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Well, it’s been one serious shitstorm of a week already hasn’t it? Ours actually started on Monday when Dave’s truck was stolen right from our driveway. Yep, just gone. Beautiful, barely used Toyota Tacoma, just vanished, along with some prize tools Dave had stashed in the cab for work**. But that was a very personal disappointment whereas the US election results are affecting people on a global scale. I’m still in shock to be honest and almost felt an outfit post was inappropriate after such a harrowing event. But then I decided that it’s now, more than ever, that we need to push ahead, continue to create and foster positivity and acceptance. Even if it’s scary as hell out there and you just want to run and hide. I truly believe if we stay strong and pursue kindness and openness that good will come out of all this.

Now let’s lighten the mood for a moment and take a look at a fun outfit and one US based designer that is a true inspiration to me. 

Style Bee - All The Boxes Style Bee - All The Boxes


It will probably come as no surprise that Jesse Kamm is both a life and a style icon of mine. She’s a brilliant designer, extremely hard worker, savvy yet unconventional business woman and at the same time a devoted mom and caring wife who still manages to put her needs on the long list of priorities. Not to mention that fact she looks freaking fabulous doing it all. If the name Jesse Kamm is new to you, definitely check out this interview with A Piece Apart, this article by the New York Times (don’t miss the video either) and this studio visit with Need Supply and I think you’ll agree she’s pretty darn legit. One of many things she’s said that particularly resonated with me was this:

“I am constantly trimming the fat. If something is not essential, it goes. As makers, we do not have to say yes to every request. More is not better, more is just more.”

So yeah, she’s cool. But while I was immediately intrigued by these pants, it wasn’t until I’d discovered that the JK brand had been going strong for over a decade, everything was made in LA and that the signature Kamm Sailor Pants had been made the entire time, that I was totally hooked. Like, GET ON MY BODY NOW, hooked. So I found a Canadian based shop that carries them, One of A Few (which might be the only one in Canada but don’t quote me on that), found out when they’d be restocked and started saving. They’re a non-trivial price (ringing in at about $500 CAD) which meant I couldn’t buy much else all Spring but they were totally worth every penny. I love how they’re striking yet super simple and the style is bold but timeless. Every time I wear them I feel like a modern Katherine Hepburn with a twist of Annie Hall and it’s empowering as hell.

ON FIT | I’m wearing a size S but had to have the waist taken in a fair bit to fit snug (below you’ll see a second dart was added at the back) and these were just washed before I shot this look so they’re fitting quite slim. After a couple hours of wear they relax a bit and I like when they hang a touch looser over all. But you get the idea. I didn’t get them hemmed but I’m about 5’7.5 and they hit right at my ankle (as you can see). I might end up hemming them for next spring though.

I really haven’t seen the Sailor Pant look bad on anyone. I was worried I had too much junk in the trunk to rock them at first but I’m over that now and actually think they work wonders for an ample derriere (as noted below!). Of course they look great on shop models and Kamm herself (a former model) but I’ve seen them on lots of other women, of all different heights, who have curves and I must say I love them on everyone! Exhibits: A / B / C / D / E / F 

ON FABRIC | The 100% Fine Cotton Canvas that these are made from is seriously sturdy, which is why they last forever and hold their shape so well too. I always iron mine after they’ve air dried to get a crisp finish but then it lasts until the next wash. I try to spot clean as much as possible and have found the canvas quite forgiving when it comes to stains. I got some VERY bad dirt/grass stains on them this summer after a falling on our wet, patchy lawn and I was scared they were toast but a lot of persistent washing and potent stain removal lifted the stains and they’re good as new (*phew!).

So that’s my ode to the Kamm Pant and some extra info on these cult favourites. You can see how I’ve worn them many times before: HERE (with a denim duster) | HERE (with a black crop top) | HERE (belted with a cashmere sweater) | HERE (with the linen Linn Tee).

Style Bee - All The Boxes Style Bee - All The Boxes

You know how bloggers always say, ‘I’ve been wearing this on repeat.’ and then you never see the items again, well, I’ve actually been wearing this ensemble on repeat during these warm Fall weeks. I wore it to Thanksgiving Dinner with the fam, birthday dinners for friends, date nights with the man and just about every opportunity in between. The truth is that when I find a look that ticks all the right style boxes I run with it and right now, this one genuinely embodies my current style definition, which is Considered, Clean and Versatile. Each piece holds a special spot in my heart and closet and wearing them all together feels both comforting and empowering, the way any killer outfit should! 


1 | THE PALETTE | This is my favourite colour palette. I can’t help but love a good ol’ black and white base with hits of rich neutrals and gold accessories. I definitely feel my most at home in these colours.

2 | TEXTURE | This bag is my favourite for Fall and Winter because the nubbly hide adds such a cozy texture and tactile quality to any look without taking over. This bag was a Christmas gift from my fella a couple years back, which makes it extra special. It’s also the perfect size for my phone, wallet and a couple essentials like keys, hand cream and lip balm but keeps everything compact. I have three Primecut bags and they’re all favourites. Ps. Lizzie takes special orders so don’t be shy!

3 | DOUBLE WIDE | I wouldn’t normally think to pair a wide leg pant with a wide crop sweater but I love these two together. I think it works because the top is soft and swingy while the bottoms are more rigid and structured, which makes for a nice balance. This sweater is made from the softest thick jersey (exclusive to Corinne Collection) and seriously feels like a cozy dream. I love the way it ripples giving hits at the form underneath and how the bell sleeves flare out. This one is giving my Linn Tees some tough competition.

4 | BOLD GOLD | I made the decision a couple years ago that I was going to wear primarily gold jewelry. It was a small but significant step towards defining my style and I’m glad I made it. This small commitment has made a big difference in that I feel like any accessories I reach for are going to work together, which makes it even easier to finish off a look. I’ve since introduced touches of silver, typically in chains, but always pair it with a gold (or brass) pendant.

I’ve managed to acquire a lot of my favourite jewelry through collaborations and they’ve ended up being some of my most worthwhile partnerships because I wear the pieces again and again and again. This necklace and this cuff are two all-time favourites of mine, from Young Frankk. I’m also a huge fan of CLAUS, STVDIO, BIKO (made in Canada!) and Another Feather for minimal styles in statement making shapes and proportions (all handmade). Michelle Ross is another incredible Canadian designer who makes some seriously stunning show-stoppers (see our interview here).

5 | A COUPLE OF CROPS | This look has two key crops involved, the first being obviously the top and the second being the cropped pant length. I think they work really well in this look to keep my lower half long and lean. I really love a high rise paired with a cropped length for this effect specifically. It works on any height to create the illusion of a longer leg. I could totally see this look working whether you’re 5’1 or 6’1. In fact, if you didn’t know my height it would be very hard to guess.

Style Bee - All The Boxes Style Bee - All The Boxes
So that’s that! A look like this, that ticks all my style boxes, is one I’ll be wearing for years to come!
  • Do you have any powerhouse items in your closet that give you an instant boost?
  • Do you have any style icons or designers that speak to your soul like Jesse Kamm does for me? I’d love to know!

  • Jesse Kamm Sailor Pant in Salt White | Available directly from Jesse Kamm, through Need Supply, via Garmentory ($20 off when you sign up here) and in Canada from One of A Few. | I’m wearing a Size S and had the waist taken in slightly for a perfect fit.
  • Crop Sweater c/o Corinne Collection | Wearing a size S.
  • Mars Boots by Rachel Comey | I would suggest ordering your usual size. I have a 1/2 size down and can only wear thin socks.
  • Cross-body Bag n/a by Primecut | Lizzie Falkenstein is amazing and takes custom orders so if you love it let her know!
  • Necklace and Cuff c/o Young Frankk | These pieces are from past collections but her current one is fabulous! Linked to similar.

This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee! All opinions are always my own.

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**Guelph friends we’d very much appreciate if you would keep an eye out for a charcoal gray, two door, 2015 Toyota Tacoma with a black back rack attached to the cab. License is AJ31978. Email if you come across anything. Thanks so much!

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  1. Andrea says:

    It’s been a pretty shocking week, and there’s not much we can do but hope that checks and balances will be in full effect in January. It has been an interesting experience being an American expat in London where everyone wants to know how such a thing could happen. (answer: I have no idea.)

    Have some faith that you might find your truck again. A few weeks ago, some of the moms from my kids school had their car broken into after school, in broad daylight on a busy street, while they were at the park. Yesterday they received their children backpacks, and a coat from someone who had found them on the street, looked through the bags and discovered one of the kids gym kits with the school name on it. They tracked them down through the school office, and while the school issued iPads were all gone, at least they have some things back. And the knowledge that someone out there has a heart and does what is right.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the positive thinking Andrea and what a great end to the backpack story! I’ve heard some inspiring tales about returned property but it looks like Dave’s truck and tools are gone at this point. We’ve started coming to terms with it though. Installing a motion light in the driveway and some other preventative measures so it won’t happen again! xo

  2. Emma says:

    Hey Lee,
    Question re: Kamm pants (and other fitted high waisted pants). How do they hold up after a day of (mostly) sitting, comfort-wise? I find sometimes that high of a waist on a non-stretchy fabric can get uncomfortable after a day in front of the computer.
    I hope the truck comes back as unscathed as possible! I’ve had cars broken and smashed into and it always feels like a violation coupled with a giant time/energy suck talking to the insurance company(ies). Keeping my fingers crossed! And thanks for the positivity. I hope your followers who are also upset about the US elections are finding ways to donate time and/or money to the people and places that need it and that will help with coping now and electing more progressives come mid-term elections.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Emma, Good Question! So I wear high rise pants almost exclusively (I actually only own high rises right now) so I’m biased for sure. I find they’re totally fine for sitting but if I’ve had a big lunch or something I’ll unbutton the top button once in a while haha. I usually just tug them down a bit before I sit and then I’m OK. I will say they’re not ideal for long drives though, I had to unbutton a few last time I went into the city (2 hr drive with traffic) but that’s a rare instance for me.

      Thanks for the well wishes on the truck front. We’re not overly optimistic but our fingers are crossed that something turns up. Such a HUGE inconvenience and totaly time-suck to deal with it though. You end up losing a whole day on top of it all. Not cool.

      I hope the same thing re: elections! Thanks for reading lovely. xo

  3. Ashley Chustz says:

    I hate to hear about the truck! Real bummer. I have a question about the fit of the sailor pant. According to the size chart I would most likely be a small. I have thick thighs though. I’ve read on a couple of sites that if you are between sizes to size up so I was thinking a medium. How is the fit in the hip/ thigh? My waist is small but the hips and thighs are definitely bigger.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Ashley, bummer indeed. It’s funny how attached we can get to inanimate objects like a truck. It’s just a big hunk of metal but I miss it! haha

      I would go for a Medium and then get the waist taken in. They are not kidding about the slim hips/upper leg and I find they’re most comfortable with a little wiggle room. They will relax slightly (maybe .25 in) with wear but not much. My hips are 37 in and I have the S but wouldn’t want them to fit any tighter. Hope that helps!

  4. Annie says:

    And, slightly obsessed with nu swim when you are in need of a new suit:) Love the black one piece. I don’t think I will get tired of that for awhile!


  5. Annie says:

    This was a nice escape…

    I’m with you, Lee. Favorite style icon – Jesse Kamm. I also love the coats and dresses from Emerson Fry:)


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Glad to hear that Annie! I LOVE Emerson Fry but haven’t shopped from them before. They just released some insanely gorgeous blazers and I was swooning! I Allllmost bought a NU SWIM suit last summer but they sold out so fast. They’re on my list for next year for sure! Thanks for reading lovely. xo

  6. Kat says:

    I went on Bloglovin’ hoping that during this horribly depressing time, I could have a few moments of escape so thank you for posting. It has been a terrible time, it is not just a division amongst the country but amongst families as well. I am terrified for the future but plan to continue on with things I enjoy because this election has stolen enough as it is, and I will not let this man rob me of my joy.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Kat, I’m glad it was a brief escape for you. I can only imagine how shaken ppl must be feeling right now. Hopefully things will calm down soon but I absolutely agree that pursuing the things that bring you joy is the best approach in moving forward. Hang in there love! xo

  7. Lauren says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful words on our election. I’m truly heartbroken by the result and still attempting to wrap my head around it, but I know we will band together and come out stronger for the storm. I’m sorry to hear about your car! What an awful thing to happen– I hope you guys are able to find it!
    Thanks for being some positivity on the internet today. My spirits feel so lifted. 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Lauren! Glad this post was a little escape from the gravity of yesterday’s events. I think you’re absolutely right about emerging stronger from the storm but it’s definitely a daunting situation. I appreciate the kind words about the truck, fingers are crossed at the moment! xo

  8. Ugh. Glad you posted today – and expressed upset at this harrowing, disheartening turn. I’m from the states…and more grateful than ever to be living and working in Canada. Such a disgrace and tragedy. I don’t think we know what we’ve done.

    Feels odd to ask a question about fashion right now…yet reading your post is one place I’ve found a moment of ease and escape today – thank you! So my question: I’m curious to hear your thoughts on mixing gold and silver. I only wear the latter and have for a long time – even my wedding band is platinum, so silver in colour. I just assumed that additions with gold wouldn’t look right. Thoughts?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Dana, I’m so glad this post was able to serve as a brief reprieve from what’s going on today. Feeling very lucky to be in Canada right now too.

      I think when it comes to mixing metals you either do it a lot or not at all. You know? I’ve seem bloggers and stylists mix gold, silver and rose gold all at the same time and it can totally work if the pieces are within the same minimal style aesthetic. I just find it simpler to stick to one and roll with it. My skin tone is naturally rosy so I find that gold suits me better than silver, but I love the cool vibe silver adds. Hope that makes sense! xo

    • Also…sending an abundance of care and empathy for your partner’s truck and tools being stolen. This spring, while living in Colorado in a wonderful little town, my Mini’s car window was smashed overnight. I felt so violated and exposed. Insurance covered the window, but somehow the whole thing felt like so much more.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the kind note about the truck. It’s very rattling for sure. I’ve actually had a car stolen before (when living in a different city) so we kind of knew the drill but it was still such a nuisance and angering. The truck is one thing but many of the tools will be impossible to replace so that’s frustrating. Hoping that insurance comes through for us, which it currently looks like they will. PS. LOVE minis! My first boss out of college had one and it was my favourite thing about her haha. xo

  9. This outfit is fabulous. A pair of tobacco Kamm pants are on my wish list for spring!
    Thanks for the positivity, I needed it.

  10. Emilee McGuire says:

    Please don’t be sad for the US. Half of our voters wanted this and they all can’t be angry, stupid, _____ (insert any other word they’re being called). We are not afraid of change or being unconventional. It’s going to be fine, really.

  11. Jodie says:

    Iam so sorry about Dave’s car! We had a similar experience over the weekend, and it really shakes you to the core! Hope it’s found sooner rather than later.
    About our election Iam horrified and in complete shock! It’s embarrassing that someone who’s an open bigot, says he sexually assaults women, and stoops so low to pick on the disabled was elected. #notmypresident

    On this outfit you look fab. Black and white/ cream is always perfect. I started wearing almost all gold a few years ago too. Trying to wear everything got too much.
    Here’s to a better end of the week! Hugs!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jodie! I hope your wknd experience ended up OK. It’s definitely very surreal and violating! The crazy thing is that my car was stolen a couple years ago when we lived downtown. What are the chances!?

      As for the election, yeah wow, it’s a crazy messed up state of affairs. Feeling for you guys and believing that some good will come out of this madness. One way or another!

      Thanks for the kind words lady, your comments always boost my spirits. Hugs back at you! xo