Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice

Layering Turtlenecks – 2 Ways


Remember way back in September when I shared my Fall Wishlist and confessed that I’d already bought this fitted turtleneck (in both colours)? If not, I don’t blame you but if yes, well it’s finally time to share a couple of fun ways I’ve been styling them lately. So far this season these have been super handy and an integral part of my weekly rotation. I finally exercised enough restraint to save them for the weekend so I could capture them in a shoot!

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been ruminating about what my 2017 Closet Mission might look like and the idea of a more seasonless closet keeps coming up. Usually at this point I’d have tucked my Spring and Summer goodies away for the Winter to make room for cold weather items but since my closet has slimmed down a lot this year, I don’t need to! This is great, except my easy breezy warm weather faves have been taunting me with memories of sunny days. So I decided to try my hand at a little creative layering to help stretch out the life of said summer wares.

So here are two ways I’m going about it! 


Style Bee - Layering Turtlenecks - 2 Ways
Style Bee - Layering Turtlenecks - 2 Ways


You might remember this cute linen jumpsuit from this post or this post. I chose it as part of a really fun collab I did with Garmentory and it was my first piece by the amazing Austin based ESBY Apparel. They make a mean jumpsuit that’s for sure (this one is currently on my radar)! I wore mine a TON this summer and it was one item I just wasn’t ready to say goodnight to for the Winter.

I decided to try wearing it over a white fitted turtleneck with a pair of ankle boots to see if I couldn’t commandeer it into a cold(ish) weather option. Turns out it worked great! Granted it won’t be warm enough for deep winter up here but squeezing a couple of extra months out of it was a win by me. Up until this morning (when I woke up to a few inches of snow), I’d simply throw my Capote coat over top with a knitted toque and I was good to go!

The cool thing about this particular jumpsuit is that you can reverse it and wear the ‘V’ forward or backward. Without the turtleneck it’s a little low-cut for me to wear in front but this way I get to rock it! It also works well as a top layer because it’s loose fitting but the drawstring waist creates some shape and helps things stay organized. Overall this look is super comfy, pretty toasty, simple and a little unexpected, which I love!

If you’ve got a jumpsuit missing out on the fun right now I’d highly recommend giving this idea a try.

Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice

Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice

Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice

1 | White Turtleneck by Splendid – Made in USA – (Link to Black and White, Grey here $80 CAD) I don’t know why some reviews say they run tight. I’m wearing my usual size S and if anything it’s a bit relaxed. The sleeves and torso do run long which worked out well for me. The 50/50 pima cotton and modal blend feels SO soft and washes up great every time.

2 | Linen Jumpsuit n/a by ESBY c/o Garmentory – Made in USA – Wearing a size S. Similar options:

  • ESBY (Sleeves/Long inseam $298 USD)
  • Base Range (Beautiful navy merino wool sleeveless option on sale! $330 $280 USD),
  • Rachel Comey (denim wide leg, mock-neck beauty by Rachel Comey on sale! $495 $372 USD)
  • Black Crane (Black 100% cotton with long-sleeves, front buttons and pockets $230 USD)
  • Only Child x Cali Vintage (Denim v-neck with capped sleeves and large front pockets $189 USD)

3 | Tiras Saddlebag by FASHIONABLE ($148.00 USD)

4 | Mars Boot by Rachel Comey ($ 426 USD)

Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice


Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice


My affinity for a boxy crop top has only grown over the past few Summers and this one from the Elizabeth Suzann SS16 collection is definitely a personal favourite. It’s made previous appearances on the blog here and here I’ve honestly lost count of how often I wore it this Summer. It’s just the perfect layer to throw on over a pair of linen pants or a high waisted skirt with a clogs and loose waves. It was lurking in the back of my closet for a few weeks this Fall and it just didn’t feel right to ignore it.

Ergo, this outfit. I tucked a black fitted turtleneck into my high rise black flares for an easy black base (a trick I’ve talked about here), layered the loose crop tank on top and finished the outfit with my go-to lightweight layer, the denim notch coat. A simple gold necklace and a perforated black bag add a touch of interest to this minimal look and make it perfect for a night out or a meeting during the day.

This is definitely my new favourite layering trick. I can’t wait to try crop tops over a button-down with my Kamm pants or over a dress with tights. This one also lends itself to even the coldest days ahead because I can easily switch the light coat for a warmer one. One thing to keep in mind about this approach is to make sure your layers and palette are simple and the lines are clean or it could end up feeling a bit fussy.

If you’ve got a relaxed crop hiding away, don’t leave it hanging (pun intended)!

Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice Style Bee - Turtlenecks Twice

1 | Black Turtleneck by Splendid – Made in USA – (Link to Black and White, Grey here $80 CAD) I don’t know why some reviews say they run tight. I’m wearing my usual size S and if anything it’s a bit relaxed. The sleeves and torso do run long which worked out well for me. The 50/50 pima cotton and modal blend feels SO soft and washes up great every time.

2 | Flax Crop c/0 Elizabeth Suzann – No Longer Available but similar options:

  • Kate Crop by Ilana Kohn in Natural ($162 USD) (I bought the denim version on Black Friday!) Get $20 off when you sign up here. (I get $20 when you shop)
  • Yana Top by Rachel Comey ($265 USD) Very cool shape made of a gorgeous ivory corduroy.
  • Linn Tee by Elizabeth Suzann ($145 USD) I have and adore this top (worn here and here)

3 | Denim Notch Coat by Ali Golden c/o Akin & Co. ($194.00 USD) – Still Available in Black

4 | Black Flares by JBRAND – Linked to similar ($138.00 CAD currently 50% OFF!)

5 | Newbury Boots by Rag & Bone ($495 USD)

6 | Circle Pendant by Young Frankk – Linked to similar.

7 | ISSA Crossbody c/o Opelle Creative ($325 CAD) – Linked to similar.


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  1. Cori says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing! I am so looking forward to seeing some more of your styles for cold weather. I live in Michigan and have a hard time balancing functionality and style in the cold months! I would love to hear more about your thoughts on the seasonless closet, it is so appealing to me, but I can’t quite get my head around it living somewhere that gets very cold and hot.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Cori! I know it can be tough to resist the urge so just wear a giant parka and snow boots all the time. I love the seasonless closet concept in theory too, still working out whether or not it’s feasible or even practical here in Ontario. So glad you’re looking forward to cold weather style! Lots to come. xo

  2. Andrea H says:

    I love both of these looks! I have a white turtleneck and it has been my go-to this fall for extending the life of certain dresses and other tops I’d otherwise be without. I love what you’ve done here, expertly layering them like this. Great tips on layering crop tops too!

    Cheers Lee!

  3. deb says:

    I have actually been working on a seasonless wardrobe this year after giving up the strict “capsule wardrobe”. I started with building the “perfect for me” Spring/Summer travel wardrobe and the “perfect for me” Fall/Winter travel wardrobe. It’s been an easy way to begin to find clothes, shoes and layers that are the things I want to grab every time I go somewhere, from a holiday week out of state, a Spring Break weekend or a summer trip in Europe. But these are pieces that I wear all the time for work and weekends, too! (Win-Win) At the end of this year, the only season specific travel pieces are shoes (no sandals in winter!) and heavier outer layers for the cold. Everything else layers and I am loving every layer. No turtlenecks for me (my hair is too curly and full), I layer with fitted cashmere crewneck sweaters, instead, but the principal is the same as what you have done with the turtlenecks.

    • Sarah says:

      Deb! I’m intrigued by your comment because my hair, too, is curly and full, and I think it’s the source of my turtleneck aversion! I look the fitted layer look, though, so I’m always tempted to give turtlenecks another try every winter, despite my better judgement. Reading your comment has steeled me (and saved my voluminous hair) for at least another year. 😉 Back to Everlane’s fitted crewneck section I go!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Deb, Your travel wardrobe approach sounds great! I always know if an item passes the travel test it’s a keeper. Glad you’ve found a system thats working well for you. All the best! xo

  4. Lo says:

    Love this post. Curious…if you wear booties like this in snow, do you do anything to protect them? I’m in LA, and trying to make my booties work for our rare rainy days and occasional trips to the snow, and currently exploring water repellent treatments.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Lo! Yes, I spray my boots every few weeks with MW&B All-Season Protector and it helps a lot. I’m careful not to wear them after the roads/sidewalks have been salted though because that just kills the leather. These boots have gotten rained on so many times now and they’re still looking good! Hope that helps. xo

  5. Tina says:

    I like to rotate some of my clothes. I have some that stay in my closet all year round, and my breezy tops and summer dresses go hibernating in a box. As for fitted turtlenecks, I like the look but I don’t wear them because I don’t like them feeling tight around my neck. I will try to experiment with a loose turtleneck though, so thank you for the inspiration. I have to tell you, I LOVE that denim-colored duster and I wish it were available in Europe… I’ve got to find something like it.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Tina! I understand what you mean about tight necks. These turtleneck are super soft so it doesn’t feel too annoying. You could also try a mock-neck like this which is a little shorter and less cumbersome. Oh I hope you find something like this denim duster coat! It’s a personal fave 🙂 xo

  6. Jill Sarkozi says:

    I love both of these looks! I will try the turtleneck! Great ideas!

    I do like to rotate my clothes each season. It is a good practice of tidying things up, narrows my choices for that season and it is always fun to see some of my old favs from last year that I have totally forgotten about. That being said, I DO have a seasonless BASE that sticks around the entire year. Mostly blouses and a couple of cotton sweaters.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jill! I think you’ve got the right idea with seasonal rotations. It definitely inspires a more organized closet and I agree it’s really nice to be reminded of old favourites! Thanks for reading and let me know if you try the turtleneck 🙂 xo