Style Bee - Fall - Look 3

Fall Foundation – Look 3


Style Bee - Fall - Look 3

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine started with Dave returning home from a week in Switzerland and a delicious dinner. Then we celebrated my Grandma’s 90th birthday and it was great to catch up with family I hadn’t seen in a while. Then it closed out with a brisk Fall day of blogging and watching old episodes of That’s 70’s Show. All in all a pretty good way to spend a couple days off.

Now, let’s start the week with a bit of truth. When I got this Black Crane dress I loved it but had no clue how to style it. I must have tried 10 different looks before I landed on one that was working. I guess if a new piece is a different length and shape from what you’re used to, it takes some getting used to, right? In the end I decided to keep it super simple, accessorize with a couple of my favourite items and toss a leather jacket on top. What I love about this dress it that the quilted cotton fabric, frayed edges and pockets make it super comfy but still interesting and sophisticated enough for dinner out or even a relaxed day at the office. It’s just a perfect balance of form and function. I also love how it looks with these loafers and a denim jacket.

So tell me, are there any new shapes or items you’ve tried lately?

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Style Bee - Fall - Look 3

Leather Jacket old Madewell (similar here and here) | Dress Black Crane | Heels old Loeffler Randall (love these) | Necklace c/o BIKO | Sunglasses Céline c/o SmartBuyGlasses | Lip Colour Burt’s Bees



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  1. Mun says:

    You absolutely styled the dress perfectly 🙂

  2. echo says:

    I love how you paired the dress with the leather jacket, what about adding a thin belt? I must admit though, I do not like the frayed edge of the dress, it makes it look a bit untidy, I have the urge to cut the thread and just have the rough edge look haha.

    Lately I am thinking of ways to wear my sleeveless dresses, pair them with sweaters or different tops so they look like skirt, or wear shirts/tops underneath, it’s not really something undone before but to me it’s rather new, I usually wear them with cardigans. It does take a lot of trying and thinking!

    Love your blog, looking forward to more!

    Happy Monday 🙂


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Echo, thanks for your honesty! I’ve also had the urge to cut the frayed threads off, haha. I think I might just do that 😉 Transitioning dresses into Fall is no easy feat. I do like the idea of wearing them with a sweater on top so it gives the illusion of a skirt. Have a great week! xo

  3. Kate says:

    I’d thrifted a pair of heavy satin-like high-waisted wide leg trousers a few weeks ago and it’s been aa challenge to style them in a way that is both chic and functional- anything too loose on top and I seem to be swimming and anything to tight makes me look like I’ve reverted to the 90’s in an unflattering way. I think I found a good balance though!

    I can see how that piece would be challenging, it’s an unusual cut! Your styling makes it a lot more wearable I think. Good job!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Kate! This dress is definitely an unusual cut but that’s one thing I love about Black Crane. She always keeps it super simple but adds interest in unexpected ways.

      Ok, those pants sound AMAZING but I can totally understand why they’d be tricky to style. Hope they make an appearance on your blog 🙂 xo