similar) // Bag old from Madewell (love this option)

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Beautiful sweater and outfit! So happy to have discovered your blog!

  2. Megan says:

    So simple and chic! I love the color and length of this sweater. It looks perfect with that hat and those cognac booties! I have those jeans and love them!