Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017



This is going to be the last new outfit post of the year. There are still a few great posts coming up, including my 2016 Closet Mission Conclusions and The Best of 2016, but this will be the final look I share before taking a short Winter break. I decided not to overthink it and just shoot something I was planning to wear already and as it turns out this is one of my favourite looks to date! It truly embodies my current style definition and is a perfect lead-in look for 2017.

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017

Instead of going into outfit details today, I wanted to address a few ways I’m approaching personal style for 2017 and some simple steps that you can take if you’re interested in defining or further developing your style. The best part is they’re quick, easy and totally free so no worries if the purse strings are a little tight right now!

The steps are as follows:

  • Define your current style + where it’s headed
  • Streamline your influences
  • Make note of your favourite 2016 style moments
  • Pick out a few style muses to pull ideas from
  • Acknowledge a few pieces you felt were missing this year

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017


For me, the single most beneficial exercise in developing a clear sense of my personal style was to sit down for a few minutes and actually put it into words. A lot of people avoid this step for various reasons such as: the fact they don’t really like their style, they don’t think they can define it, they don’t want to feel restricted or they’re just not convinced that it even matters. But it’s actually so liberating and such a constructive step towards establishing a personal style you love.

I’ve developed a super simple 5 Step Process that you can use to define your style right now! 



If you’re content with your style definition, awesome! If not, no worries, this is where you get to make some changes. Try swapping out one or two words that you’d like to be able to apply to your style instead. I’m quite content with my style but I might revise it to something like: CONSIDERED | VERSATILE | UNIQUE

I’d like to move more towards a look that’s a bit more distinctive and take a few more risks with my choices rather than playing it safe and simple which is what ‘CLEAN’ implies to me.

So give your words a little switcheroo and see what you come up with. After all, nothing is set in stone, it’s just fashion and it should be fun!

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017 Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017


This is another critical step in moving towards a clearer sense of style and eliminating sources that can sometimes confuse and hinder your progress. Do this simply by:

  • UNSUBSCRIBING + UNFOLLOWING newsletters, magazines, newsfeeds and anything else that you feel is muddling your sense of style.

I think we sometimes forget (at least I have) that we’re largely in control of our influences. Whether it’s blogs we follow, Instagram feeds we scroll through, publications we get in the mail or newsletters from shops and brands, we have chosen to let them influence us. Just as easily, we can choose not to.

For me this has meant unsubscribing from lots of shops, blogs, fashion news outlets and other sites of the like that I may have connected with at one point but no longer feel aesthetically aligned with. I’ve also unfollowed a lot of fashion bloggers I was following because they were popular, even though their style didn’t resonate with me anymore. It’s quite surprising how much this type of influence edit helps and how it clears the path for your own ideas and vision, rather than constantly feeling like you’re being pulled in conflicting directions.

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017


When did you feel like the best version of yourself? What were you wearing? What was your mindset? Make a mental note, or better yet a real note, about these outfits. It might seem indulgent or frivolous to do that but it’s an excellent resource to have the next time you’re feeling like you have nothing to wear or you’re tempted to shop.

Think about the silhouettes you feel best in. Is it fitted tops and relaxed bottoms? Maybe you’re loving vintage jeans and button downs or skinny jeans, fitted shirts and boyfriend blazers. Were there any pieces you added and were surprised by?

I’ll be tallying up my top 10 looks from the year and my most worn items on Wednesday so stay tuned for that one!

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017


It’s easy to let comparisons get the best of you or feel pangs of envy when you see someone with your dream closet or living a lifestyle you’d love to have yourself. Instead of letting this get you down treat their influence as a tool that you can use. Like OK, she looks like a million bucks in every post, but why? Is it the way she pairs shapes and colours? Is it that one bag or pair of shoes she wears a lot that tie it all together? Maybe she just has a killer hair cut. Try to dissect the styles of those you admire and use their tricks to your own advantage.

A couple of my style muses are:


Haley is the Creative Director of Marais USA a super rad shoe line, so she has an endless selection of perfect footwear. But she rocks some seriously amazing looks that are by no means out of reach. Think vintage denim, classic button downs, high-waisted pants, retro vibes, a-line skirts and monochrome separates. All entirely possible!


Another powerhouse creative and intensely talented photographer that you could write off as living a luxurious NYC life that’s unattainable. But I’m so inspired by Alice’s use of colour, both in her home and closet, how she executes simplicity of the highest caliber. Of course, I won’t be buying a velvet couch or draping myself in Cartier anytime soon but I’ll pull from Alice’s ability to see light, composition and colour in such exquisite ways and try to apply those principles to my own work and style.


Of course it’s no surprise that the co-founder of the impeccably designed clothing line Stil. would have some kick-ass personal style. Elora’s images always remind me that Less is More, bed head can be chic as hell and black is never a bad call. Oh and high-rise pants for life!

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017


As you probably know by now, I’m a huge proponent of planning ahead when it comes to shopping (and just about everything in life actually). Now is the perfect time to look back on the year and think about the items you were missing, before you’re tempted to buy anything else. Think about the pieces you loved wearing and what you’d really like to pair them with. Maybe it was that perfect vintage denim you’ve been searching for or a really great pair of flats. Whatever they are make a note so you’ve got the ‘needs’ on your list before your budget is spent!


1 | FLOWY FEMININE DRESS | I’ve been eyeing up the DÔEN collection all year and with lots of events and a few weddings already on the calendar I know I’ll need one more than ever. Plus all dresses are 25% off right now! (Code: DRESSES25)

2 | CUTE TALL WINTER BOOTS | This item is almost an oxymoron but I’d love to have a pair of winter boots that are snow proof, extremely comfy and super warm. I’ve been seriously considering either this pair or this pair.

3 | REDONES | I’m obsessed with these vintage jeans and honestly visit the Redone site weekly. Currently saving up for my 30th b-day present!

Style Bee - Tips For A Stylish 2017

So there you have a few simple ways I’ll be preparing for a stylish 2017! Now I’d love to know your thoughts: 

Turtleneck old J.Crew (linked to similar) | Sailor Pant by Jesse Kamm (Wearing a size 4) | Thora Boots by Rachel Comey | Hat c/o Bare Knitwear | Reeves Vest c/o Only Child | Eloise Bag by The Stowe (Made in Montreal) | Wilson Frames – Garrett Leight (Wearing 46 mm)

This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee! All opinions are always my own.


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  1. Mun says:

    For me I want my 2017 to be bolder when it comes to fashion. I would consider my style casual but modern at this moment but I think it’s lacking in something so I hope to ‘rectify’ that somehow. I find inspiration everywhere 🙂 I’m sure I’m currently lusting over some items but nothing comes to mind now.

  2. Koyuki says:

    I CANNOT recommend the No 6 shearling boots highly enough. I have all three heights – knee (worn for 8 years now), mid calf (2 years), and ankle (new this year). They are so amazing and more than worth their price. There is literally no garment I would ever consider spending that much on, but I never never never regret these. GO FOR IT. Thank me later. 😉

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for your recommendation Koyuki! That’s super helpful and I’m so glad to hear they’ve been great for you. Can I ask what height you have for the base? I’ll be sure to let you know when I pull the trigger 😉

    • Koyuki says:

      My knee-high are the mid heel (dark brown on natural), and the other two are the high heel (midcalf black on black, ankle grey on natural). As you probably know, the “high” heel on a clog doesn’t actually feel super high thanks to the platform and the great support. The high heel definitely has a more polished look, and is perfectly comfortable. That said, if you mean for it to be your ONLY super-warm boot, and think you’ll be frequently walking long icy distances in them, the mid-heel might be the way to go. ?

  3. Allie Sach says:

    Hi – I’ve had a fair amount of trouble with the Kamm pants. Bought a medium, exchanged for a small and then had the waist taken in.

    I’m 5,5″, 125 lbs and I have thicker legs and a small waist. I’m usually a 2 or 4. More 4. Curious what size you bought as I’ve had so much trouble. Would love to talk sizing w other people too! The fupa is also an issue, esp with the blue pairs w white buttons. Pants are so hard.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Allie, I actually went through the same process as you the first time I bought them. Went too small (got the XS), exchanged (got the S) and had them tailored at the waist. A bit of hassle but worth it in the end I think. I just bought the Black pair in a size 4 and they fit quite well. I might get the waist taken in but I’ll see how they feel after a wash or two. I’m usually a size 26 in denim (27 in JBrand) and 5’7.5 and 125 lbs. Hope that helps! xo

  4. MICHELLE says:

    I’ve been admiring these pants for a whole year now, but worry that it won’t fit my body type. My legs are like a size 4 and my waist is like a size 6. I like that you’re pairing them with taller boots for the fall. Most outfits with these pants are with flats or sandals. I’m glad they can be worn in the cold as well. Still contemplating. There’s a great Jesse Kamm article in the NYT magazine btw:

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the link Michelle. That article is a bookmarked favourite of mine. Don’t you love the Kamm Pant video!? So fun and simple. I definitely think you could rock a pair of Kamm Pants! The measurements she has on her site are very accurate so if you get them to fit your waist then I think you’d be set. They look great when worn a bit looser on the leg. But if you’re on the fence, I’d wait and see what comes out in Spring collections.

      Thanks for reading lovely! xo

  5. Alex says:

    All the heart eyes for this outfit and this post. This silhouette really flatters you while being fresh and chic.
    My style muses are still Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy for their clean and classic styles. No fuss wins every time and I love women who look like they’re not trying too hard. I want to work on developing a version of me that reflects that simple and classic ease they seem to project, with a little bit of bohemian flair thrown in. I don’t know how I’m going to do that, but I really love handmade textiles and embroidery and will try to play with those in they New Year.
    In the meantime if anyone comes across long sleeved tops that would work well as layering pieces, please share. XO

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Alex! I completely agree with you about Audrey and Jackie. They’re both the definition of timeless style (although Jackie’s style is a it more iconic than timeless). I love the idea you have of simplicity and effortless style with a hint of bohemian. To me that is exactly what Jane Birkin exudes. She’s another one of my style muses for sure.

      Here are a couple long sleeves that could work well as base layers: PIMA STRETCH LONG SLEEVE or LONG SLEEVE CREW (I have a turtleneck in the same fabric and it’s amazing).


  6. Tina says:

    I love this post. And I love looking back and evaluating and planning ahead. For me, 2016 was the year of stopping impulse shopping, starting a regularly updated wishlist, exploring fair fashion and trying to keep my wardrobe minimal yet versatile.
    My current wishlist: turtleneck in neutral color, high rise jeans, denim duster coat like yours, more ethical fashion pieces.
    Sorry, no celebrity style muse, but I did get some inspiration from blogs like yours and Un-fancy. Looking forward to your Top 10 looks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Tina! Sounds like you made some great strides this year! It’s amazing how much difference a little planning and some willpower can make. Your wishlist sounds entirely practical and I can just picture those three items as a great outfit 🙂 All the best for the new year! xo

  7. Eva says:

    Love this! I’ve found myself increasingly itching for lighter-toned items of clothing. I’ve got a bunch of white/grey button-ups and a few sweaters, but don’t really have a lot of light-colored bottoms. For the past month I’ve decided that the Kamm pants will fill the hole, but I’m determined to save for them and not buy/pay later. I’d also like to add at least one pair of sandals for Spring/Summer (I only have one pair that is truly walk-able) and have my eyes on a pair of the strappy-Marais shoes. Unsure of the color.

    And it’s not a dress, but since you brought up Doen, I think this blouse is a dream out of Princess Bride:

    The real challenge for me at the moment is not to buy anything – I’m saving for a two week trip to London and would ideally only like to add the Kamm pants before departing in late-April.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing Eva! Interesting how you’ve noticed a trend in colour choices. I go through similar phases with colour too. I think you’ll love the Kamm pants and they’ll be well worth the wait! One thing that’s great about Jesse Kamm is that those pants will always be part of her collection, so you can wait and save instead of feeling pressure to make a move.

      I hear you on the strappy Marais sandals! Dying to see what colours they launch in spring. I watch Haley’s Insta Stories religiously to see sneak peeks haha.

      Oh man the Jane Blouse is total perfection! I’ve had the Rust colour in my cart for ages and it’s so good. So many goodies to save for 😛

      It will be tough to hold out but I’ll be doing a Shopping Fast this January so you’ll have some solidarity at least. How exciting that a London trip is on the agenda! xo