Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring

Spring ’16 10 x 10 – Look 5


Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring

Welcome to a rare weekend post here on the blog! I usually give myself weekends off but there are just too many good things in the pipeline to slow down. So here’s a look at outfit #5 from the 10 x 10 Challenge I’m doing right now.

I love finding ways to mix items from Fall/Winter into my Spring/Summer closet such as this cashmere sweater from Everlane. To date Everlane’s cashmere has definitely been my favourite (I have experience with J.Crew and Uniqlo cashmere too but they pill much faster). I frequently get questions about how to care for cashmere and while I’m working on a comprehensive closet care post I’ll quickly share a few of my top tips:

  1. Wear it again and again. I’m not afraid to wear cashmere items up to as many as 10 times before dry cleaning. I love a freshly cleaned sweater but find the fibres start to get worn faster when they’ve been cleaned too often. No doubt the harsh chemicals in dry cleaning take their toll.
  2. Keep all sweaters neatly folded (or rolled) on a flat shelf, never hung on hangers. Watch that they don’t get shoved into corners as this causes creasing.
  3. Gently use a lint roller only when absolutely necessary. Sticky rollers pull at the fibres and can cause fraying that leads to pilling and other visible signs of wear.
  4. My favourite way to freshen cashmere without dry cleaning is to hang it by an open window. Nothing like a cool breeze to breath some freshness into your favourite sweaters.
  5. Accept the patina. Try as I might eventually my sweaters start to show signs of use but that’s just how it goes. Like leather goods or any natural material cashmere will start to show it’s age but I love that about it.

Do you have any cashmere care tips you’d be willing to share? Do tell!

Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring

On a more serious note, this week has been an important one in the world of responsible fashion. Fashion Revolution is an organization that was created in response to the Rana Plaza complex collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 24th 2013, when 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured. This incident brought to light (or rather to the western world’s attention) the terrible conditions that multitudes of garment workers around the world are forced to endure. Now, 3 years later #FashionRev is making international waves by asking companies to take ownership for their manufacturing process and appreciate the people making their clothes.

You’ve likely seen some photos of people wearing their clothes inside out with the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes, through which customers are asking brands to be transparent about the production of their products. There are so many good things about this campaign but the aspect of the movement that has resonated most with me is the response of the makers, factory workers and farmers that have been responding through their own tag #IMadeYourClothes. It’s amazing to discover people doing incredible work all over the world!

I typically steer clear of participating in social media protests but I’ve donated to the cause wanted to share a few resources about this important and inspiring movement for anyone who’s interested:

  1. Fashion Revolution
  2. Who Made My Clothes Campaign Poster + Materials
  3. What is Fashion Revolution Week & Why Should You Care? – Comprehensive post by Shannon Whitehead, Founder of Factory 45
  4. Every minute 1,400 t-shirts are discarded in Hong Kong alone. Yikes! – Article by Shuk-Wah Chung for Green Peace
Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring Style Bee - Look 5 - 10 x 10 - Spring

That’s it for today folks but I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Feel free to pop by tomorrow for Look #6!

Cropped Cashmere Sweater Everlane | Belt (old) H&M | Sailor Pants Jesse Kamm | Tote CuyanaSunglasses Celine c/o Smart Buy GlassesMars Boots Rachel Comey | Split Ring c/o Claus | Stacked Rings c/o Everli Watch c/o Cluse

Photography by Jacklyn Barber.


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  1. deb says:

    I hand wash my cashmere sweaters as well. I have a black cashmere sweater set of my mom’s from the 1950’s that is still in good condition because my mom and I have only hand washed it. (Though I have to say the quality of cashmere today is nothing like it was then. The weave is amazing!)

  2. I swear by The Laundress Wool and Vashmere Shampoo! I’ve used it on my wool and cashmere over and over and it does a great job every time!

  3. Nicola says:

    I generally shy away from cashmere since it always makes me itch (allergies) but I adore merino wool. I hand wash my wool sweaters with gentle soap and dry flat. I then steam them to get any creases out. I have sweaters that are coming on 5 years old that still look great! I too do the hang in front of the window thing between washes 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the tip Nicola, that’s so helpful! I’m convinced I can hand wash my knits now. Mind telling me what mild soap you use? Have you used Woolite at all?

  4. Jodie says:

    This sweater is so gorgeous Lee. Great mix up. Love the links, and your passion for more ethical fashion.
    Also, love the weekend blogging!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Jodie! Glad you’re into the weekend posting 🙂 I was worried no one would want to visit haha. You’re the best! xo

  5. Lee the Bee says:

    Thanks so much Kirsten, I’m so happy to hear that! Big neutrals fan here too, but earthy tones and the odd jewel tone just seem to win me over sometimes!

    Thanks so much for the amazing tip on hand washing cashmere with no-rinse wool wash and the towel roll-out technique. I am all for dry cleaning alternatives and will be sure to give your method a try next time. xo

  6. Kirsten says:

    I love this look and the color of that sweater! I’m mostly a neutrals girl, but I’ve been looking at ways to add a bit more color and that sweater just made my wish-list. I also wanted to add (as a cashmere addict) that it’s best NEVER to dry clean your cashmere sweaters! Even if they say “dry clean only” (which they always do), it’s not true! A gentle hand wash with no-rinse wool-wash, followed by rolling them out in a towel and drying them flat keeps them ever so soft for so much longer. The chemicals really do wear down the fibers after far too few cleanings; since I switched to hand washing I find my sweaters last so much longer. I wash them probably twice a season this way.

    So glad to have found your blog a few weeks ago–I’m really loving your style and content and am looking forward to the rest of these outfit posts!