Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

STYLE PROFILE: Marielle Elizabeth


Happy Friday everyone! I’m so pleased to introduce you to my next Style Profile guest, the bright, bold, witty and vivacious Marielle Elizabeth. I’ve been following Marielle on Instagram (@marielle.elizabeth) for a long time now and her posts and stories are some of the ones I look forward to most. Marielle has an incredible presence and an honest, intelligent, approachable way of broaching tough topics such as inclusive sizing, diversity in fashion (or lack thereof), the pursuit of self love and modern feminism.

All too often I find her beautifully written captions lead me to think harder and dig deeper on important topics in our society. Meanwhile, her brilliant styling tips (a few of which she’s shared today!) help me see new potential in my closet. She’s also a 10 x 10 Challenge wiz and the community would simply not be the same without her wonderful sense of humour and true personal style.

I’m so excited that Marielle agreed to share some of her thoughts on shopping responsibly (both the pros and cons), her closet heroes, styling tips, Spring wish list and so much more!

So grab a cup of coffee and a comfy seat as we dig into a fresh, insightful conversation with the charming, stunning and inspiring Marielle Elizabeth. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

Name: Marielle Elizabeth 

Blog + Instagram: Something Copper (Issue 1 is a MUST read) | @marielle.elizabeth (Be sure to follow this gem!)

Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Occupation: Founder of a boutique Social Media Firm, 21st Century Nonsense, + Brand Photographer for Small Businesses 

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your social media
and blogging business came to life. 

Oh hello! My name is Marielle and I am a body positive blogger / social media monster wildly passionate about well made goods. I listen to songs on repeat for days on end, I live in an 800 sqft loft in Edmonton, and I have a cat named Rory who I love far too much. When I’m not on the internet, I improvise, perform stand-up comedy, and lend my voice to feminism. 

Blogging / Social Media was born from a place of need, I was devouring inspiration from so many talented photographers, bloggers and stylists, but still not feeling satiated; there were so many women whose style I admired, but none of them looked like me. I wanted to see curvy women in ethically made designs, I wanted to see more variety of body type as I scrolled through my feed and since I couldn’t find it, examples or inspiration, I decided to just create the content myself. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth


1. Silk Pheasant Dress 

Where did you find it? 

Henrik Vibskov via Gravity Pope Tailored Goods 

How long has it been in your wardrobe? 

Oh gosh, it’s definitely pushing a decade. (See photo below for mortifying proof) 

How has it influenced your personal style? 

It’s the article of clothing I’ve worn the longest. It carried me through my 20’s – it’s been across Europe, to concerts, late night bike rides, birthday parties, Improv shows and on days I just wanted to wear something I loved. It’s been repaired three times and inspired the logo for my business card. Pheasants are native to Alberta, unassuming and so beautiful. This dress is just that. I’m currently in the process of having it framed for my office. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? 

I mean it’s torn and tattered already, but truly irreplaceable. I hope to metaphorically replace it – I can’t wait to find my next 10 year garment, the dress to carry me through my 30’s.

2. Pyne and Smith Striped Dress

Where did you find it? 

The internet? Almost everything I source I buy online, unfortunately Edmonton just doesn’t have really any ethically driven clothing shops. 

How long has it been in your wardrobe? 

Three years this Spring

How has it influenced your personal style? 

For me it was the exact garment I started building my adult wardrobe around. Linen, polished and easy to wear – I just feel so beautiful in it. It definitely encouraged me to start reaching out to more brands whose pieces I loved and request custom sizing. It’s often described as my ‘signature’ dress because I wear it so often, but isn’t that the point? To find things you love and want to wear year after year. That become analogous to who you are. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? 

Since then I’ve bought two other Pyne and Smith dresses, so I can confidently say I’m covered.

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth
3. Vintage Horse Tackle Scarf 

Where did you find it? 

Bamboo Ballroom Vintage 

How long has it been in your wardrobe? 

8+ Years 

How has it influenced your personal style? 

It’s my favourite colour palette, it started my adoration for balancing my bust with scarves, and best of all it’s one of a kind. Minimal doesn’t mean boring, minimal for me means finding pieces I want to wear everyday. Oh! And this scarf is a Wes Anderson dream, and if every day I can edge closer to looking like one of this characters then style goals accomplished. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? 

Yes? Maybe? Vintage is all about right place and right time, I don’t think intention even factors in.

4. Henrik Vibskov Cactus Dress

Where did you find it? 

The Block (in Vancouver)

How long has it been in your wardrobe? 

3 Years 

How has it influenced your personal style? 

It’s the dress I wear to occasions. As a curvy woman it took ages to find a dress that I loved for weddings, special events, nights out. This dress fits like a dream, makes a statement and just looks so darn cool. I am not here to blend in or play it safe with my wardrobe, there’s room to be a minimalist and also have statement pieces. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it?

Yes. I love all of Ibsen’s prints and would happily invest in another. I think having a bold party dress is a wardrobe essential.


Feminine, Balanced, Effortless, Well Worn

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth


I believe so deeply that small businesses build strong communities. And I want to live in and support vibrant communities; I think shopping responsibly is just part of that. Nothing bores me more than a strip mall. Those rows of shops that exist on the outskirts of every mid range city, transplanted and repeated. 

There are of course countless reasons woven into that: working conditions, child labour, slave labour, abusing the environment and the long term ramifications of fast fashion and over consumption of our world. But I think community is often overlooked – when I shop small I am supporting someones dreams, and their ability to provide for themselves and their family, I’m supporting my local economy and diversity in the marketplace. Dying trades that when done properly will last a lifetime. 

That’s what I want, that’s why it matters. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

From the age of 18 on, from the moment I walked into the shop (loved deeply and lost to big business) Nokomis. It was a shop that helped define how I saw myself, how I carried myself and how the weight of ethically well made garments felt contrasted to big box one-size-disposable clothing. They sold exclusively Canadian made designs and it set my world on fire. It meant scraping together money to save for their sale days and buying one or two things I’d been coveting for months. It taught me delayed gratification and the art of really considering. Nearly a decade later and I still own so many of those pieces. I think this passion was ignited at such a formative time in my life when I was trying to understand what womanhood was for me that it radically changed my entire relationship with clothing and shopping. 

It’s silly and I know it sounds as such, but one tiny local shop changed my life. 


As a University student I would have said price point, but as I get older the biggest deterrent is sizing. I am so fortunate that I can build the cost of ethical clothing into my budget, but it’s so disheartening to repeatedly fall in love with garments that are designed to fit below a size 12. I think more inclusive sizing is a change that’s happening, but it’s hard to be patient while the fashion industry comes to terms with the fact women above a size 12 still want to dress themselves. It’s so hard to financially and emotionally want to buy into and champion ethical brands and feel like you’re still on the outside looking in. That because of your size you’re somehow unworthy. 


YES! In the same breath as the last sentiment, brands that do make the effort, that expand their sizing, basically  guarantee themselves a lifetime cheerleader! 

Jamie and the Jones 

Classic cuts and beautiful materials make these garments so easy to pull on and still look polished. They are effortless and definitely worth the investment.

Pyne and Smith Clothiers 

There’s a reason I own THREE of these dresses. They are so easy to wash and care for, I wear them year round in both formal and casual settings. They’re just so versatile and lovely. Joanna is the sweetest maker and prior to expanding her sizing, she would make custom sized dresses for me. Also pockets – everything has pockets.

Not Perfect Linen

Again linen is just the best fabric. It’s so easy to care for, durable, perfect year round and easy to simply throw on. NPL also offers free tailoring with all their garments or tweaking sizes so if you see something you love, chances are they can make it for your body. I also find the price-point really approachable for someone hoping to start shopping ethically. Lastly, I find their pieces wonderful for layering (simple designs and monochromatic) and subsequently get so much use out of them.  

The Sleepshirt 

Okay hear me out – as a person that works from home half the time I LIVE in my Sleep Shirt. It’s hard to imagine a garment I wear more than my sleep shirt. It’s so soft and breathable and timeless. I feel sexy in that classic oversized boyfriend shirt about to make pancakes sort of way, but still with feminine touches, a flattering silhouette and Japanese collar. It’s also linen. Yes I’m noticing a trend, but it looks great rumpled and it’s far easier to get coffee and lipstick out of than silk…so what’s a girl to do? 

Blockshop Textiles

I wear one at least 2-3 times a week. They’re oversized and have the most beautiful movement, they are perfect for layering and completely change an outfit from jeans and a t-shirt to an outfit. Each one is lovingly (and ethically) hand blocked using 100 yr old techniques and you can truly feel that in each scarf. They’re basically wearable art. Yes please. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

Dress for Your Figure

For my body type, tucking in a shirt or really anything that defines my waist is crucial. Belt it, tie it, tuck it in. Additionally as a busty lady, balance is also so important. Scarves are a go-to staple to break up my upper body or layered necklaces or even the occasional statement necklace. 

Take Risks 

I think we fall into habits. The 10×10 is the way to force ourselves to step outside of the same way you wear that top every week. Try pairing garments you don’t instinctively think will work. The WORST case scenario is you have to change. The best case is you’ve found an entirely new look. Why are we so afraid to be radical with our style? The older I get the more fearless I feel; dare to attempt a look you are doubtful of, fashion should push the envelope. 

Statement Accessories > Statement Garments

When I feel the twinge to shake up my style or that I’m in a rut, I often try picking up a new accessory instead of buying more clothing. Perhaps because I just don’t have infinite closet space, I find a new scarf or hat or necklace can be enough of a change to what I’m wearing without having to buy an entirely new outfit. Currently I’m all about statement earrings, I just picked up a pair of Ora-C and Le Lou La from Fieldstudy and I’m smitten wearing them with all my tried and true looks.

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

Feeling confident in it. I know this sounds cliché but if you don’t feel beautiful in what you’re wearing you’ll forever be tugging on it, worrying if others see the things your worst self sees in the mirror, and you’ll just be wearing that sinking feeling of self-doubt. For me, confidence is usually found in proper fit, reflecting my personal style, and being at least 20% functional in the garments. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth


Ha yes. Until last summer I worked in the woods running a summer camp for half a decade so I’m slowly dragging my Spring / Summer wardrobe from camp director to grown ass woman. It takes time. Current obsessions are: 

Hackwith Design – The Trench Coat in black and the Midi-Reversible Wrap Dress in camel tencel. 

NotPerfectLinen – The Wrap Linen Jumpsuit is everything. I haven’t settled on a colour, but I love the cross body style that I think will work beautifully with my figure. 

State the Label Origami Pants I love how architectural these pants are. I see them with a t-shirt and strolling to the Farmers Markets or dressed up with silk tank and heels for work. 

Bry Clogs I have a pair of clogs that are about 5 years old and I’d love to switch them up for a new pair as they’re so comfortable and perfect for biking in. 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

I’m reading Shrill by Lindy West, In the Company of Women, and listening to the latest National album on repeat (it perfectly accompanies my late winter ennui). Lastly I’m watching/re-watching Baroness Von Sketch, Bob’s Burgers and Broad City as well as as much political comedy as I can stomach (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, SNL and Seth Myers ‘Closer Look’ pieces are my favourites). 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Marielle Elizabeth

Thanks so much to Marielle for sharing her beautiful images and insightful take on personal style with us today!  Here are some of Marielle’s words that stood out to me:

Minimal doesn’t mean boring, minimal for me means finding pieces I want to wear everyday.

When I shop small I am supporting someones dreams, and their ability to provide for themselves and their family, I’m supporting my local economy and diversity in the marketplace.

It’s so hard to financially and emotionally want to buy into and champion ethical brands and feel like you’re still on the outside looking in. That because of your size you’re somehow unworthy. 


Let me know if you’d like any sources or further information about Marielle’s looks and I’ll get those for you.



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  1. Meg says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    “It’s so hard to financially and emotionally want to buy into and champion ethical brands and feel like you’re still on the outside looking in. That because of your size you’re somehow unworthy. ”

    Yup. That says it all.

    I look forward to exploring the suggestions. I want that stripped dress!

  2. Tania says:

    I enjoyed this profile so much (more of these types of features please Lee!). Marielle – love your style so much, you are absolutely gorgeous. Since reading this post, I purchased a scarf from Blockprint and put the origami pants on my Pinterest wishlist.

  3. Laura says:

    Hi there! I’m a big fan of the blog and am glad you featured such a wonderful perspective in this post! I wanted to point out that I don’t *think* you mean Henrik Ibsen (the author/playwright), but rather Henrik Vibskov for the clothing designer. I spent a while being confused/trying to look up the design of that great cactus dress, so thought I’d post here so no one else has to do the same! 🙂


  4. Kelly says:

    I enjoyed this post so much! I want to take some inspiration from Marielle’s style. I could not be more bored with my everyday jeans and tee shirts. I think what I like best is the softness and femininity of her looks.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Kelly! Definitely! I love how Marielle makes dresses, skirts and feminine shapes and palettes feel so approachable and wearable even in colder climates! Planning to embrace more ladylike vibes in my Spring style thanks to her inspiration. xo

  5. Courtney says:

    LOVE this post! So happy to be introduced to a style maven with body positive values that align so closely with my own. I feel truly reflected and included by this post. You are doing such great work!

    Also, you are totally killing it on the WC but man do we miss you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Courtney! I am so so thrilled to hear that 🙂 I see so many similarities in your style and Marielle’s, not to mention you’re both gorgeous! Thanks for all your support my love. We miss you guys so much! xo

  6. Patricia Kay says:

    Thank You! Amaaaazing! Beautiful!
    Both of you touch the Heart, the Soul, & Finding True Identity.
    Grateful to experience on your 2 blogs –true beauty… inner & outer…. stirred me within & woke up a spark of who I am & no longer need to hide in a box of “plain” but step as “me”!
    Age IS only a number….. size does not define…..
    After I retired, I no longer dressed with the flair I always did when I was teaching( college English). I stopped.
    Finding these ladies’ blogs ( you, Lee, and now Marielle, ) has reminded me that age is not a determiner of who I am, and that style reflects the growing, changing woman we were created to be… fully be…. not partially be!
    Love love love your bravery & style & to share that zest with me and so many beautiful women!
    You are gifts. Grateful.??

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Patricia! Your are the best! Thanks for the support and all your positivity and great feedback. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about style and age and how the two are by no means mutually exclusive. Lots of good vibes right back at you lovely! Enjoy your weekend 🙂 xo

  7. Thank you for this lovely post and introducing Marielle Elizabeth! Loved her site, her photos, her style, her values, her everything 🙂 I wasn’t clear about how to follow her blog or is it only possible to follow her on Instagram? This would make me sad since I don’t do Instagram (I know! REALLY??)

    I read her first Issue which was wonderful. Promptly darted over to the Field company and found a tool roll (my husband is just in the process of making one for himself now in leather (he’s a carver – we live in Victoria BC – and who knows maybe he’ll decide to just buy one 🙂 ) My recommendation to Marcielle is that she just make her own clothes! Most pattern companies are now producing patterns with inclusive sizing (one company specializes in patterns for curvy women and supports a blog, fb all sorts of good stuff – Cashmerette – I don’t have any connection to this company just to be clear) She is so creative and I think she would love the process once she she started 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Kathleen, I don’t believe that Marielle has a newsletter for her blog but you can keep up with her on Facebook and Pinterest.

      Thanks for the suggestion of Cashmerette patterns! I know Marielle is mega busy with her business but I have no doubt she’d make a brilliant personal clothier. I’ve wanted to sew some clothes myself for years now but it never quite makes the top of my priorities list. One day!!

  8. Emma says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Lee for featuring such a beautiful, kick-ass, plus size goddess on your blog! We need more voices like Marielle working to make ethical fashion work for all sizes. I have been noticing a trend that more and more ethical makers are featuring plus size models and it think it rules! Thanks again for the wonderful post! ?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      It’s absolutely my pleasure Emma! Thank YOU for reading and for the kind words. I absolutely agree that we need more inclusiveness in ethical fashion and I think the more we show it’s needed/wanted/happening the more brands will make the effort. xo

  9. Andrea says:

    I’ve been following her since I saw someone link her account (maybe it was here?), and she’s a huge inspiration. Her pictures are beautiful and a lot of times very calming, and she herself is beautiful; inside and out (her coloring with her hair, simply luscious). I’ve always been in the opposite category, I was still shopping from juniors at 18, and I struggle to find things that fit me right because I have a tiny waist but long legs and arms. There’s usually something just off. One of the things I love about her account is that it is real and honest. I’ve glanced through the first issue of her e-zine and I’m looking forward to reading it again when I have more time.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Andrea! So happy to hear you’re already familiar with Marielle and a fellow fan of her style and voice. I couldn’t agree more! The first issue of Something Copper is such a great read. Great mix of topical and delightful content. Have a good weekend! xo

  10. Janette says:

    I love her style so much!

  11. Polly says:

    “sexy in that classic oversized boyfriend shirt about to make pancakes sort of way” the style mantra I never knew I needed! Haha! I’ve been looking to invest in a linen dress for years and all signs are pointing that way. This is such a great, inspirational post – style icon!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I loved Marielle’s visual way of describing her sleep shirt too! Paints such a perfect relaxed morning scene. You can’t go wrong with a linen dress! I have the same Pyne and Smith one as Marielle (wide blue and white stripe) and it’s a gem! Not to mention how great it looks on women of all sizes. Thanks for reading Polly! xo

  12. Marielle is such an inspiration. She’s a beautiful woman with a strong voice that will influence many — no matter what size. It was a brilliant decision to feature her on your blog! Thank you! And, thank you, Marielle!