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Happy Holidays


I can remember last Christmas perfectly and I feel like a new person this time around. Last year our house was an inhabitable construction site. Work was insanely busy, I mean unbearably so. And to top it off an ice storm left us in extremely cold temperatures and without heat for days. When I think about this time a year ago, the person I see was seriously STRESSED. If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to stop and take a loooong deep breath and appreciate the good around me.

This year is far from the same, which is a huge relief. We live in our house and it’s looking so good! We’ve almost completely finished Phase 1 of our renos (not to pretend phase 2 won’t be harder). I’ve begun taking steps toward some big plans for my career and I just generally feel so much lighter. At the same time I’m very grateful to have endured a tough year that tested me and to finally be on the other side.

So if your holiday isn’t playing out as you planned or you’re missing someone or someplace you love, I hope it helps to know that with any luck you’ll feel much better next year. This season takes its toll on the best of us so take a moment to breath deep and give yourself a break. At the risk of getting sappy I’ll just remind you that you’re awesome and deserve some good in your life!

I can’t wait to get my eat + drink + merriment on over the next few days. Then it’s time get to work on some big ideas for the new year. The blog might be a little slow for a week or two but trust me I’m cooking up some awesomeness!

Thanks for joining me here today and everyday, your support means the world to me and I’m sending love your way!


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  1. Vosarini says:

    What a terrific thing to say. No wonder you are my fav blogger. Love back at you. Dad xoxo