Style Bee - Nothing New

Nothing New


Style Bee - Nothing New

If this outfit looks familiar that’s because you’ve seen it all before. Not this look exactly, but all the items it’s made up of at least. The truth is that having something new to share all the time has been running me down and I’m giving in. I realized something recently, which was that when it comes to style blogging I can’t quite keep up. With the trends, with the must-haves, with the constant barrage of ‘style’. But the real epiphany for me was realizing I’m okay with that. I’m not going to be the next Street Style star or reinvent any fashion wheels and that’s ok. Really! I know I have a good eye for style and I love sharing my take on it with you. I also know I’m getting better at it with plenty of hits and plenty more misses along the way.

But deep down I can feel a shift coming to the blog and the priorities I’ve set for my time, creativity, money and focus. It’s exciting to be following my instincts more than ever and working out some ideas to give Style Bee more purpose and intent in the new year. This may all be coming out of the blue but I felt it was time to put these thoughts into writing to help myself follow through. Sometimes we all need to remember that “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working towards it.” How’s that for a cryptic post? Have a good week friends!

Style Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing NewStyle Bee - Nothing New

Coat old from Club Monaco // Sweater Aritzia // Leggings Madewell (faux option) // Clutch Primecut // Boots Sam Edelman // Sunnies Madewell

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  1. Yulia Mia says:

    The ability to put together new outfits not by shopping (constantly) but by working out what you already have is the true talent of styling. And you just proved that you have it!

  2. Megan says:

    I love this look! Putting together old pieces is fun because you see what works together. I always find things I rarely wear, or always wear and put them together! Who cares if you don’t always have new clothes…you always have great outfits and have amazing taste. Whatever you wear, I always love and take inspiration from! I love that jacket and clutch too!