As you might have gathered, scarves are a big part of my styling and accessorizing regimen. That’s mainly because they’re just the easiest way to add interest to a look. For the most part, I dress quite minimally so I rely on accessories a lot to give an outfit that extra bit of polish and character that takes it from basic to styled. Since we’re heading into a seasonal transition scarves are going to be even more essential than usual since they’re the perfect way to stay warm but not too warm as the temps adjust.

As I’ve been sharing my outfits on my Insta Stories a lot more I’ve had many requests for scarf tying tips and tutorials, so here we are!

Today I’m sharing:

  1. My 5 Favourite Scarves + How To Tie Them
  2. Additional Inspiration For Each Style
  3. How I Care For + Store Each One

Ready to get your scarf game strong? The good news is that it’s super easy! 



Bandana’s have been a hot trend for several seasons now but they’re also a timeless classic. They can be a little be daunting to try at first but once you get the hang of it they’re one of the easiest ways to up your style game and give any look a vintage flair and some character.

The best part is that you can do so many different things with a bandana:

I’m wearing the Clemente Bandana by A Peace Treaty (a similar option for less here, imported). I love the silk because it drapes very nicely and ties/unties easily too. If you prefer cotton there are tons of classic cotton options like this one too.

Also, wearing an old tee (similar here and here) and the Transcend Skinnies by Paige (size 2).

I’ll be honest, I’ve never washed this scarf but I spot clean it as needed. Once I feel I need to ‘wash’ it I’ll probably get it dry cleaned since it calls for that on the label and I don’t want to ruin it. I store it folded in my scarf basket.



This scarf was a real game-changer for me in both pattern and material. It’s 25% Silk, 75% Cotton which makes it a dream to wear and so easy to wrap in different loops and knots. Even though it’s quite large the fabric is so lightweight that it lends itself to every season.

I love wearing it in a Loop de Loop style as shown but I also wear it:

This print is not available but this one and this one are similar and both by BlockShop TextilesAlso wearing an old black turtleneck (similar here), the Transcend Skinnies by Paige (size 2) and Mars Boot by Rachel Comey.

I hand wash this one in cold water and hang to dry. It’s gotten a little wrinkly over time so I might iron on low to smooth it out again so it looks more like this. I store it loosely folded in my scarf basket.



Infinity scarves are basically no-brainers and they’re a great option if you want to stay fuss free. All it takes is a couple of loops over the head and you’re set. No ends to tuck or knots to tie!

I’ve had a few infinity scarves over the years but this one from Cuyana is easily my favourite. It’s a beautiful baby alpaca wool that just gets softer and softer with wear (it was a little itchy at first), plus the light grey seems to go with everything. It’s the perfect length to wear over a crew neck or turtleneck and goes over a coat collar easily too.

There’s not a whole lot of other ways to style it but here are a couple looks I’ve worn it with:

I have this one dry cleaned once a season and it lives in my scarf basket when not in use.

Also wearing the Cashmere Crew (size M) and the Transcend Skinnies by Paige (size 2).



This is one of those accessories that might stay dormant in my closet for a couple of seasons but then all of a sudden it’s the perfect finishing touch. I bought it during university when I was hitting up the Urban Outfitters sale section like it was my job and this is the only item that’s still in my life. So I guess sometimes impulse buys can be a good thing!

I love wearing this Double V style but similar to my BlockShop Textile scarf it’s lightweight and easy to wear so many other ways. Here’s a few:

This scarf is no longer available but I found a few similar options: Tent Scarf | Janiber Scarf (imported) | Phesa Floral Scarf (imported).

BLACK + WHITE VERSION: You may recall another scarf I have that’s similar to this one but in a black and white paisley pattern (this one and this one are similar and gorgeous). I LOVE that scarf too but didn’t want to repeat the same style twice. In case you’re curious here are a few ways I’ve styled that one, which could apply here too:

Also wearing the Cashmere Crop (n/a), the Transcend Skinnies by Paige (size 2) and Mars Boot by Rachel Comey.

I throw this one into the machine on delicate and air dry it on a hanger. It too hangs out in my scarf basket!



This scarf has totally upped my winter style game. It’s the Canada Scarf by Acne Studios and after lusting for it for literally years, I can honestly say it was totally worth the wait and the investment. It’s seriously so warm and such a classic design that I know I’ll have it for many years to come.

I find it’s best worn in a single loose loop, with uneven ends and a twist in the middle but here are a few other inspiring approaches too:

Honestly, I wear this one so much these days that I usually just sling this one over the back of a chair. But if I was more thoughtful,  I’d store it folded as wide and as long as possible on a hanger on my clothes rack. When the time comes to clean it (once per season) I’ll take it to the dry cleaners for a thorough clean and press. Then I’ll store it on a hanger in my closet for the Spring and Summer.

Also wearing the Cashmere Crew (size M) and the Transcend Skinnies by Paige (size 2).

So those are my not so secret scarf tying tricks revealed!

Do you have a favourite scarf? How do you tie it?

Tune into my Insta Stories later today for a live action look at a few of these! 

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is perfect! I was rifling through my wardrobe earlier and found a few scarves that I love but never really wear because I just didn’t know how to style them.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks for the scarf tutorial, it is very helpful. I just love scarves, they can really dress up a classic outfit.

  3. Katie says:

    Wow thanks for this! I am experiencing the dreaded February winter fashion slump and this definitely gave me lots of style inspiration! I always worry that I’m not tying my scarves right too, so this will be a great reference.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Katie! I hear you on the February winter slump for sure. It always feels like such a drag at this time of year. Glad you found this post helpful! xo

  4. Andrea says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post! I am terrible at tying scarves, they always look weird. I have an entire drawer full of them, but now that I have your guide, I at least know how to tie them…even if they still look weird on me!

  5. Constance says:

    Love it! I was just thinking about whether or not I had too many scarves and this post reassured me that I don’t!

  6. Denise says:

    Ah, you killed it again with this post. I’m leaving with a couple of ideas for some old scarves that I haven’t been able to work into my wardrobe as of late. Excited to try out some of these tips and see if I can style them better and work them into my outfits!

  7. Liv says:

    Love how you can style one accessory in so many different ways!


  8. Katherine says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and I have to admit it’s one of my absolute favourites! I was hoping you could rbe commend some other blogs that you get inspiration from and that fall nicely in line with the vibe you’ve created here!
    Thanks so much!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Katherine, you’re so sweet to say that 🙂 I love UnFancy, Good Bones, Seasons + Salt, Reading My Tea Leaves and At Least. Enjoy! xo

  9. Laura french says:

    I wear scarves almost every day at the moment – my fav way is to tie 3 knots evenly spaced along a rolled bandana and kind of wear it like a necklace – sounds abit “art teacher” but with a geo print scarf it looks cool. Xx

  10. Gail says:

    SO glad you did this scarf tying blog? LOVE how you
    always look so put together? Have a great 2017!