Style Bee - 15 Fall Coats for Under $150

15 Fabulous Coats Under $300


We cruised into November acting all cavalier, wearing light sweaters, cropped jeans and hats that are just for show. You know, the Fall clothes people who don’t live in Canada get to wear. But this week Mother Nature was no longer down to clown. Instead she got super angry about the fact that we weren’t taking her seriously. It was insanely windy, rainy, gloomy and damn near snowy all week! But one good thing about M.N.s change of heart is that the winter coats get to come out of hiding! Since it can be tricky to find good looking winter coats for under less than an arm and a leg I took it upon myself to round up a heard of fabulous options for under $300. So here’s what made the list!

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1 | I’m still not sure why I haven’t ordered this car coat yet. The window pane pattern is so freaking chic, the perfect length and it’s made in the US. Someone get it so I can live vicariously, please!

2 | I was lucky enough to get to try this coat first hand for an Instagram collab and I love the super clean lines, long length and slightly masculine vibe it gives off. It’s ridiculously reasonable too. Also available here.

3 | Ok, not technically a ‘coat’ coat but I love the colour palette and cut so much that I added it into the mix. Over a sweater dress or a turtleneck and black high rise pants it would be a perfect layer for the office or a slightly more temperate climate.

4 | You have to see more shots of this coat to appreciate it but it’s awesome. So elegant and perfect for the holiday events that are fast approaching!

5 | So my black wool peacoat has been relined and re-buttoned twice at this point (it’s going on 7 winters old) and I’ve got an eye out for it’s successor. Guess who’s in the running?

6 | I don’t wear a lot of colour but I LOVE the pattern and pop of red on this jacket.

7 | This is a really reasonable option too, if you want a bold pattern sans colour. I really just want to pet this coat.

8 | I love the colour of this one. It’s lingering between a coffee and a grey and the belt really takes the class factor up a notch.

9 | And this is basically the most perfect simple grey coat there ever was.

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10 | Now I’m getting a little bit creative with this one but I love the fresh bright ivory with contrasting seams and a nude lining. This one just begs to hang out over a long sleeve tee and under a big blanket scarf.

11 | If I could replicate this whole outfit I’d be totally set for the holidays. Just add tights and a red lip!

12 | A classic camel overcoat never did anyone any wrong.

13 | Burgundy?! All the heart eyes for this bad boy.

14 | I’ve spotted this coat on a few style mavens who are much cooler than me, so it must be legit, right?

15 | Another perfect party topper! Over a long-sleeved, high-neck dress with tights and chunky black boots? Hello!

That’s all for me folks! Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks so much Lee for your thoughts, super helpful! I’ve finally narrowed it down to either the charcoal one or the light grey.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Lee,
    Great picks! You have the elizabethsuzann cocoon coat and I was wondering your thoughts about it? I’ve had my eye on it for some time now. the additional holiday colours definitely does not make it an easy choice. What do you think of the Bordeaux colour, do you think it’d still be as versatile as the ivory or charcoal? Sorry for all the questions, it’s so tough to make a decision when you can’t see the item so I thought I’d ask for your thoughts.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Mary Ann! I was literally JUST raving about my cocoon coat the other night. It’s honestly my favourite piece in my closet. How glorious is the Holiday Collection? Like heaven, seriously. I really love the bordeaux. As far as a ‘colour’ goes it’s not too much and there is still a lot of black in it to keep it versatile. It just depends on the rest of your closet? Do you think it will be a nice accent or do you already wear a lot of colours that could work with it? The charcoal is a failsafe option for sure (that would be my 1st choice). The ivory is dreamy as can be too but I’d be in constant fear of getting it dirty, like brushing up against a salty car door or slush splashing on it. Definitely a Canadian winter issue haha. Hope I haven’t made it even harder for you!