Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway

Valentine’s Giveaway


Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway

Happy Valentine’s day friends! I’ve teamed up with Gramerci Design to give one lucky lady her choice of jewelry from their gorgeous collection along with one of my favourite Sunday reads, Love Style Life by Garance Doré. See instructions below on how to enter! 

I was introduced to Gramerci Design last Fall and fell in love with the minimal elegance of their collection. I love layering a couple of their dainty necklaces and wearing a slim bangle to add interest to a simple look like a sweater and jeans. There is seriously something for every minimal style enthusiast!

Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway

First of all Garance Doré, the books author, is one of my ultimate style icons. The fact that she’s totally down to earth, witty and charming is just a bonus and makes this book one of my favourite Sunday reads. As advertised, it’s chalk full of great love, style and life advice and beautifully designed to boot! If you still haven’t read this one yet or you’ve read it so much the pages are worn out, don’t miss your chance to win! See instructions below on how to enter. 

Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway


To enter simply:

– Visit Gramerci Design, check out the beautiful collection and leave a comment with your favourite piece on this post.

– For an additional entry see my latest post on Instagram and follow the simple steps.

– Winner will be randomly selected and announced Tuesday Feb. 16.

GOOD LUCK! Open to everyone.

Style Bee - Gramerci Giveaway


Leave me a comment here!

  1. Samantha says:

    My fave is the Jour II Tiny Bagette Stone Cuff ! Love it’s dainty features 🙂

  2. Maritess S says:

    I fell in love with the WINSLOW PAVE PETITE RING

  3. Caitlin says:

    The gold initial disc necklace is dreamy!

  4. Cat says:

    Love the turquoise beaded necklace!

  5. Josie says:

    The collette petite ring is my fave!

  6. Vicky Jiang says:

    The Parlez Round Pave Necklace in rose gold is super stunning!

  7. Anna D says:

    The Colette ring is gorgeous!

  8. Lisa L says:

    My favourite has to be The Winslow Pave Petite ring!

  9. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love the Drop bar lariat necklace! Thanks for the chance! xx

  10. Ashley says:

    My favorite is the mercer tri-stud ring 🙂

  11. Maria says:

    Really like the Chevron cubic necklace!

  12. Shelley says:

    If I have to choose just one, it is the Kinsley Stud bracelet which is classic and modern at the same time. Really beautiful.

  13. Debi Case says:

    Cubic X Ring is cool.

  14. Love the double sided pearl earrings.

  15. Mythri Viswanathan says:

    love the drop bar lariat necklace

  16. Anna says:

    The dainty cubic chevron necklace is so, so lovely!

  17. Ali says:

    Love the 3 pearl ear jacket as a switch up from classic earrings. A close second are the cubic LOVE earrings – just my style.

  18. Holly R says:

    Ah, what a tough decision! There are so many beautiful pieces! I love the drop bar lariat necklace.

  19. Alex says:

    It’s all so stunning! I especially love the Kinsley Stud bracelets! So dainty!

  20. Christen says:

    The twisted nail ring is so cool!

  21. Jennifer L says:

    Like I said on Instagram, I love the Colette petite rings!

  22. Michelle says:

    The silver long bar stud earrings are my favourite!

  23. Jessica M. says:

    I like the lightning bolt necklace!

  24. Brianna Lawrence says:

    I love the State Necklace – CA in silver paired with the silver Riley Crystal Bracelet! I love that the bracelet opens instead of having to try to fit it over your hand! Great for ladies with tiny little wrists and not-so-tiny fingers 😉

  25. Allison says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite piece is the Collette petite crystal ring. Also super excited about Love Style Life!


  26. Daria says:

    I like the alba cubic stone necklace

  27. Liz Frandsen says:

    Beautiful! My favorite is the Roman numeral bracelet!

  28. Megan Gehring says:

    Loverly jewelry! Love the black clover necklace!

  29. Kelly D says:

    What a great giveaway! Love the stud bracelet.

  30. Ruth Prior says:

    The Cubic X Ring (silver) is pretty sweet! Would make an awesome Valentine treat! Thanks for the give away opportunity! Love your blog and feed Lee!

  31. Areej says:

    Thank you for this giveaway Lee! The clover necklace is beautiful!

  32. Lovely giveaway.
    I love the crystal t bangle, t bracelet

  33. Emily K. says:

    Wow! Gramercy is new to me, I am so happy to discover their beautiful jewelry! The Beau Birthstone Necklace is amazing! I also love Garance Doré, hope to get my hands on this book! Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  34. Kerry says:

    Cute lightning bolt necklace!

  35. Belinda C says:

    The Winslow Pave Petite Ring is gorgeous!

  36. Christina says:

    I like the heart necklace!

  37. Awesome blog and awesome giveaway! I love the Parlez Necklace!

    @emilyundy — Instagram

  38. Kaja says:


    Thanks for hosting this giveaway and introducing Gramerci! I really like the Round Cubic Necklace in gold 🙂


  39. Fiona says:

    The Panama bracelet is beautiful. And it’s the first piece that made me fall in love with gramerci’s designs. As well I appreciate the fact it’s affordable.

  40. Sonia says:

    Hey! Thank you again for doing this giveaway!
    Like I commented on Instagram, I think the Skye Arrow crystal bracelet looks amazing in Rose Gold so that would be my go to one!
    Also, love Garance Doré! She’s obviously really popular here in France but she’s such a great style icon! I haven’t read her book so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to do so haha
    Have a great Valentine’s Day!


  41. Mandy says:

    The Parlez Round Pave Necklace in Rosegold is my favorite piece. It has just enough bling while still being simple and so versatile with so many outfits. Thank you for doing this giveaway Lee !

  42. Anastasia says:

    Panama bracelet is very beautiful. ..

  43. Brianna Mintz says:

    I like the Rose Gold Harper Hex Cuff. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  44. Pritika says:

    I love the initial disc necklace!

  45. Clare says:

    I love the Parlez Round Pave necklace! Delicate, minimalist and great for layering – it’s something I probably won’t take off once I put it on. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  46. Sarah Andersen says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Loving the Beau Birthstone necklace! A subtle way to wear a little bit of colour 🙂

  47. Renee says:

    Been eyeing the Clio Half Moon Ring for a while now! ♡♡

  48. Alexis says:

    I love the Penelope ring and that book is beautiful

  49. Angie Hill says:

    I love the rose gold Panama Roman numerals bracelet. They have some really great pieces! It’s too hard to just choose one.

  50. Molly Brooks says:

    Love the valor baguette earrings!

  51. Aimee says:

    Wonderful giveaway! I love the round cubic necklace!

  52. Olivia says:

    Awesome giveaway! Love the Drop Bar Lariat Necklace!

  53. Nancy says:

    Such cute and affordable stuff! But if I had to pick one it would be the Gracen Double Band Ring. Simple yet stands out.

  54. Samantha says:

    My favorite piece is the Eternity Necklace, but I love that clover too. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  55. Sarah F says:

    Love the Harper Hex Cuff! I also looooove Garance Dore: I just watched her reading excerpts from this book on her YouTube channel.

  56. Maggie C says:

    The website is beautful and too much to choose from! If I had to choose, I would pick the Jour II Tiny Baguette Stone Cuff =) So pretty for any occasion.

  57. Such a lovely giveaway Lee! Of course I’m going to try my chances 🙂 I’m loving that stud bracelet!

  58. Shannon Y. says:

    Lariat bar necklace!

  59. Veronica U says:

    I really love the Alba cubic stone necklace!

  60. Christina Paine says:

    The Kinsey stud bracelet really is lovely! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  61. miss agnes says:

    I love the Louvre eternity bracelet, and including this book makes this a fantastic giveaway. Thank you!

  62. Linda says:

    The twisted nail bangle is on my wishlist but one can never have too many simple necklaces!