Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

JUNE 30×30 – LOOKS 26-30


Well friends, we’ve made it to the end of the #JUNE30x30 challenge. YAY! I’m definitely relieved to be done but I had such a good experience with this challenge. Honestly, I could have kept going for another few weeks but alas, it’s time to switch things up and move onto the next one!

Before that though, I have to send out a huge THANK YOU to my co-hosts Andrea (Seasons + Salt) and Paige (Style This Life) for taking this challenge with me and embracing it head on. They both did such an impeccable job keeping every look both stylish and true to real life, which as we know, is no easy feat!

So I dare say it’s time we shut this challenge down properly with some final looks, recaps, findings and a few other fun things. With that in mind, today’s post includes:

  1. Looks 26-30 and some style tips.
  2. A recap of all 30 pieces.
  3. A roundup of all 30 looks.
  4. Some FAQs that I made up but thought you’d want to know.
  5. My top findings from the challenge.
  6. 3 style shout outs from the #JUNE30x30 Feed.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

TEMPERATURE – High of 19º C with showers.

ACTIVITIES – Morning meeting, lunch out and an afternoon/evening in the studio.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – I hadn’t tried this top and these jeans together before because I just assumed there would be no overlap and I’m not a fan of a visible mid drift for the average day. But as it turns out there is plenty of overlap, so yay!

After I topped the white and denim base with my green duster (my magical, goes with everything layer) I knew I was onto something with this colour palette. It’s one of my favourites from the challenge!

Then my failsafe sleek black leather slides and bag were the obvious answer to accessories for this one. This look worked out great for what the day called for.


  • Try top and bottom combos on before you rule them out. Sometimes pieces you might not think will work actually do!
  • Sometimes something as simple as swapping out a top can give an outfit a whole new feel. For instance this whole look is exactly the same as Look 21 except I’m wearing a denim crop instead of a green striped tee.
  • A pair of black shoes and a black bag will never let you down as far as accessories go. In fact, without realizing it, I paired a black bag and black shoes with almost every look this week!

  • GREEN DUSTER (s/o but other colours available) | Ali Golden | Wearing M but take your normal size. | Made in responsibly in India. | *
  • DENIM CROP | ILANA KOHN via GARMENTORY | Wearing Size S | Made Responsibly in USA. | *
  • *Save $20 off your first order from Garmentory
  • WHITE SKINNIES | Madewell | $125 USD | Wearing 26 | Similar style made in USA. 
  • BLACK POINTED MULE | c/o L’Intervalle | Made responsibly in Spain | $138 CAD | Also in Nude | Wearing 37 TTS narrow US7 (size up if your foot runs wide | Save 10% with ‘STYLEBEE10’ through July 31 
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

TEMPERATURE – High of 19º C with light showers and lots of clouds until the sky cleared in the afternoon.

ACTIVITIES – I started the day with a little event planning for a shower I’m hosting soon. Then I met my Mum for lunch, ran a few errands and made it back to the office for an afternoon/eve of emails and studio stuff. I switched to workout clothes for a quick session before calling it a day and making dinner with Dave.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – I really wasn’t sure if I would love this colour combination but after a full day in it, the palette definitely grew on me. Might not be a forever favourite but I now know I can pair these jeans and this coat no problem. In fact, there is a little bit of rust coloured stitching in the jeans that is almost imperceptible but ties the two pieces together just enough.

Overall the outfit was very comfortable and practical for what the day called for. All these items are long time favourites and I really like how well this striped tee tucks into these jeans. Sharp black shoes and a sleek bag balance out the black top and pair nicely with the other tones in the palette.


  • Try colour combos you might not immediately love. After spending some time in a new palette it may turn out to be a good option.
  • Rolled cuffs and cropped ankles make substantial pieces (like jeans and long coats) feel lighter. Just that little bit of skin makes all the difference.
  • When trying a new colour combo like this light denim and rust coat with black, keep your accessory colours tied to one of the existing neutrals in the palette. In this instance black works best but white could have also done the trick.

  • CLAY DUSTER | c/o Esby Apparel | Wearing XS | $368 USD | Made in responsibly in USA. | Save $20 off your first order from Garmentory
  • STRIPED LONG-SLEEVE | Amour Vert via IMBY | Wearing XS | Made responsibly in USA.
  • CLASSIC FIT JEANS | Madewell | $115 USD | Wearing 26 take your normal size | Similar style made in USA.
  • BLACK POINTED MULE | c/o L’Intervalle | Made responsibly in Spain | $138 CAD | Also in Nude | Wearing 37 TTS narrow US7 (size up if your foot runs wide | Save 10% with ‘STYLEBEE10’ through July 31 
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

TEMPERATURE – High of 24º C and sunny.

ACTIVITIES – I was buckling down in the studio and fighting off an illness for most of the day so this outfit was the perfect combo to keep me comfy all day.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – This is not the first time I’ve worn this top and these pants together and it certainly won’t be the last! I love these two pieces together. The linen and raw silk are just a match made in heaven and the fits and shapes of both pair very well.

I kept it simple but elevated with my black patent sandals and picked up on the gloss with a bit of shine in my necklace. This little basket bag just seemed like the perfect finishing touch plus it’s so easy to throw all my stuff into it when I’m in a rush.


  • Repeat curves throughout a look for subtle continuity. In this case my top, necklace and bag all have a curved element.
  • Double down with black pants and shoes. A really simple way to wear colour without it wearing you is to pair it with a black base like these linen pants and black sandals.
  • When in doubt, add a basket. Woven basket bags are a timeless summer staple (and having a major moment) and pair easily with just about any palette.

  • FLORENCE PANT | c/o ELIZABETH SUZANN | $205 USD | WEARING S REG | Made responsibly in USA
  • SOPHIE SANDAL | MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH via SSENSE | Black Sold Out. Awesome MNZ selection here (many on sale).
  • BASKET | Le Birkin Basket | $120 USD | Handmade in Portugal | I have the size Small.Similar option also Available on ETSY for less in the size shown.
  • NECKLACE | Young Frankk | $102 USD | Responsibly made in USA.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

TEMPERATURE – High of 25º C and humid with thunderstorms.

ACTIVITIES – A day in the office writing 1 zillion emails and trying to get things organized for the long weekend. I zipped out to run errands and walk Dobby between thunderstorms and this outfit was great.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – After weekend #1 I just had to try this formula out again. I love how these wide leg shorts pair with my boyfriend blazer and my black block heeled sandals. It’s such a simple combo, but I feel fabulous in it, and I almost never feel great in shorts.

It’s safe to say that this is not the last time you’ll see this combo!


  • A bit of heel goes a long way. You get the extra height, your legs get some added tone and you need not risk a broken ankle for either benefit. I’ve said it already but, I’m all for the block heel trend that’s having a major moment.
  • Add some continuity by repeating one colour. In this case my black shorts, sandals and bag work nicely to give the look a cohesive feel.
  • When your base (top and bottom) is casual, amp it up with some elevated elements like a patent leather sandal, sleek bag and sharp blazer.

  • LINEN BLAZER | REFORMATION | $228 USD | WEARING XS | MADE IN USA | Similar available now by Veronica Beard (Made in USA) | Similar available and on sale by VINCE (imported, size up)
  • KRISSY TEE | c/o TWO FOLD CLOTHING | Wearing Size S | Made responsibly in USA.
  • SOPHIE SANDAL | MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH via SSENSE | Black Sold Out. Awesome MNZ selection here (many on sale).
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.


Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30 Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30

TEMPERATURE – High of 27º C with thunderstorms.

ACTIVITIES – As you’re reading this we’re actually on our way into Algonquin Park for our yearly camping escape. So it’s safe to say I’m not wearing a pretty dress and a silk top. That said, I wanted to try this outfit and I really like the result.

ITEM PERFORMANCE – These pieces layer really easily and having a bit of extra insulation on a mild day or in an office with a/c is definitely a bonus. When it gets too hot I can simply ditch the top and carry on in just my dress. This is also a great trick if you’re travelling and you get a stain on the front of your dress, just cover it up!


  • Pair a loose cropped top over a slightly fitted dress for a totally different feel. Suddenly it becomes a skirt and serves a whole new purpose in your closet.
  • To create the illusion of height pick a maxi dress or skirt with sparse, vertical lines as a pattern. This draws the eye up and down for a flattering effect.

  • MAXI DRESS | (old) Ace & Jig | Linked to similar pattern in a shorter length. | Made responsibly in India.  
  • Save $20 off your first order from Garmentory! 
  • ELOISE BAG | The Stowe | $387 CAD | Made in Canada.


In case you need a quick refresher, here are the 30 pieces I chose to wear and style into 30 looks over the last 30 days!

Style Bee - 30 x 30 - June Style Experiment


Now here are all 30 of the looks I put together with those 30 pieces! + 3 Bonus Looks

Style Bee - June 30x30 - Looks 26-30



  • My classic fit jeans were probably my most reached for pants with my white skinnies and black Florence pants close behind.
  • I got lots of use across the board from my tops but I would have to say my Olive Crop and Cotton Tee were reached for a lot and my Graphic Box Top was the most fun to wear.
  • I wore my linen blazer a TON and found myself throwing on my green duster or black shirt dress to wear as a sweater in the office quite often.
  • There was a pretty close tie between my Pointed Mules and my MNZ Sandals throughout this month. Both went with just about every look and were a pleasure to wear. Overall I was impressed by how content I was with my limited shoe options.


  • I thought I’d wear my bodysuit(s) a lot more but it wasn’t as hot as I’d expected.
  • I found I had to actively compel myself to wear my skirt and dress. They’re just not styles I reach for most naturally.
  • My flax linen pants are awesome but compared to the black pair I just don’t reach for them as much.


  • NOPE


  • Laundry was a breeze for the most part. I did a couple of loads each week on Thursdays and everything was refreshed and ready to go for the following weekend and week.
  • It did feel as though I was spending more time than usual on laundry but I think it probably average out to be the same as usual, just in smaller more frequent sessions.


  • Definitely! I always felt like I had great options to put together stylish looks while still being dressed for the occasion and very comfortable at the same time.


  • I did, but not nearly as much as I thought I would! I wore my Birkenstocks quite often around the house and on some walks with Dobby. Simply because they were convenient. I wore my duster vest one day because it was just the perfect top layer.
  • This wasn’t technically cheating but I wore my loungewear in the evening some nights and quite a few mornings were spent in my workout wear.


  • Any of the ones with my linen blazer: 1, 3, 15, 20, 23, 24, 29
  • I loved wearing my graphic print box top: 2 + 16
  • Looks 7, 8, 13, 21 + 26 all follow the same formula, which I’m really into.
  • Basically, this was the first challenge where I would gladly wear any outfit again!


  1. 30 well-chosen items is more than enough for 30 days. I could have definitely put together another 30 looks.
  2. Taking 30 days off from shopping was a huge anxiety reliever, distraction eliminator and bank account booster. Plus when a couple of things I bought in May arrived I was extra excited about them.
  3. Establishing a uniform makes getting ready and outfit planning a breeze. Mine was: Easy Top + High Rise Bottoms + Simple Shoe + Relaxed but Structured Jacket
  4. My closet could use a couple more fun/bold pieces to liven up my basics and staples. I was surprised by how the fun vibe of my boxy print top positively effected my mood. Not to mention all the compliments!
  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify. I come away from every challenge thinking this and yet each time I’m somehow reminded of how well this theory applies to my closet and style.
  6. Stay in your own style lane while pulling inspiration from others. There are countless women with impeccable style out there but copying looks item for item won’t satisfy your own personal style. Wear what you feel great in, embrace your own closet and add pieces slowly or switch up styling elements that help keep it fresh.
  7. One statement piece of jewelry is all you need. I know this is true and yet, I’m always tempted to add one more thing. After this challenge I know one bold piece does the trick!
  8. Neutral accessories in clean shapes will never let your outfit down.  
  9. When you’re dressed for the weather the day will be much better. 
  10. Closet contentment doesn’t come from loving everything you have to wear. It comes from appreciating that what you have is enough and by giving each piece a chance to tell a part of your personal style story. The more of life that you experience in your clothes, the more connected you’ll feel to them. On that note:
  11. Don’t force what isn’t working. Many times I felt like I should wear certain pieces more but if they didn’t feel as good or fit as well as another option I didn’t force it. Now I know what pieces are ready for new homes and what I should focus on adding in the future.


Before I close this post I need to give a shout out to a few ladies who joined in and totally killed this challenge!

  1. BEV ACHTERHOF – @theotherbevachterhof – Bev has such cute style and I love how she manages to mix more mainstream pieces like skinnies and button downs with unique shapes like duster vests, clyde pants and kimonos.
  2. STEFANIE MURRER – @intentionalconsumerism – Stefanie is a seasoned style challenge pro and as much as I love every outfit she shares, it’s her thoughtful insights and reasoning behind her style choices that always gets me.
  3. JAANA – @thismomsgonnasnap – Jaana is another style challenge veteran and man does she kill it every time! I love how she mixes colours and patterns and always looks ready to take on the day with a positive spirit.

Thanks for taking the time to share you rad style and good vibes ladies!

There we have it my friends! The end of the #June30x30 Challenge has arrived. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in. 

If you participated I’d love to hear how it went in the comments below!

Catch you next week as Caroline of Un-Fancy and I take on a Summer 10×10 Challenge! We’re sharing our 10 pieces next Friday, July 7th and starting our outfits on Monday, July 10th. Mark your calendars and start picking your 10 pieces — we’d love for you to join us! 

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend!

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  1. Andrea H says:

    Such a wonderful wrap up friend! I love your top findings and #10 was especially my favorite – I couldn’t agree more!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Andrea!! It was such a treat to team up with you and Paige. Keep up the great work lady! You’re always inspiring 🙂 xo

  2. Paige says:

    As I scroll through your looks I just love the different shapes and the cohesive color palette…well done! The cream, denim, olive color combination from this week is gorgeous, but that rust color duster jumps out at me every time.

    Thanks so much for inviting me to join in and I had such a great time following how you and Andrea approached the challenge. It’s also fun to read a little bit about what each day involved and the style notes about each outfit.

    Looking forward to seeing your 10×10 picks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Paige! It was so great to have the opportunity to team up with you for this series. You did such a great job and I’m honestly so impressed with how you manage to look so put together while managing a busy household. You’re amazing! xo

  3. Tiffany says:

    I LOVED following along with the 30×30 challenge! I did a little challenge of my own and have been having the BEST time learning about my own style and exploring my own closet. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I’m curious about your thoughts on Madewell in terms of sustainability and ethical manufacturing? I’m in love with their perfect summer jean, but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger because I don’t know much about where their fabrics are sourced and items manufactured. Just wondering if you have any inside deets! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad to hear that Tiffany! Thanks for following along. That’s great that you’ve been enjoying your own challenge too. I find they’re the best way to iron out our personal style and make our closets work harder 🙂

      Unfortunately I don’t have any insider info on Madewell’s production process or sourcing. All the denim I have from them was purchased prior to 2016 when I started shopping responsibly. I will say their fits are some of the best I’ve experienced and all the pairs I’ve had have really held up well. So in that respect I consider them a responsible purchase in terms of longevity, total use and cost per wear. All the denim I have from them was made in China. Hope that helps! Xo

  4. Tina says:

    Thank you for this brilliant wrap up. I did not follow along but really love your thoughts on how it went. Lesson learned: You don’t need a lot of clothes to have a great style for every day of the month. I think the 10×10 is much more of a challenge because you are really limited and you really think over your picks carefully. Looking forward to that and this time I’ll be in!
    My favorite look of yours: #26. The blue and green are such a surprising yet balanced combo.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Tina! So happy to hear you’re in for this 10×10! It’s going to be an interesting one for sure 🙂 I agree it’s more limiting than a 30×30 but the shorter time frame also takes the pressure off a little. Can’t wait to get started! Xo

  5. Jessica says:

    Lee, I’m just super impressed with all the different and creative ways you styled these 30 pieces! Also wanted to mention how much the little style notes and comments on fit are appreciated. One of the things I struggle with when trying to be “creative” with my outfits and silhouettes is that I feel limited in the ways in which I can play with proportions/lengths while still hiding my tummy and not overwhelming my somewhat petite and pear frame.

    As we prepare for the next 10×10, I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions or your thought process on being creative while covering problem areas? Thanks so much, and congrats on doing such a great job of the 30×30!! (Your blazer + shorts combo is killer!!)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Jessica! I really appreciate the style note feedback and I’m glad you find those helpful. Instead of looking to hide certain areas I try to think about highlighting areas that I do like to emphasize. I find this is easy when I have a formula that I can apply to create several different looks within the same silhouette. For example I’ll probably have include high rise bottoms and boxier or cropped length tops in my 10×10 as that combo is my favourite to create height and balance. Not sure if that answers your question! But I would start with an item or two that you love to wear and then look for ways to create similar combinations with other pieces. Just be sure to include one or two items you want to play with more to keep it interesting. 🙂 xo

    • Jessica says:

      That’s a great response, thank you! I’ve loved all of your formula posts, but I guess I hadn’t connected that thought to my own wardrobe. Instead of thinking of how to get creative with silhouettes, adding interest to what works sounds much more manageable. I really appreciate your comment on highlighting what you do like and not trying to “hide”- thank you for that!

  6. Bev says:

    Thanks for the shout out Lee! Made my day 🙂
    I’m endlessly impressed by how many totally unique silhouettes you got out of your 30 pieces! So many gorgeous outfits here

    • Lee the Bee says:

      My pleasure Bev! Thanks so much for joining in and sharing your fabulous style and creativity with us! Seeing you rock your duster vest has given me so many ideas 🙂 xo

  7. Hi! I found your blog via Bloglovin. I’m loving this entire post–the looks, the experimentation, and the takeaways. The green, navy and terracotta color stories are a dream.

    I’m now inspired to be my own version of this!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      So glad you found your way here 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to visit and for the great feedback. Definitely give the 30×30 a try! It’s super fun and a great learning experience.

      Hope you’re having a great wknd! Xo

  8. Liv says:

    Obsessed with your style!


  9. Patricia Kay says:

    Thank you for the sum-up! Grateful for your time-energy-creativity-teaching!
    Top Finds 1-11 are awesome.
    ………5-6-10-11 jumped off the page for me. 6 really worked for me during these 30 days. You definitely send a message to discover & be ourselves! You exude the assurance that you desire for each of us.
    A teacher does not always “tell”; rather a teacher “lives” the lesson.
    You, Style Bee, truly “live” the lesson.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Patricia! Your positive feedback is very much appreciated. So glad you sense my encouragement to embrace personal style and dress true to you 🙂 That’s definitely what I hope people take away from the blog. I’m also a firm believer in practicing what I preach so I love knowing that it shows 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend! Xoxo

  10. Krystal says:

    I really love your third bonus look – it’s pretty and light and cool for summer! You’ve shown that 30 pieces can take you really far!

    Lee, out of curiosity, have you ever done a total closet count?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Krystal! I’m so glad that the wide range of possibilities with only 30 items was evident. I felt like I could still put together a bunch of outfits 🙂 I used to pay closer attention to the number of items in my closet but I stopped counting because I found I got fixated on having a certain number rather than on whether pieces were getting used. I imagine it’s somewhere around 60-70 not including loungewear and workout clothes. Xo

  11. No matter the climate, I know all of us can be more creative with fewer pieces as this example has shown. If we did not know you were on a mission we would of never known! Great motivational month.-Laurel

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for following along Laurel! Totally agree that we’re more creative when we have less to work with. Applicable to our closets, spaces, cooking, you name it! Xo

  12. Jodie says:

    Tgif, and happy end of the challenge to you lee!

    I loved the first two looks of this batch. I guess I never realized how much colder you guys are up there, even in summer. With the amount of coats and pants you wore I’d say there’s a bigger difference than I thought lol.

    I’ve got at least 2 months left with my 20 items, than hopefully not too long after he’s born until I can get back in my regular closet. Going to continue not shopping for the next month or two as well.

    Have a great weekend camping! Be safe!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jodie! I’d say our weather is pretty on par but we had a milder than usual June. Ill take that over hot and humid any day though!

      Congratulations on your recent wedding! Looked like you had a beautiful day for it 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great long weekend and staying comfy and cool. Xo