Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3

Everlane Linen 3/3


Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Whenever I have to answer that I go for bad news first, so here it is. The Indigo Linen Shirt Dress is {ALMOST} sold out. This isn’t terribly surprising, but the good news is that there are still a few sizes available along with the square shirt in indigo and the poplin shirt dress and I’ve found a number of similar options (shown below). Indigo is definitely having a moment this season and I’m loving it as an easy alternative to denim.

Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3


When I got a sneak peek at the Everlane Linen collection, this dress was one of the pieces that stopped me in my scrolling tracks. I’m not one for bright or bold colours normally but for me indigo falls into the ‘denim’ category in that it’s a timeless and goes-with-everything sort of blue. So here’s my review of this crowd favourite:

Sizing: I am wearing a size 4 in this shirt dress. It fits great through the shoulders and hips but the side slit comes up a little bit high on me. Perhaps on someone under 5’7″ it would be better but it’s probably not work appropriate without jeans or leggings underneath. I’ll go bare legs during the summer for sure, but if you plan to wear this to work or somewhere you don’t want to flash a lot of leg, well, you’ve been warned.

Fabric: Same weight and quality as the relaxed linen shirt I reviewed on Monday, so nice and densely knit but not too thick or heavy. The indigo is rich and beautiful but it definitely transfers. I only wore it for a few hours over this white top and the seams were getting blue (washed out fine though, phew!).

Wrinkle Factor: It’s linen, so it’s going to wrinkle but I actually find the indigo dyed fabric a little less prone to it than the white linen. Could also be the length and how it weighs itself down.

Washing: I washed it on delicate (with only black), hung it to dry and gave it a quick iron to bring it back to a ‘like new’ state. I didn’t find that the indigo faded so definitely wash it at least once or twice before you wear it over anything light!

Versatility: At first I was thinking I’d just wear it as a dress with sandals and a hat, which is a super cute look but I love it as a coat even more! I’ve also been wearing it over black skinnies with my Mars boots and that makes for a great office appropriate outfit.

Here are a few fabulous indigo and shirt dress options:

*Please note: I was gifted this item by Everlane in exchange for styling and sharing the look in a post however the reviews are authentic and all opinions are my own. 

Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3 Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3 Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3 Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3 Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3

Shirt Dress c/o Everlane | Crop Tee American Apparel | Florence Pant Elizabeth Suzann | Necklace c/o Young Frankk | Slides The Palatines | Bag The Stowe Split Ring c/o CLAUS

I’ve got to admit this little mini series was a ton of fun to put together and I hope you found it helpful! Do you have a favourite look out of these three?

Style Bee - Everlane Linen - 2/3

Big thanks to Everlane for partnering with me and for being a leader in promoting supply chain responsibility, ethical manufacturing and direct to consumer transparency. Even bigger thanks to you for visiting Style Bee and for supporting the brands that help support this little corner of the internet.


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  1. Fran says:

    I just clicked on the first link in your post and it took me to the everlane site and I could purchase. I just did it again and there are even more sizes available!? Hopefully it is for real and it a glitch in the system.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Nope, you’re totally right! So strange, I tried it several times yesterday and it kept showing sold out. Thanks for letting me know though, much appreciated! xo

  2. Andrea says:

    I like look two, a more fitted style (not overly fitted – no one wants to see every inch of someone!), for me personally I look odd in overly loose fitting clothes because I’m petite. As cute as number three is, I could never wear all the pieces at the same time.

    I love love love Everlane and their values. I plan to add/replace as much of my wardrobe as I can over the next few years with ethical choices, and Everlane will be my first stop. The styles aren’t too trendy and can work season after season, year after year.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Andrea! I love loose fitting pieces paired with something more fitted to balance it out. The top I’m wearing under the shirt dress in this look is very fitted so it didn’t feel like too much over-sized action. I know what you mean though about loose fits overwhelming a petite frame.

      Totally agree about Everlane’s styles being timeless. I’m often tempted by some of their more on trend items but end up gravitating to classics in the end.

      Hope you’ve had a great weekend! xo

  3. Fran says:

    Don’t feel guilty, there are a few sizes listed for the dress 0,2 and 10!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Fran, It shows up as sold out in both the US and CAN stores when I try. Do you mind sharing a link to the page you see sizes available on? Thanks! xo