Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017

Fall 2017 – 10 x 10 CHALLENGE – RECAP


The #FALL10x10 Challenge came to a close for me on Monday and I dare say it’s time for a recap! My co-host and blogger buddy Caroline of Un-Fancy and I both took a slightly different approach to the challenge this time. Instead of getting bogged down by daily blog posting we wanted to take the pressure off and use the challenge as an opportunity to be more present in our own lives.

For me, focusing on the personal experience rather than pouring my energy into the blogging side of it really helped me appreciate why I started this quirky little challenge in the first place. I was reminded of how simple, useful, fun and enlightening it can be when the logistics of blog prep are taken out of the equation. Even though I was busier than usual at work I found I could reap the benefits of the exercise and see insights more clearly.

You know the saying, ‘I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.’? Well that’s how I was feeling going into this challenge (my 9th one!). I kept feeling stifled by unnecessary expectations I’d put on myself instead of stepping back and seeing it for what it’s all about. That is, an incredible community of kind, thoughtful people, who see an intrinsic meaning behind the clothes we wear, the way we consume fashion and how our choices can impact our daily lives. It’s so much bigger now than just one wee Canadian gal who likes nice outfits and thinks about personal style too much a lot. Now there are hundreds (thousands?) of us all coming together, once a season to appreciate style and make ourselves a priority, even if only for a few minutes in the day. The energy I felt this time around was palpable and uplifting and hard to put into words but I’m extremely grateful that so many of you stepped outside your comfort zones to join in, whether it was your first or 5th challenge. So here’s a huge THANK YOU to my incredibly thoughtful and genuine co-host Caroline and to all of you, our #10x10Friends. It would not be nearly as fun or as important without each and every one of you!

Now here’s what I’ll be covering in today’s post:

  • A quick review of my goals for the challenge and a few key takeaways. 
  • The 10 items I chose to wear.
  • My 10 outfits including daily temps, activities, initial thoughts and a key item in every one. 

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


I know it was only two weeks ago and you could just as soon read this post, but you’re here and I’m here so I’ll just quickly refresh us on what my goals were for this edition of the 10×10 Challenge:

Embrace my love of uniforms and relieve some style anxiety. 

I knew work was going to be busy, granted I didn’t think I’d be radio silent busy, but I prepared myself for a hectic couple of weeks by choosing a simple formula through which I would create my looks. Essentially this meant I was wearing a uniform most days that followed the same style formula, which was:


DID IT WORK? Why yes, it went swimmingly! 8 of my 10 looks followed the same outfit formula and made getting ready each morning ridiculously quick and painless. In fact, I’ve kept getting ready each day using this same formula ever since the challenge ended!

DID YOU RELIEVE SOME STYLE ANXIETY? I did! I relieved my morning stress significantly by knowing I had only 10 pieces to pick from. Reducing decision fatigue right off the bat each day helped me get moving faster and start tackling my to-do list more productively and efficiently. That part was really great. Since then, I’ve kept about ten items on my clothes wrack from which I put together outfits and the effect is the same. If I feel presentable and comfortable I can forget about what I’m wearing and immediately focus on the critical tasks for the day. Of course, anxiety can’t be cured with an outfit formula and there is still lots of stress impacting my daily life but seeing the difference one small change can make was very encouraging.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


A single accessory can revamp your entire closet. | I’ve been saving my thoughts and some detail shots of my new Margot Bag from The Stowe for a post next week, but I’m telling you, that bag has breathed new life into my closet in a way I never imagined it could. The rich paprika hue has totally quenched my cravings for colour this season and has made me much braver about trying new combinations out. Not to mention the fact that it instantly takes any look from ‘decent’ to ‘WOAH!’. I can’t wait to share a Q&A with my friend Molly, creator of The Stowe, very soon!

A new ‘do is transformative. I grew my hair long for our wedding but could not wait to chop it off as soon as we returned from the honeymoon. As soon as it was short again I felt like a new person. I love long hair on others, but I just feel so much more polished, sophisticated and, I’ll just say it, très chic with a fresh bob.

Contemporary classics for the win! Relaxed fit jeans, structured coats and blazers, functional footwear, earthy palettes and cozy knitwear are definitely anchors in my personal style these days. I still love my wide leg pants and oversize pieces but I’m realizing that my personal style profile is broader than I thought.

This was my most versatile yet least inventive 10×10 yet. I didn’t feel like I had any groundbreaking style discoveries this time around, whereas in the past there has always been at least one look that triggered a real ‘aha’ moment for me. Instead, it felt kind of safe, super comfortable and almost too easy to mix and match. I could have kept going for 10 more days (actually the photo above is outfit 11)! But maybe that’s my discovery. I felt completely myself and totally at ease in every outfit and I think I might be cruising in my personal style sweet spot right now! Note to self: don’t overthink it. 

I love love LOVE dressing via formula. I really do! I didn’t get bored or irritated by the ‘uniform’ aspect, which I used to think I would. Instead I kept seeing more and more ways to apply it to the rest of my closet and to use as a benchmark for adding new pieces. If they don’t fit into a viable formula, will I even wear it? Note to self: see where this goes!

These last two takeaways seemed to tap into the consensus I was seeing throughout the #Fall10x10 feed. I saw, as usual, an overwhelmingly positive response to the challenge experience, even from those who didn’t stick with it. Somehow just the act of selecting items and thinking about potential looks can work wonders on your style mindset. But there are two words I’ve seen in a lot of recaps that people have been sharing and those are ‘clarity’ and ‘confidence’. Clarity in knowing what you love to wear, what’s not working, what’s missing and what can work harder. Confidence when wearing what feels good and the sense of empowerment that comes from dressing for yourself and not for others. As always your insights are where I get the most inspiration and the best refreshers on what personal style is really all about!

I’d love to hear about your personal takeaways in the comments too! 


Here are the 10 simple items I wore for 10 days straight. 2 coats, 2 boots, 2 jeans, 2 sweaters, 1 tee and 1 shirt dress.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


Here’s a look at the 10 outfits I created with those 10 items! I kept my bags limited to two options, added a belt once in a while and rocked some giant sunnies to inject a touch of feminine glamour to each look.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


BLAZER Reformation (Similar here for less)| JEANS Everlane | CATT TEE c/o Tradlands | BOOTS c/o COCLICO via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | BAG The Stowe via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | SUNGLASSES old Celine | Similar Necklace Here | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 25°C – It was cold and rainy in the morning but warmed up to a hot summer day so I ditched the blazer for the afternoon.

ACTIVITIES: My best friend was in town for the night so we kicked off the day with brunch with and then headed over to first of 3 Thanksgiving dinners with family. We were at the Vosburgh’s (my side of the fam) and it was a blast to catch up with everyone and scroll through our wedding photos.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This was an easy choice for my first look of the challenge. I love the colour palette, the menswear vibe and the way relaxed fits on otherwise structured elements give it a sense of laid-back sophistication. I felt chic, stylish and totally comfortable for the days activities.

KEY ITEM: BOYFRIEND DENIM by EVERLANE | $68 USD | Made responsibly in Vietnam | Size info below.

These were sold out in my size in the bone wash so I bought them off my friend Andrea (of Seasons & Salt) who was planning to return them. I would have typically ordered a 26 (my usual size) but decided to try the 27, which is what she had. I’d heard mixed reviews on sizing, some saying go up, some saying go down so I thought what the hell, I’ll try them. At $68 USD I figured it wasn’t the end of the world if they were a fail. It turns out that I liked the fit in the leg A LOT but the waist was huge so I had my tailor take them in. I loved the fit for the first couple of wears (and the denim is so soft) but after I washed and dried them (as per the care instructions) I found they stretched out a ton within a few hours of wear. I’m going to try washing them again with warm water and drying on medium to see if I can’t shrink them back down to a better fit. Any tips on shrinking jeans would be much appreciated! 

If you’re ordering: Take your usual size in this style or consider sizing down as they do stretch out considerably at least in the bone wash. 

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Definitely! Just need to shrink my jeans back to this fit!

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


COAT by Marvin Browne purchased in London (Similar here and here both imported) | EMMA SWEATER c/o Betina Lou | JEANS AGOLDE | BOSS BOOTS c/o EVERLANE | SUNGLASSES old Celine | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 23°C – It was beautiful and warm for most of the day but my coat came in handy when we were walking Dobby in the evening.

ACTIVITIES: We had a lazy morning and headed to our second Thanksgiving dinner of the long weekend. We spent the afternoon on the deck catching up with Dave’s side of the family and it was a perfect Sunday!

INITIAL THOUGHTS: I actually wore this look on one of our last nights in London and felt like I fit right in with all the chic, stylish ladies in Shoreditch. So when I realized I had all the same ingredients in my 10×10 I couldn’t wait to pull it together. I’ve worn it again since and it has yet to disappoint! I feel like a mix of Audrey and Katherine (the best Hepburns) and I love it.

KEY ITEM: CAMEL COAT by Marvin Browne | £120 (Purchased at Spitalfields Market in London for £90) | Made responsibly in London | Wearing a Size S |

During our time in London I spotted this perfect wool camel coat in Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch and immediately fell in love. I chatted with the designer and learned that the line is made right in London and their focus is on creating timeless, chic coats for the minimally inclined. You guys, these coats are SO beautiful and highly reasonable (if you’re in London the market price is even better). The photos online do not do their coats justice, I promise! They have shorter options and belted versions too.

I would have definitely bought this one in another colour as well but I knew I’d have no way of bringing an extra one home. So I opted for the classic camel, which I’d all but given up searching for. I could have gone for the XS for a more fitted look but wanted to be able to wear it over big sweaters or a blazer once it’s properly cold. I can’t wait to wear this piece for many years to come!

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Oh yep, I already have! This one was easily a personal and crowd favourite.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


SHIRT DRESS c/o Ode To Sunday (similar for less here) | JEANS AGOLDE | BOOTS c/o COCLICO via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | SUNGLASSES old Celine | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 22°C – Another ridiculously nice Fall day. It was warm but not humid and it seemed like the leaves had changed over night!

ACTIVITIES: We headed to our third (and final) Thanksgiving dinner of the long weekend. We spent the afternoon on the porch deep frying a turkey, making sweet potato fries and soaking in the bliss of a holiday Monday.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: I knew that by my third thanksgiving feast I’d be in need of a super comfy look. This one fit the bill perfectly and I could even undo the top button on my jeans without anyone noticing! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this paprika red bag with these hazelwood brown boots but paired with black and medium wash denim the palette felt very autumnal and rich. I decided not to overthink things and just go with something a bit outside my comfort zone.

KEY ITEM: IDA SHIRT DRESS gifted by Ode To Sunday | €220 | Made responsibly in Lithuania | Wearing a Size S

I received this dress as part of a collaboration with Ode To Sunday this summer and it’s been a weekly go-to ever since. The linen just keeps getting softer and yet the fabric has remained a deep rich black. I love wearing it like this over jeans with only a few buttons done up so there’s lots of movement and my jeans are visible underneath. This approach is a great option for wearing summery pieces you might otherwise pack away.

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Oh yep! It also works great with my black Eloise bag and/or my Boss Boots for a tougher look.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


BLAZER Reformation (Similar here for less)| JEANS AGOLDE | CATT TEE c/o Tradlands | BOSS BOOTS c/o EVERLANE | SUNGLASSES old Celine | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) | PADLOCK EARRINGS c/o CLAUS All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 22°C –  Another warm Fall day with a nice breeze.

ACTIVITIES: It was back to reality and time to dig my heels into a ridiculously busy work week. I was at my desk for most of the day but convinced Dave that we needed to get out of the house for dinner because I was going bonkers.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This look came together super easily and fit into my simple formula for the 10×10. From there it was just a matter of styling and finishing touches. So I tucked in my black tee, added a pair of sculptural earrings and grabbed a statement bag for a bold pop of colour. I wish I’d remembered to scrunch up the sleeves or roll the cuffs for the shoot but anyway, you get the idea!

KEY ITEM: BLAZER by Reformation | $248 USD | Made responsibly in LA | Wearing a Size S | Almost sold out but if you size up this option could give a similar look and fit.

There’s no question that boyfriend blazers are all the rage this season and I’m 100% on board with the trend. Partly because it’s super practical but also because it’s a timeless silhouette I’ve been into for years already. Actually, in my very first 10×10 experiment I had an oversize linen blazer (which I still have and wear often). Just one more reason I felt confident investing in a Fall friendly version. I love the oversize fit, longer length and clean lines on this one (Reformation is killing it these days!). I was originally looking for a grey plaid but fell for this Jerry colour which is actually a tiny houndstooth in camel and black with a touch of red running through.

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Yes BUT an ivory silk cami or tee looks even better with this combo and adds a nice element of femininity to soften the menswear vibe.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


COAT by Marvin Browne purchased in London (Similar here and here both imported) | EMMA SWEATER c/o Betina Lou | JEANS Everlane | BOOTS c/o COCLICO via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | SUNGLASSES old Celine | BAG The Stowe via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 11°C – A properly chilly fall day with lots of clouds and some rain mixed in. I had to trade my camel coat for my rain jacket a couple of times.

ACTIVITIES: Another busy work day. Had a morning meeting and long afternoon/night at my desk.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Another formula look for the win! I love the palette in this one and how a simple hit of black and white stripe can bring so much energy and interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Small shifts in shape and fit keep this classic look feeling comtemporary such as straight cropped jeans over a tall boot and rolled cuffs on an oversized coat.

KEY ITEM:  EMMA SWEATER gifted by BETINA LOU| $130 CAD | Woven and made responsibly in Montreal | I’m wearing a size S (32C/26W for reference) | Also available in cream, navy and black.

This little striped, ribbed sweater is one of my favourite additions this Fall. I brought it with me to the UK and wore it as many times as I could before I had to finally put it in my laundry bag. It’s just the perfect little sweater for this time of year. I love the mock neck and cropped sleeve length for a cute retro French vibe. The length is great for tucking into high rise denim, a pencil skirt or wearing loose over slim black pants. It’s also nice and slim fitting so it layers easily under jackets and coats. The only thing to note is that while the ribbed texture provides some give, the fabric has very little stretch to it. If you have a large bust consider sizing up.

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Definitely. I love it with my black Kamm Pants instead of white denim too.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


COAT by Marvin Browne purchased in London (Similar here and here both imported) | CASHMERE SWEATER EVERLANE | JEANS AGOLDE | BOSS BOOTS c/o EVERLANE | SUNGLASSES old Celine | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 13°C – Another properly chilly fall day with sun and clouds.

ACTIVITIES: Another busy work day. Had to hunker down at my desk for most of the day but I zipped out for a few errands.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This is my personal favourite look from this challenge. I love the tone on tone of the oatmeal sweater and camel coat. These are my favourite jeans so I was comfy and cozy all day. The bold bag, badass boots and a single statement accessory pulled it all together for a timeless, sophisticated look that I’ll definitely be wearing on repeat this FW season.

Laundry tip: Wear a thin tee or a bodysuit underneath sweaters to extend their life between dry cleaning or washing. 

KEY ITEM: JEANS  by AGOLDE | $158 USD | Made responsibly in the USA | Runs large. I’m usually a 26 in denim and have these in a 25.

I bought these jeans earlier this summer and they’ve been my absolute favourites ever since. I actually just got them in the hideaway wash during the Shopbop sale.  I shared all the details on them during my Summer 10×10 and you can read about them in detail here. Essentially they’re that perfect thick denim but have a touch of stretch that helps make them super comfy. Great high waist fit with a straight leg and cropped hem that pairs delightfully with ankle boots.

Confession, I’ve never washed them. Maybe that’s gross but honestly, they’ve just never needed it. They don’t stretch out and they seem to be impervious to stains so I figure, why mess with a good thing? So in that respect they’re ultra low maintenance. Sure, eventually I’ll wash them but until then, every time I pull them on they feel snug in all the right spots and relaxed in all the key places.


Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


BLAZER Reformation (Similar here for less)| JEANS Everlane | CASHMERE SWEATER Everlane | BOOTS c/o COCLICO via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | BAG The Stowe via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | SUNGLASSES old Celine | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 18°C – A lovely day with sun and clouds.

ACTIVITIES: It was Friday and the conference calls and deadlines were getting ridiculous so I was very happy to be in this simple, cozy base of a cashmere sweater and jeans. After a very long day we met up with my parents for dinner so I zipped on my boots and threw on my blazer to make myself presentable.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: I usually go for a dark base but I liked the way this lighter one worked out with my cashmere sweater and boyfriend denim. Tucking the sweater into my jeans keeps the visual midpoint high and gives my waist a hint of defining, which I always like. I love the calm, neutral palette and the way these taupe boots compliment my blazer. A black bag seemed like the best way to keep it chic and simple. I rolled my blazer cuffs up slightly to let the bottom of my sweater sleeves peek out. One of my go-to styling tricks for sure.

KEY ITEM: CASHMERE CREW by EVERLANE | $100 USD | Made Responsibly in China | Wearing a size S for a slimmer fit that’s great for tucking in. I size up to a M when I want to layer over shirts.

I’m scared to admit how many Everlane sweaters I currently have but they’re just the BEST! I especially love their luxe wool and cashmere. This is one of three cashmere crews I have from them and they’ve all held up extremely well over the last few F/W seasons. They’re easily my most worn cold weather staples and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for responsibly made, reasonably priced, classic, closet workhorses.

MAINTENANCE: I try my best not to over clean my sweaters because that’s what is hardest on the fibres. I try to use The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo most often, but when I’m pressed for time I take them to the dry cleaner. I use a sweater stone when pills build up but I find it’s only need after several wears. To keep them fresh between wears, I often wear a thin tee or bodysuit underneath and will steam out any creases as needed. When I’m not using them I keep them lightly folded and uncompressed (meaning don’t pile a ton of stuff on top) on the shelf. So far so good with this method!

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Definitely! Just need to shrink my jeans back to this fit!

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


BEANIE old Bare Knitwear | SHIRT DRESS c/o Ode To Sunday (similar for less here) | BELT old Elizabeth Suzann | TIGHTS old American Apparel |  CALLY BOOTS c/o COCLICO via Garmentory (Save $20 when you sign up here) | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 18°C – Another lovely day with sun and clouds.

ACTIVITIES: In the morning we went for a quick brunch then I got to work around the house before heading to a party at our friends place in the evening.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This is one of only two looks that deviated from my 10×10 outfit formula and it was a nice change from the uniform I’d been wearing most of the time. As you might have gathered by now, I don’t wear a lot of dresses. I don’t know why exactly, because I enjoy wearing them, especially this one, but I guess I’m more naturally drawn to separates. Anyway, this dress is one I do reach for a lot because it’s simple, chic and oh so effortless to style. I’ve had to get over the fact that it wrinkles (ie: forego ironing) and just accept that the rumpled linen adds to it’s charm. I really like wearing it with this leather belt for a black on black palette and the contrast of soft linen with tough leather.

To fall-ify this look I added opaque tights, a tall taupe boot (my black boots also worked), a fuzzy cream beanie and a pop of paprika to spice it up (pun intended). The result, at least to me, is a linen dress that’s not at all out of place for colder temps.

KEY ITEM: CALLY BOOTS gifted by COCLICO | $435 USD | Made responsibly in Spain | I’m a US7 and have the 37.5 (more on size & fit below) | Hazelwood, Black and Metallic Black available via Garmentory & save $20 OFF your first order when you sign up here. | Oxblood available here.

My friends at COCLICO sent me a sneak peek at their Fall collection this summer and I immediately knew the Cally Boot was going to be a perfect everyday Fall staple. I loved the sleek, simple design, neutral taupe leather, walkable heel and tall, slender ankle shaft (which I knew would tuck perfectly into all my cropped pants). After months of anticipation, they arrived, I squealed, wore them around the house and then put them right into my suitcase for our honeymoon.

COMFORT: The first day I wore them we walked for 8 hours straight all over London. If they’d been any other new boots, I probably would have been crippled and bleeding by the end of it, but not with these! The leather is SO soft and buttery that they broke right in and the wooden heel is a perfect height for a full day on your feet.

CARE: They handled the rain in London well but after a particularly wet walk in Scotland, there were some water stains. I was panicked since I hadn’t sprayed them but when I got home I gave them a good cleancondition and brush polish and they looked like new again. I’ve since sprayed them with protectant too.

FIT: Coclico makes their shoes based on European sizing, which in my experience, is hard to determine. I wear a US 7 and have a narrow instep and the 37.5 in these fits great with a thin sock. If I wanted to wear a thicker sock or I had a wider foot the 38 would be best. The good thing is that the leather is so soft it will give easily with wear.


Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


SHIRT DRESS c/o Ode To Sunday (similar for less here) | EMMA SWEATER c/o Betina Lou | JEANS Everlane | BOSS BOOTS c/o EVERLANE | SUNGLASSES old Celine | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here + stay tuned for a Q&A with the designer next week!) | All items were responsibly made.

TEMPERATURE: 22°C – A warm Fall day with a nice breeze.

ACTIVITIES: It was a perfect Sunday for brunch on a patio, running errands and meal prep before another insanely busy week. I won’t lie though, I promptly switched into my favourite loungewear once we got home.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This look is a testament to the wonder of simple styling tricks because base is exactly the same as Look 5 except I added a brown belt. Then I swapped my taupe Cally Boots for my  Boss Boots and switched my camel coat for my black shirt dress left open. And just like that, BAM!, a totally different look!

KEY ITEM: BOSS BOOT gifted by EVERLANE | $225 USD | Made responsibly in Italy | I’m a US7 and have the 7 (more on size & fit below) | Also available in Cognac, Taupe Suede and Black Suede.

Everlane surprised me with these beauties and even though I didn’t necessarily need a new black boot I knew I had to give these a whirl. So here’s the 411 on the second set of boots I included in my 10×10.

COMFORT: The leather on these is beautiful but a little stiff at first, especially around the top of the ankle. Starting again, I would wear them with a tall sock first until the top leather has softened up. For the first few wears I wore a thin sockette and they were quite comfortable in the foot. There was a bit of rubbing on my big toe but that went away after I wore them with a thicker sock to stretch out the leather slightly. The heel is a very comfortable height and great for all day wear and lots of walking. Now that these are broken in I wear them on long walks with the pup and they’re awesome. I must admit they’re more comfortable for long wear than my Mars boots (and you know how much I love those!)

CARE: So far I’ve worn them in a bit of rain and they were totally fine. As Everlane suggests I have sprayed them with a leather weather protectant. Pebbled leather is great because dirt wipes off super easily. The heel is a sturdy stacked leather which also cleans up great and does not scuff easily. The sole is a manmade rubber so they are great on all surfaces.

FIT: I have a size 7 and they fit snug at first. If you had a wide foot go for a half size up especially if you intend to wear a sock that’s thicker than a dress sock or sockette.

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Yep! I’d probably opt for my houndstooth coat or my black peacoat instead of the linen shirt dress but it worked well for the purpose of this exercise.

Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017


COAT by Marvin Browne purchased in London (Similar here and here both imported)CATT TEE c/o Tradlands | BOSS BOOTS c/o EVERLANE | SUNGLASSES old Celine | BELT old H&M | MARGOT BAG c/o THE STOWE (Save $20 when you sign up here) |

TEMPERATURE: 10°C – A chilly Fall day with lots of sun. It was actually too chilly for just a t-shirt under my coat so I wore my cashmere crew instead.

ACTIVITIES: I was up to my eyeballs in deadlines and projects so I dove into the week head first. I was glad I saved this one for last because it was the perfect ‘get shit done’ look for a busy Monday.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: This is another timeless colour palette that may be overdone but never gets old for me! Ivory denim just has a way of making everything feel crisp and fresh somehow. I also can’t deny that camel and paprika are one of my favourite colour combos for Fall right now. It’s rich and warm and paired with black and ivory it feels like the essence of autumnal chic. Maybe that’s overstating things but I stand by it!

Again, in this case a simple, classic look is kept contemporary with some updated details like a sharp boot, a sculptural bag and tailored elements like a long coat and a straight leg pant. I love when a very minimal look has a striking effect.

KEY ITEM: CATT TEE gifted by Tradlands | $49 USD | Made responsibly in the USA | Wearing an XS for a slimmer fit. Take your normal size for a more relaxed fit. | Also available in Red, White and Grey.

I had a chance to test out this tee from Tradlands earlier this summer and I became totally obsessed with them. In fact, I was wearing one when I typed this post last night! I love the midweight cotton, the slightly cropped length and boxy fit that’s ideal for tucking into high rise pants. If you’re looking for a classic fruit-of-the-loom style tee this is it!

WOULD I WEAR THIS LOOK AGAIN: Ummmm, yep! I’ll grab a long cardigan to layer in between my tee and coat now that it’s chilly.


Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017 Style Bee - Fall 10x10 - 2017

Well friends, that’s a wrap on the #FALL10x10 Challenge! See you in January 2018 for the next one!

I’d love to hear about your experience if you joined us!
Be sure to catch the last look by Caroline today and tune into my Insta Stories for some personal favourites from the #Fall10x10 feed.

I’ll see you next week with a special Q&A and a new style post featuring the ES Patti Shell. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! 

Photography by my talented friend Jacklyn Barber.

This post is not sponsored but contains affiliate links. When you shop via the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting Style Bee! All opinions are always my own.

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  1. Alex Chua says:

    Lee, this was my favorite challenge to date. I think that while it’s difficult to stay away from our closets and document what we’re wearing daily, the wardrobe clarity we receive in return more than makes up for the other challenges. I had been struggling with the right jeans fit for the last couple of years and this challenge gave me the idea to photograph myself in every pair of jeans I owned. Seeing myself in pictures made things so simple and easy to decide. I ended up donating most of my jeans and breathed a deep sigh of relief.
    Another key take away from this time around is that uniforms are beautiful things. I realized that for someone like me having a defined style and uniform stops me from buying random clothing I’ll never wear.
    P.S. I purchased the Agolde jeans above and I couldn’t be happier with them! Thanks so much for doing what you do. I really appreciate all the effort you put into this work.

  2. cory says:

    I love this! I really want to try dressing via formula!
    x cory

  3. Shelbi says:

    Thanks for hosting, your outfits were all super adorable. We’re having kind of a hot spell in California, so I really wasn’t able to wear any of my fall colored cardigans or sweaters. So I learned a little something. The weather is way unpredictable and I’ll have to find some fall looking accessories or something to wear for times when it’s too hot to match the season. I always learn something from this challenge! xo

  4. Annie Oakley Waterman says:

    Hi Lee,

    This was my fav selection of outfits, to date. I love the uniform concept. It’s so easy, simple and chic!

    Thanks for taking the time to put together these posts. I am taking notes for when I head to Europe this winter. I think I will copy your exact 10×10 closet or close to it! 🙂 -Annie

  5. Lo says:

    Thank you so much for hosting! I really loved your uniform approach this season, and all your outfits were killer.

  6. jane says:

    This challenge felt so fresh! I didn’t complete the 10 days (weather, work) but I still got so much of that clarity you mentioned out of my 6 days. Most importantly, I realized that I’m no longer in a stage in which I need to focus on pushing my style. I was also inspired to spend some time putting together a Fall lean wardrobe with this new lesson in mind, and I’m feeling grateful and recharged. Clothing isn’t everything, but it really does matter, and this has given me so much peace of mind. But next year, I’m going to see that 10×10 through! 🙂 Thanks, Lee!

  7. I adore the short hair on you too, I think it fits yours personal style so perfectly.
    Also the way that striped sweater pairs with the camel coat… ??

  8. Krystal says:

    First of all, I’m still in awe over your coat find! That camel coat is beautiful!

    I’ve really enjoyed this challenge (my first!) but I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to my wardrobe and developing my personal style and then trying to link it in with my work wardrobe. I’ve found that I sometimes like having a work-uniform, since I’m usually running late and it’s nice not to have to think about what I’m wearing as I’m dashing out the door. I feel like since your 10×10 was based on a formula, you ended up with ten outfit combinations you felt were all keepers! There’s definitely something to that.

    All that being said, I’m looking forward to the winter 10 x 10!

  9. That purse is gorgeous and I love the idea that that one piece can quench your urge for more color without buying other pieces of clothing 🙂

    I’m with you in the style sweet spot. This was my favorite 10×10 yet (my third) and, just like you, I could have gone a lot longer with the pieces I chose. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about my own style since that first 10×10 in the spring and its thanks to you, Caroline, and the whole 10×10 community. Thanks so much for hosting it.

    I typed up my overall thoughts here:

  10. First, the shorter do is tres chic and just adorable with the round glasses! My favorite piece is the black tunic/dress and with the jeans/boots is something I could do everyday. Of course, we are a little bit partial to “black”. Lastly, did not find the info that you were doing the outfits via instagram till it was over. Do appreciate you both blogging in a manor that fits your life. It is a time grabber and posting because you are inspired is the way we should all be!-Laurel

  11. Andrea says:

    I started to write that I liked the black shirt dress and jeans outfit and the all white/cream outfit with the blazer. Then I saw the beanie outfit, and the one below that and I sort of went SHE’S SO STINKING CUTE. I love all your outfits (I’d love to spend a few days in your closet). While they aren’t necessarily my exact style, as I struggle with anything to full in proportion, you always look so put together. I imploded about half way through the challenge and spent some time revisiting your posts on developing a wardrobe and style, and reread bits of The Capsule Wardrobe. I’m feeling better about where I’m going, and the last two days the outfits have come together without much fuss, so maybe I was just putting too much pressure on myself.

    Either way, I love these challenges and the community that comes from it. It helps me to better focus on how I present myself, and to stop making silly mistakes on things I I don’t end up wearing. I’ve got a couple bags ready for ThredUp and the consignment shop. And for once I don’t feel regret about just letting those items go (no matter how much they cost me).