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A Little Wedding Inspo


Today we’re momentarily switching gears from all things Holiday and Winter to talk a bit about wedding ideas! In case you’re wondering why the heck we’d do that, well, Dave, my partner and I got engaged at the end of July and we’ll be making the whole thing official next September. So that’s why!

Now if you’ll indulge me, here’s a look at a few concepts for our nuptials next Summer!

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


These are the four words I keep coming back to when describing our wedding plans. To put things in perspective, our ceremony and reception will be held on a rural country estate, which will be very private and have a backyard wedding vibe, just on gorgeous grounds perfectly tailored to host such an event. We would have loved to have it in our own backyard, but the logistics were just getting way too complicated. So this ended up being the best of both worlds for us.

Without giving too much away I wanted to share some initial ideas I’ve gathered for our wedding. As I’ve mentioned before, I was really overwhelmed when the whole process began, but now that the balls are rolling and some decisions have been made I’m getting into it and trying to embrace the exciting creative elements to offset the stress and pressure to get everything ready.

So far I’ve got the dress, we’ve booked the venue, chosen a caterer and secured a photographer, but here’s a few key elements still up in the air that I’ve begun to narrow down.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


I’ve had the pleasure of helping some friends and family with their wedding and special event invites in the past so I’ve had a bit of practice designing them. For our invites I’m planning to keep it clean and simple with a basic black and white palette and let the type and space create the visual intrigue. We’re planning to have them letterpress printed to add a beautiful tactile, hand made quality too.

The ideas below are a few I’m pulling from for inspiration. I really like the idea of using craft stock for the envelope, a custom return address stamp and incorporating an icon or too that can carry the graphic theme throughout other items and onto the website (we’re using this theme). We’ll pull from this piece to create signage, menus, itinerary and other printed pieces for the wedding day too.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


If you’ve been visiting Style Bee for long you’ll probably know that I am a sucker for leafy greens and white petals. I also really love an imperfect, slightly more organic arrangement. I’m even considering an all green option like the first one on the left below. If feels very natural, relaxed and unfussy, which is what I’d love for the day to be.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


We were originally thinking all harvest tables for our reception but it started to get super expensive and we worried the dark wood might feel a bit heavier than we’d like in the space. So instead of all harvest we’re thinking we’ll do the head table only and let that be a focal point with either round or long tables covered in ivory/flax linens with either long boughs of eucalyptus or leafy centerpieces scattered with candles and a few amber/antique bottles with pretty flowers peeking out (like the lower left).  We love the cross-back chairs (in the lower left) for a French country feel.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


Maybe this is super lame but I really love the idea of having something fresh and leafy in my hair. I was originally thinking flower crown but that’s been done to death now and it’s perhaps a bit too boho for me when it comes right down to it. I figure since my dress is simple and I’m foregoing a veil a little floral touch in the hair won’t be overkill. These are a few ideas I’ll be showing my stylist when the time comes.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


Originally we weren’t going to have a ceremony. We’re not religious and it felt a bit odd. But after seeing the lovely little barn on the property we decided it would be a really nice way to start the evening. So we’re going to ask a friend to officiate a very non-mushy, non-denominational ceremony that’s short and sweet.

That said, we want this part of the day to set the tone for the whole event. So, guess what!? I’m thinking big green boughs for the arbor and maybe some pretty eucalyptus wreaths for the wall behind and pretty candles, string lights and more greenery for the isle and to cover a couple of pillars in the barn. We can then use those decorations on the reception tent later on in the evening and guests can take home a wreath if they’re interested too.

I’m meeting with my florist tomorrow so this could all go up in smoke, but I think she’ll agree it’s totally doable!

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


When we got engaged in July the first thing I started thinking about was my wedding shoes. Not the venue, not the dress, nope, the shoes. I’m a recovering (occasionally regressing) shoe addict so I wasn’t at all surprised by my train of thought. I immediately thought, YES! I finally have a good reason to snag some light coloured MNZs or even add a new pair of RCs to my growing collection. Now I’m just holding my breath until the spring collections launch and I can make my move.

The must-haves for my wedding footwear are:

  • Height + Comfort – I want a heel of some kind but it’s got to be a block heel (for both the comfort and grass factor).
  • Stay Put – I love all the gorgeous MNZ mules but I need a shoes that’s going to stay on my foot for sure. This means either an ankle strap or a pump style.
  • Rewearable – I MUST be able to wear them again so I’m steering away from anything too bridal or fussy and opting for a timeless shape/colour that will work in lots of other scenarios.

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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Style Bee - Wedding Inspo


OK, so this is a pretty broad category but it’s an important one nonetheless. It’s also super fun to think up unique and easy ways to make little details special. Things like adding a little leaf bunch and a soft string to the napkins or a sprig of rosemary to the menus make my perfectionist heart sing. I’ve even started brainstorming boutonnieres and corsages for the wedding party and family members.

Oh and the guest favours are something we’ve been contemplating too. I’ve always loved the idea of giving something living like a seedling or succulent but we think we’ve got something even better in mind. We’ll just have to see how busy our bees are over the next Spring and Summer season 😉

Style Bee - Wedding Inspo

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That about sums up my ideas and plans for our wedding at the moment. If weddings aren’t your thing don’t worry this isn’t going to be a frequent topic here on the blog. I was just feeling inspired and thought it might be worthwhile to share some of what we’re up to incase anyone else is in the planning phase too.

Now I’m hoping a few of you married ladies might be willing to impart a bit of wisdom unto me!
Any tips you’d care to share on prepping for the big day?
Anything you wish you’d thought of or realized that you didn’t need?

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  1. JoJo says:

    Gorgeous Lee! I also thought to myself now I get a chance to buy MNZs! But also thought the Penelope Mules might be hard to dance and walk in.. Would love to know which shoes you choose!

  2. Alexandra Marie says:

    My husband and I planned our wedding in three months. Got engaged in June and married in September :). I did end up doing quite a few DIYs (the cake/treats being a big one… I was a pastry chef at the time and sick of cake so I made a tiered Rice Krispie treat cake, miniature bourbon peach tarts and miniature grain-free pineapple upside down cakes. I say don’t do any traditions that don’t make sense to you, but you might end up doing them anyway. I didn’t understand the importance of the cake cutting ceremony so we weren’t going to do it until we realized everyone was waiting to go to the dessert table until we did it! Haha so if you skip one of those traditions that act like a cue for the rest of your guests, just make sure you communicate that.
    I was baptized as a Greek Orthodox as a baby, and although I am not a member of an orthodox congregation I wanted to add in some elements from their ceremonies as a nod to my heritage, so I made a set of wedding crowns with paper laurel leaves and ribbon and we held hands with our right hand through the ceremony.

    Oh! One of the things I wanted that I loved was getting long banquet tables and setting them up in long rows under the tent, family style.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Alexandra Marie. Three months is quite a feat! I really appreciate the timing tip since we will be foregoing a number of traditional elements. Totally drooling over your Rice Krispie Treat cake, that is pure genius! Your ceremony sounds lovely too. And yes to the long tables, that’s what we’re doing too! xo

  3. Tess says:

    Your inspiration boards are lovely! Just to reiterate what others have said about DIY – don’t take on too much. You (and your friends and family helping) will get very stressed in the days before making sure it all comes together. My friends got married last summer and they did everything themselves, and even though I was there the whole week before to help it still got down to the wire and stressful! Make sure its manageable and if you really need lots of projects start on them really early! Also with the gifts, when people start drinking, dancing, etc they forget them. In the same wedding we spent hours putting them together and there were more then half left over! Yikes.

    My husband and I had a small solstice ceremony at my parents house (non-religious) and it was short and sweet. My uncle had a little book with vows that were non-denominational and I found a reading on marriage and the solstice and then we each read our own vows that we wrote. We had all the guests participate by lighting candles and it was a nice way to involve them as it was so small.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Tess! Oh man, that sounds rough. We’re keeping our DIYs to a minimum for sure. I know friends who’ve had assembly lines of DIYs happening for weeks before the wedding and you’re so right, it’s stressful and not what you want to be consumed with right before what’s supposed to be a fun event.

      Your solstice ceremony sounds beautiful and so unique. Great idea! xo

  4. Addie says:

    You have beautiful inspirations! I planned my wedding with my future husband almost a decade ago now, whoa! We did most things ourselves. Some tips: 1) Simplicity! Consider whether doing the traditional/common things has a meaning or significance for you. For example, we did not have favors and no one even noticed. We still get comments about how special our wedding was: the personal experience was what really mattered. 2) Consider the mix of needs among the people who will be attending and plan accordingly. Particularly if you are under about 30, consult someone a little older, a relative or friend who knows some of the older people who will be there, and run some of your ideas around the timeline, food, dance music, venues etc. We had a mix of older classics and newer music for example and everyone danced! We also cut our cake too late and some older folks missed it. 3) Solicit friends and family help early: give specific tasks and early deadlines. If people don’t come through then don’t rely on them further. Also let people do the kinds of things they like to do. 4) Have fun and remember it’s just one celebration in your life — whatever happens it’s not the end of the world.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Addie thanks so much for all these great tips. Seriously taking notes over here! We’ve struggled with a lot of the traditional elements of the wedding process but we’re trying to find a balance that we’re happy about. Good note about the older guests, we have a pretty young crowd but that’s definitely something to keep in mind. The delegating part is where I struggle. I basically don’t trust anyone but myself to do things so I’m going to need to loosen the reins a little at some point. SO appreciate the reminder that it’s just one day/celebration too. I’m sure your wedding was incredible! xo

    • Addie says:

      I enjoyed our pre-wedding time and preparation process so much more than most of my friends because I chose not to be rigid about most decisions, to let family and friends help and have a say: it was the best possible way to do it! No one cares about the small details, really. It is the gathering and sharing of a significant moment together that you will remember. It’s the photos of you and your guests having a good time that you will cherish in future years, not the decorations. Oh and tables, we had very long rectangular tables rather than round which helped bring people together, encouraging conversations and a relaxed atmosphere. Actually we had no assigned seating beyond the wedding party. Best wishes!

  5. Laura says:

    You’re inspiration is so beautiful! It makes me wish I could go back in time and re-plan my wedding. 🙂 With that said, I was a total OCD DIY bride and I would suggest that you don’t take on too many projects and limit it to just a few special items. If your wedding is going to be outdoor at all or if you are planning on taking your pictures outdoors I would have a sweater and cute umbrellas handy, just in case the weather turns. This may seem obvious but don’t hesitate to making up new traditions. For me, I’ve never been a fan of tossing the bouquet so I surprised my great grandma by my bouquet away to her. The look on her face and those photos are some of my favorite ones from the day. <3 Good luck with your planning and enjoy ! Following your blog I know that whatever you do will end up beautiful!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Laura, these are such gems, thank you so much! I appreciate the reminder about not taking on too much. I have a tendency to get a little OCD too so I’m going to need to keep that in mind 😛 Good call on the umbrellas and layers. I’ll be watching the forecast like a hawk too! I LOVE that you gave the bouquet to your great Grandma, that’s the cutest thing. PS. Your blog is so lovely! xo

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Lee!

    Weddings are the best! My husband and I got married in June of 2015 and we are also non-religious. I had the exact same thought as you that it would be weird to have a ceremony, since we aren’t religious, but I found a great officiant who put together about a 25 minute ceremony for us that was just about our love for each other. People loved it! We also had a couple siblings/maid of honor do readings (about love) from various literature – I think we had a poem, a Shakespeare reading, and a traditional irish blessing that I changed around. We didn’t write our own vows, but we did this cheesy thing where we made secret lists of what we loved about each other that we each gave to our officiant and he read them during the ceremony. Anyways, I hope you find something that works for you guys!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Sarah! Your ceremony sounds so lovely and personal. The list idea is so sweet and fun too! We’ll figure something out, maybe throw a little humor in there 😉 xo

  7. Victoria B says:

    These inspirations are just gorgeous! I too had white and green flowers. My bouquet didn’t come out how I wanted, but it doesn’t matter. It was still beautiful. My table decor was just super simple and really stood out. I know you have a plan for your favors, but honestly you do not need them. Unless they are edible, most of that stuff gets thrown away at home or left behind anyway. Try not to leave any DIY stuff to the end, it just stresses everyone out. I’m also glad to hear you are doing a short and sweet ceremony. I went to one wedding, where they had a reading from a book they both enjoyed which was definitely fun. Enjoy!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for these tips Victoria! I totally hear you on the favors. I worked at a banquet hall in Uni and the favours were often left behind. Certainly something to think about! Would be sad to waste time and effort on them. Very good call on the DIY stuff. I’ve heard some horror stories! We’re trying to plan ahead as much as possible so the weekend can be savoured and enjoyed. BUT time will tell. The book reading sounds so cute! xo

  8. Suzanne says:

    Awww congratulations Lee! What an exciting time! I love all the inspiration you picked out. Simple, natural greens and whites are so timeless and striking.

    I just got married in October–my husband and I did an elopement/intimate ceremony. We wed in a national park, so I actually DID go for a flower crown. I also liked the idea of the leafy bits you posted, but my hair is just too short. All told, I didn’t think the crown was too boho at all! Given the scenery (and my opposition to veils), I think it worked perfectly. I actually *just* posted the photos to my blog this week if you’d like to be the judge yourself–haha. So, I think it can work if done right, but of course I’m probably biased. 🙂

    One other thought… We also wanted a non-religious ceremony, but our officiant (also non-religious) had a sweet little ritual she incorporated. She called it a “ring warming”, where she put our rings in a little pouch, then passed them around to our guests (we had 7), telling them to take a moment to impart their blessings/prayers/positive vibes onto the rings. Since my parents are quite religious, it gave them an opportunity for them to quietly incorporate their faith without making us feel awkward. Of course it might not make sense for you, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Good luck as your planning continues! I’d love to hear more about it in the occasional future posts, and of course after the day wraps up. 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Suzanne and a big congratulations to you too! I just checked out your wedding post and it was insanely gorgeous! What a magnificent setting. The sunset shots were truly breathtaking. You looked incredible and the flower crown was perfect, you’re absolutely right 🙂 Now I might need to rethink things! The ring warming ritual sounds so sweet. Thanks for sharing your experience! Enjoy your first holiday season with the new hubs 🙂 xo

    • Victoria B says:

      What a beautiful ceremony and location! You looked gorgeous and I love those sunset shots. They deserve to be blown up and hung on your wall! 🙂

  9. Alex Chua says:

    Your wedding plans sound a bit like mine – we were married on college campus grounds and I still remember the day very fondly. A few things I wish I had thought of back then: we were married at the end of August and it was very humid and hot and there were LOTS of bugs so providing a natural insect repellant for people would have been nice. We had citronella burning in torches around the event but it was not enough. Also we had elderly people and it was crucial to provide an indoors spot for them to enjoy air conditioning when the outside was a bit much. My flowers like yours were white and green. At the time I thought it would be nice to have heavily scented flowers like jasmine and roses, but frankly the jasmine became a bit too strong for me during the ceremony. And lastly, I wore cream velvet shoes which were completely ruined with the all the tramping around outdoors.
    Have fun planning the rest of the big day! I’m super excited about hearing more as things develop. x

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Alex, Thanks so much for these insights! I so appreciate it. The bug spray is definitely something to consider. Good call! Our event will be starting late so hopefully the heat isn’t crazy but we’ll have a small atrium that ppl can cool down in if needed. I’ve been a guest at weddings that were too hot and it’s rough, especially when you’re sweating through a nice silk dress haha. I hadn’t thought about scented flowers but that’s a good point too. RIP velvet shoes I’m sure you were divine 🙂 xo