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Hooray for Friday! It’s been a busy week but I’ve got to admit, wearing all my favourite loungewear full-time has been pretty nice. Even though I’m looking forward to wearing some of my everyday favourites (and for more Spring style!) I’m taking away a few important reminders from my loungewear experience:


Today I’ll be sharing Looks 7 + 8 from my Loungewear Capsule, along with a list I’ve compiled of all your laid-back designer recommendations including a few of my own. Check out the list at the end and feel free to let me know about anyone you think should be on it!

If you missed LOOKS 1 +2 | LOOKS 3 + 4 | LOOKS 5 + 6 feel free to have a look for lots of laid-back outfit inspiration!

Now let’s see the two looks I saved for last! 

Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8


So this look isn’t particularly exciting but that’s why I included it. It’s one of the loungewear outfits I find myself in when it’s time to clean the house up. Not sure why but for some reason this plaid shirt always comes out on ‘chore’ days. That’s probably because it’s extremely well worn in and I’m definitely way past the point of feeling as if it is at all precious. But that’s good! It’s key to have a couple of items in your loungewear that you don’t have to worry about at all and this is one of those.

This shirt was an impulse buy from Zara many years ago and has been an after hours and camping staple ever since. I love the fit because I can wear it open over a tank like this or I can button it up and wear it like a tunic sweater. Plus it’s flannel and oh so soft so it feels wonderful on my skin.

I also love this fitted tank and jersey trouser combo. It feels slimming and sleek but still totally functional and so comfy I could easily do yoga in it! I suppose it’s safe to say this loungewear look is ready for just about anything!

TO GO OUT: I’d like to try this one with my white sneakers and a black over coat, right on top of the plaid sometime. That said, the base of this look lends itself to tons of different outfit options but I’m most inclined to switch the plaid shirt for a long duster coat and I’d trade my slippers for my black loafers or oxfords. Alternatively I could simply throw my T-Sweater on over top of the tank and slip into my brown Mars boots for an easy outfit. 

Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8
  • 1 | FLANNEL SHIRT old ZARA | Linked to similar made be Reclaimed Vintage.
  • 2 | FITTED TANK old ANTHROPOLOGIE | Imported.
  • 3 EASY PANT c/o EILEEN FISHER – $145 USD – Made in USA
  • 4 | BABOUCHE SLIPPERS by CARRIE FORBES – $174 USD – Made responsibly in Morocco – Size up 1 size.
  • Available via Garmentory (all sizes restocked!) and Bronze Age offers a similar pair for less (no comfy sole though). Receive $20 OFF your first order when you sign up here
  • 5 | GLASSES by GARRETT LEIGHT (Wearing a 46 mm)

Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8


So I’d have to say that this loungewear look is my favourite of the bunch. There are quite a few close seconds but somehow this combination just feels right. I’m loving the wide grey pant paired with a bold stripe, both of which are tied together by a long charcoal duster and polished off with a sleek slipper. No need to over think it too much but what I am going to do is remember that this one works and keep repeating it as many ways as I can going forward.

At first I had this striped top front tucked but it felt a little predictable so I switched it up and tried a side tuck and I’m loving it! At this point this top is whisper thin so it drapes really nicely and it’s perfect for this style trick.

One of the key things I’ve learned in this capsule is that even though it’s loungewear, a little styling can really make an outfit suddenly feel more polished. It need not be major but things like a sleeve roll, or a pulled up pant leg or a side tuck can work wonders even on the simplest looks.

TO GO OUT: This one has so much potential but I’d probably trade the sweater for my denim duster and slip into my black mars boots or sneakers. Or I could swap my grey pants for a pair of black or white skinnies, grab a big scarf and slip into my loafers.

Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8 Style Bee - Loungewear Look 7 + 8
  • 1 | GREY DUSTER by EILEEN FISHER n/a Similar made in USA options here, here (shorter) and here.
  • 2 | STRIPED SLOUCHY TEES old JOE FRESH | Linked to Made in USA option on sale!
  • 3 | LELA TROUSER c/o CORINNE – $122 USD – Made in LA
  • Receive 20% off your order at CORINNE all week long with code STYLEBEE (through March 24th) 
  • 4 | BABOUCHE SLIPPERS by CARRIE FORBES – $174 USD – Made responsibly in Morocco – Size up 1 size.
  • Available via Garmentory (all sizes restocked!) and Bronze Age offers a similar pair for less (no comfy sole though). Receive $20 OFF your first order when you sign up here
  • 5 | GLASSES by GARRETT LEIGHT (Wearing a 46 mm)


START WITH YOUR OWN CLOSET – Begin with a good edit and by assessing what you need to make your loungewear section work better for you. You can see my process here: PART 1 + PART 2

Before you add anything ask yourself if there are there any items you love wearing but find yourself saving for occasions you think are more worthwhile? Consider moving those pieces into your loungewear capsule to enjoy more often!

Once you’re ready to add to your closet check out a few of these responsible options for beautifully designed and made comfy clothes:

  1. CORINNE (Made in LA) – Receive 20% off your order at CORINNE with code STYLEBEE (offer ends tonight!)
  2. CALDER BLAKE (Made in LA)
  3. ENCIRCLED (Made in Toronto)
  4. EVERLANE (Responsibly Outsourced)
  5. EILEEN FISHER SALE SECTION (Responsibly Outsourced)
  6. FREE LABEL (Made in CANADA)
  7. GARMENTORY (Made in USA, CANADA and Responsibly Outsourced brands) – Receive $20 OFF your first order when you sign up here
  8. GOOD HYOUMAN (Made in USA)
  9. MAGGIE’S ORGANICS (Ethically Sourced and Made in USA)
  10. MIAKODA (Made in USA)
  11. MIEL – Ridiculously comfy underwear (Made in Canada)
  12. MONROW (Made in USA)
  13. ODEYALO (Made in Canada)
  14. PACT (Made in USA sadly no INTL shipping)
  15. PATAGONIA (Responsibly Outsourced)
  17. VELVET (Made in USA)
  18. UNDONE (Made in USA, CANADA and Responsibly Outsourced brands)
  19. AMERICAN GIANT (Made in USA)
  20. PAPER LABEL (Canadian Brand, Responsibly Outsourced)
  21. THIS IS J (Made in Canada)
  22. KOWTOW (Responsibly Outsourced with Sustainability Top of Mind)

Thanks so much for tuning in for Loungewear week!

I hope this series helped to inspire some new loungewear ideas for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Katie says:

    I have just received my first Corinne order thanks to your introduction and I am IN LOVE! I purchased the Lela pants and Maddie top (both in black) and I feel like I am wearing clouds! I have never felt material so soft and comfortable! I am just wondering, do you ever wear any of your Corinne French terry items out of the house? They are so comfortable and the cut and drape of the items looks much more sophisticated then I would have thought. They are too comfortable and pretty to not be seen in public in my opinion, but then it feels like you are wearing sweatpants (albeit, nice ones!). Just wondering how to deal with this battle going on in my head. Either way, I am so happy with my purchase and can’t wait to try other pieces and colors! Thank you so much for the introduction to Corinne!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Katie, I’m SO happy to hear you love your Corinne pieces! Aren’t her fabrics incredible? I totally wear all my Corinne pieces out of the house. The Lela trouser was made for brunching haha! With a cute coat and some white sneakers you’re all set! Enjoy the new goodies 🙂 xo

  2. Whitney says:

    Kowtow would be a great addition to your list – made responsibly of fair-trade organic cotton. 🙂

  3. I’ve been quiet lately in general when it comes to commenting on blogs (because of being busy and trying to do less).

    But wanted to at least chime in today and let you know how much I’ve LOVED following your posts this week. I exist in this sort of clothing as much as possible and would welcome more loungewear here in the future. Thank you, Lee! You offer a dose of ease and inspiration to my days!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Dana, Thanks so much for the positive feedback! So glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the series. It’s definitely opened my eyes to how liberating a good loungewear capsule can be! xo

  4. Liv says:

    Loving these laid back looks!


  5. Fran says:

    Fantastic series and beautiful job capturing the styles. I am so excited to have discovered Corinne through Stylebee, thank you. I am thinking about pulling the trigger and getting the Lela pants but am wondering about the drape on the hip and thigh area – do you find they call attention to the area?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Fran! I would say they run slim through the hip but if you size up they would be roomier. If you send Susan (Owner of Corinne) your measurements she can certainly advise on the best size for the fit you want. Email address is: Hope that helps! Xo

  6. Jessica says:

    The Eileen Fisher duster is still available in some of the Eileen Fisher stores if you call (I live in the US). I just found one yesterday. Thanks for putting it in your post! I love it!

  7. Martine says:

    Really loved this series!
    It inspired me and I hope I’m able to find some great pieces here in the Netherlands.
    The brands you mentioned are out of reach but I hope to find some great equivalents.
    For me your advice to “wear what you love as much as you want” also rings a bell.
    I always think that people will say “O, here she comes again with her grey cardigan/black dress/….etc”
    So I always try never to wear the same piece one day after the other, eventhough it would fit great in the outfit of that day.
    I will ignore my inner voice more often 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s great to hear Martine! Thanks for the positive feedback on this series. Definitely listen to your inner voice more! She’s got great ideas I’m sure! haha xo

  8. Justina says:

    I have loved this lounge wear series. I recently moved and have been reevaluating my entire wardrobe because of it and lounge wear is one section that really needs help. I’m definitely using these posts for inspiration. Your advice to “Wear what you love, as much as you want” is really hitting home with me. I have the tendency (as I think many of us do) to save my favorite pieces (lounge wear and not) for “special” occasions. That means I end up wearing clothes I don’t like as much on a regular basis. Your advice is reminding me to work on that.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Justina! I can definitely relate to that mindset, but once you start to break free of it, it’s so liberating! Good luck making some improvements to your loungewear collection. Even just one or two thoughtful updates can make a HUGE difference. All the best! xo