Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl

Merlot & Marl


Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl

Well here we are, the first look of 2016! I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole year since Look 1 of 2015 but the calendar doesn’t lie. One thing I’m aiming to do with the looks I post this year is to stay true to how I really wear my clothes but at the same time have fun and explore shapes and proportions that might be a little unexpected.

So, to start things off I’m pairing these fabulous grey Clyde Pants from Elizabeth Suzann with a loose fitting cashmere sweater from Everlane. These are the two pieces I wore most throughout the holidays because they were so cozy and comfortable but still looked put together and sophisticated for the festivities. You might already know how much I love these pants from this post (and this post) so when the winter equivalent appeared I knew I had to get my hands on a pair. I’ve found the style surprisingly flattering in how they fit at the waist and how the centre seam and slightly tapered ankle creates a slimming visual line. But more than anything, the Clyde pant feels really amazing to wear. They must look it too because they get compliments wherever I go. I have them in both canvas and wool and the fabrics have only improved with wear, softening but never losing their intended shape. Not to mention those glorious side pockets!

Another thing I’m trying to do this year is focus my style more on how I feel than how I think I look in clothes. When I feel elegant, at ease and a little bit unique in an outfit, I know I’ve hit the mark, regardless of whether it’s conventionally flattering or not. Aside from feeling great to wear I really like the warm minimalist vibe of this look, along with how unfussy it is. Must be why I’ve already worn it at least three times in the last two weeks!

Unfortunately it’s back to reality today and I’m diving head first into project planning so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Happy first Monday of 2016 everyone! 

Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl  Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl Style Bee - Merlot Meets Marl

Clyde Pants Elizabeth Suzann (wearing a size 4) | Cashmere Crop Sweater Everlane (wearing a M) | Pistol Boots Acne Studios | Eloise Bag The Stowe | Watch Cluse | Necklace Another Feather (similar in stock!) | Lip Colour Lust For Life ILIA




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  1. Andrea H says:

    Beautiful and ballsy! Well done Lee. 😉

    PS- Your bag collection is enviable!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Andrea! Sometimes you’ve just gotta try something a bit different right? I have too many bags but I just love them all! Going to try to edit the collection slightly this year though. As pretty as some are they don’t get out much.

      Ps. Love your winter capsule! xo

  2. Lindsey S says:

    This outfit makes me so happy! You look so confident and comfy and bad ass. I’ve been yearning for those pants, and you’re making it harder not to just take the plunge. (Isn’t Elizabeth Suzann the absolute best? It’s like everything she touches turns to the stuff of luxe minimalistic dreams.)

    As an aside, thank you for continuing to put such honest and beautiful content out. Your blog is one of the few I get genuinely excited to read every day/whenever there’s a new post.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Lindsey, thank you! Your comment made my day for so many reasons 🙂 I’m officially addicted to Elizabeth Suzann clothing, she just nails it every time. I really appreciate your kind words about my blog and content too. Knowing that you look forward to my posts makes the hard work all that much more worthwhile, so thank you for reading!! xo

  3. Mun says:

    Everlane needs to come to Australia!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! They really do, I’d be lost without Everlane as an option. Although you guys can get Grana right? They look like a good alternate. Everlane ran a worldwide shipping promo in December as I recall. Maybe that’s a sign they’ve be offering it full time soon!? Happy New Year! xo

  4. Kate says:

    Wow, what a great way to start 2015! I love the color combination and silhouette, but most of all I love that this is essentially elevated lounge wear and that’s exactly what this time of year calls for. Clothing that feels like pajamas and looks like real clothes when you put shoes and accessories on.

    Maybe it’s because I’m naturally very cold, but I’m always layering at least a long sleeve tee under all my blouses and sweaters this time of year. Is this outfit a realistic depiction of your layering style? I don’t blame you if it’s not- thermals under a blog outfit are likely unflattering! Just wondering!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Kate! It is totally lounge-wear disguised as presentable clothing haha! I am addicted to any kind of warm knitted fabric right now since it’s so cold!

      I am usually always cold too but I’ve found when I wear these wool pants, with a cashmere sweater I stay pretty toasty! Especially if I have socks and boots on. Of course, if I’m going to be outside a lot I’ll wear a pair of tights underneath and a winter coat and hat. OR if I’m at my desk and feeling cold I wear my big sweater cape on top.

      I appreciate you asking though! Keeps me honest 😉 xoxo

  5. Jodie says:

    Happy Monday & 2016!
    Absolutely love this look.
    How short do you think the cropped sweaters are? I was so disappointed with how short waisted and long sleeved (about 4 inches past my wrist) that the wide crew neck gray marled sweater was (the fabric was amazing though).
    Thanks lee! Can’t wait to see your closet mission posts again!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Yay! Thanks Jodie! Maybe I have abnormally long arms but I didn’t find the sleeves crazy long but I can definitely see what you mean. I ordered a size up from my usual size so that the crop wouldn’t be too short. With all my high rise bottoms I find it’s perfect. I think it just comes down to personal preference. Working away on a big closet mission this week so stay tuned! xo