Holly Wreath

‘Tis the Season!


I don’t quite know why but this year but I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. Dave and I were walking Dobby a few nights ago and the snow had just finished falling on all the trees and bushes in our neighbourhood. It was cold enough to keep it from melting but a perfect temperature to be outside. The street lights lit up the fresh flakes just enough to make them look all fluffed and glittery, like frosting on a cupcake. ‘Twas delightful! I’m savouring this uncharacteristic giddiness and soaking up the good parts about this time of year because I know too well that once January 2nd hits the novelty of snow will be long gone!

In case you’re in need of a little holiday spirit I’ve put together a festive Pinterest board to give you some inspiration. These are just a few of my favourite shots but you can take a look at the full collection here. Happy December friends!

Winter SceneChristmas CollageWinter StyleAdvent CalendarChristmas DrinksElegant Wreath

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  1. Faith says:

    These pins are so gorgeous. I am so excited about the holidays – but you’re right once January 2nd hits the whole idea of cold and snow is terrible! I’m happy to be soaking up the cheery vibes now though 🙂