Style Bee - Summer - Look 7

Summer 20 – Look 7


Style Bee - Summer - Look 7

At about this point during my 10 x 10 Challenge I recall feeling a little bit constrained, so I was anticipating a similar point during this capsule closet too. The first 5 or so looks came together without much thought or effort but I wanted to push a little more to work with layers and items I wouldn’t typically put together like a denim vest and denim shorts. Anyway, this was the result and I honestly didn’t know how I’d feel about it until I saw the photos. I very rarely wear shorts on the blog mainly because I’m self-conscious of my pasty white legs (this is with several coats of self tanner!). I also wasn’t sure that the laid-back rock ‘n roll vibe I was going for would translate. But I dare say it did and I’m slowly but surely coming to terms with the paleness. So what do you know, I’ve surprised myself once again!

I think what makes this all work is the relaxed fit of the shorts and tank, the slight addition of structure from the vest and the sleek dark vibe that comes from the accessories. Wavy hair and a few gold accessories added just the right amount of polish to pull everything together. I need to just remember that half the fun of this Summer Foundation Closet is to try things on and figure out what’s working and what’s not. It doesn’t always have to be perfect!

Style Bee - Summer - Look 6Style Bee - Summer - Look 7

Let’s just talk very briefly about what to wear under a white silk tank. In this case I decided to embrace the sheerness and let it work to my advantage by wearing a fully opaque white bralette (like this) underneath. It serves as another layer and adds a bit of interest. Plus it has a little added torso coverage and it’s like wearing a sports bra in terms of comfort. Last time I wore the tank with this nude bra underneath (seriously the most comfortable fitted bra I’ve ever had!) and there was no show-through. So it just depends on what you’re comfortable with and the look you’re going for.

Ps. The next closet mission post is all about streamlining the undergarment department! 

Style Bee - Summer - Look 7Style Bee - Summer - Look 7Style Bee - Summer - Look 7

Vest old J.Crew (similar) || Tank Everlane || Shorts Madewell || Shoes Rachel Comey || Backpack c/o Opelle Creative || Necklace MIES via Etsy || Jewelry Laite Atelier

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  1. Kate says:

    It has taken me a long time to come to this point in my own pale girl life where I can say to another pale girl- don’t worry about your pasty whiteness! Embrace it! Being pale is no different from having any other skin color- its beautiful. Apart from our tendency to burn after 5 minutes of sun. A sunburn is not beautiful!

    Anyway, love this outfit! I’m a little curious about the 10×10 challenge- there are just some outfit combinations that I don’t do. So if I have those options in my 10×10, or even in my capsule as a whole, should I try them? Like I don’t really wear fitted tops with fitted pants or shorts, so if I have a slim top in my selections, am I obliged to at least try those combinations I wouldn’t normally wear? I know there’s no hard and fast rules, I’m just curious!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Kate, you’re so sweet! Thanks for the pale props! haha It’s so true about it being no different than any other complexion. The burn factor is a nuisance but a-well!

      I sort of embarked on the 10 x 10 Challenge without a ton of forethought. Whoops! haha But I would say definitely try all the combinations you can think of. If you try it on and hate it then scratch it from the list. You might surprise yourself or you might just reaffirm that it’s not for you. It’s also a good opportunity to really assess each item and it’s versatility. For example, if you have a fitted top and fitted bottoms but don’t want to wear them together, which one would you opt to switch out? I basically stopped buying fitted tops all together (save for one or two) because I just never feel that great in them. Hope that helps!! xoxo