Style Bee - Look 06

Look 06 – Black + White


Style Bee - Look 06

You guys, I just need to put this out there. I’M SO FREAKING OVER WINTER! I tried to keep my composure for as long as possible but I’m past the point of no return. I. NEED. SPRING! Anyway, I just had to get that out of my system. Now onto the post!

After wearing skinny jeans pretty much all year so far I thought I’d better switch it up and throw a skirt in the mix. I let go of a lot of skirts in a closet purge last fall but this one hung on. It was a keeper for a few reasons, most of all it’s versatility and fit. It goes with everything, has a high waist and hits just above the knee for a chic pencil shape without being constricting. It’s also made of this amazing fabric that’s super stretchy but holds it’s shape. I decided to pair it with a favourite shirt/sweater combo for a look that’s great for work or a low-key dinner and just about anything in between.

I once read a quote by Angeline Jolie that went something like, ‘I only wear black and white. That way I know everything in my closet will match.’ At the time I thought that was boring, especially for someone with untold wardrobe possibilities. But the further I embark on this closet mission the more I see the practicality of a lean colour palette. It’s ridiculously convenient to grab any top and any bottoms knowing they’ll make a decent outfit. Angie, you genius!

Well friends, that disjointed nonsense is about the best I could come up with at the moment so I’ll wish you a happy humpday! Even if winter won’t end we know the week will!

Style Bee - Look 06Style Bee - Look 06Style Bee - Look 06Style Bee - Look 06

Sweater Zara (similarsimilar, similar) || Button Down Madewell (Size XS) || Pencil Skirt Revolve on sale (size S) || Tights Uniqlo || Boots Rag & Bone (Size 7 TTS) || Bag Millay Vintage || Glasses Warby Parker || Nails Essie Merino Cool

For size reference I’m 5’7” and 120 lbs

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi Lee!

    I LOVE this outfit. SO. MUCH. You have no idea how upsetting it is when old posts I come to—and I do often, since I’m obsessed with the way you style and how much your tips are reinventing me😛😆…but back to the point—I cry so often when I find an outfit on an old post of yours, because since they are pretty old posts, they have old/broken/non-existent links to items I am dying to have😂😭🤓 So is there any way you could revisit this outfit (and possibly other old posts with timeless looks) and post new links with current piece choices (actually, would it ever be a thing to help more of us dress our body types with maybe 3 different but similar style (in this case) sweaters, button downs, skirts, so that more of us could more easily recreate your outfits? (One of these would be another option for the Vetta oversized sweater that you wear with the buttons in back, that is such a fun look—but I got that vetta sweater and it looks horrible on me) Thanks, Lee!!!

  2. Miriah says:


  3. Rita says:

    While I do like many black and white outfits – such as yours in this post – I personally and not a big fan of either colours on myself (white just doesn’t look good on me, black is too culturally connected with mourning where I come from). But I totally agree that having a consistent colour scheme is very important in order to have a functional wardrobe. I do feel that which colours to pick should be part of exploring your own style.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Rita, I’m so glad you brought up the aspect of cultural connotations with certain colours. It’s not something I had thought about much previously. I used to feel the same way about white on me and sometimes I feel like it doesn’t necessarily do me any favours but I wear it anyway. It has such a light, elegance to it that I can’t help myself. Exploring colour and understanding what you’re drawn to is a huge part of personal style and so much fun! xo

  4. Jodie says:

    Love this outfit Lee! I was thinking of wearing something similar for valentines day…. Or maybe black jeans with a blouse, lol. Anyways, winter will be over soon enough. Take care and stay warm gorgeous ❤️

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jodie! Hope you had a great Valentine’s day! Trying our best not to freeze up here. Hope you’ve got lots of coffee and blankets handy. xoxo