Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1



This year feels like it’s been moving at warp speed and I can’t believe we’ve already been in Vancouver for over a month! Before we left Ontario I decided that once we were out west I’d begin working on one of my 2018 Closet Mission goals, which was to: Develop a better system for closet analysis.

As I mentioned in that post, I quite enjoy scrutinizing over my style and closet, yet, I’ve found it hard to put real numbers to my outfit and wardrobe performance. So I decided to start keeping track of how often I’ve been wearing the core items in my closet in order to gather some real data about how pieces are performing. My blogger buds Andrea (Seasons & Salt) and Paige (Style This Life) inspired the idea and for the last month or so I’ve been maintaining a ‘wear count’ of all the items I’ve worn while we’ve been on the west coast.

Today I’m sharing:

  1. My full list (as of last week) and how I’ve been keeping track.
  2. My findings so far.
  3. My 15 most worn pieces to date.
  4. Plus, all the outfits I’ve managed to capture.

So if you’re interested in this nitty-gritty closet stuff feel free take a look and maybe consider creating your own list because, spoiler alert, it’s been a great learning exercise!

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1


The two photos below show my full West Coast Wear Count list as of last week. Since then I’ve mostly worn lounge wear and snowboarding gear so the count hasn’t changed a whole lot. I tried to write clearly so hopefully you can decipher what everything is!

What am I tracking? You’ll notice that there is no workout stuff or loungewear included in the list and that is intentional. I wear those pieces plenty and I only brought a handful with me out west so I’m not as concerned about the performance of those right now. Since I’m new to this whole wear count thing I wanted to keep it streamlined and focused on my core closet so I’m tracking shoes, outerwear, blazers, pants, jeans, tops, sweaters, tees, dresses and jumpsuits but not accessories or jewelry (although I’ve got a general idea).

Where do I keep track? I’d initially thought I would try to create some sort of digital check list or use an app like Style Book for this but in the end I ended up keeping the process suuuuuper simple. I also wanted to make sure I’d follow through so I knew it had to be integrated into my existing routine. With that in mind, I flipped to a back page of my trusty notebook, which I use everyday without fail, and that’s where my list lives.

How do I keep track? First thing on weekday mornings I flip to the wear count page in my notebook and jot down anything new I’ve worn and add to anything I’ve worn again.

Why on paper? I felt that going analogue with this exercise would be easiest and I’m so glad I did. I need to be on my laptop and phone for work so much that it’s really refreshing to not be tied to any device for this purpose.

What’s my goal? I don’t have one! It seems that people often set a goal of 30 wears for their items but I’m not trying to force anything. I’m just wearing what I want and making notes. It’s already pretty clear which items will get worn 30 times while I’m out west for another 2 months and which items won’t.

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1


I’ve been trying to make notes as I go to gauge the impact this exercise is having on my closet and to keep tabs on any insights that come up. Here’s what I’ve noted so far.

  • Just because something is a favourite item doesn’t mean I wear it most.
  • I thought I’d way overpacked but I’ve been steadily making my way through all the pieces I brought.
  • The only pieces not used yet are warmer weather items like cotton dresses, some linen pieces, sandals and a couple of silk tanks.
  • Reviewing the list really encourages me to wear more of my closet.
  • It will take me quite awhile to get to 30 wears on most items. And that’s ok! 
  • I’ve been really comfortable this whole trip so far because I can work and explore in almost everything I brought. No fussy pieces that are impractical!
  • It’s so much easier to dress for west coast weather than it is to dress for Ontario’s never-ending winter BUT at the same time I’m still wearing a lot of my eastern winter uniform out here.
  • The items on my clothes rack get chosen more often than those in a drawer or packing cube. It’s all about visibility for me!
  • Wearing the same thing every morning to walk Dobby (leggings, tee, jacket + walking shoes)  then getting ready for the day has been way more efficient and has allowed me to put together looks I enjoy more.
  • I’ve already worn almost 50 items and yes, that’s a lot, but that’s ok! Having a lean closet is different for everyone and I’m really happy with the options I have available.
  • If I don’t love how something fits, I don’t wear it!

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1


Based on my most recent tally, these are the 15 items that have been getting the most wears. Some items I’d wear more often if I didn’t need to wash them or dry clean them (like bodysuits and cashmere), but items like boots, jeans and coats get the most wear because they’re daily necessities and super low maintenance. This is simply a good reminder about where I should focus my closet investments!

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1
  • RAIN BOOTS by AIGLE | Handmade in France | $150 USD | I wear 38 in these and a US 7 usually.
  • WEAR COUNT: 17 | I invested in these boots because I knew they’d be a critical footwear option out here. They are really comfortable and beautifully designed however the insole started peeling up after a few long walks. I was able to peel it out completely and now they feel fine, but I was disappointed since Aigle boasts so highly about their craftsmanship. 
  • CAMEL COAT by Marvin Browne | Made in England | n/a
  • WEAR COUNT: 8 | This coat is no longer available (as far as my research has revealed) but it remains one of my best purchases ever. You cannot go wrong with a classic camel wool coat! 
  • PUFFER COAT c/o EVERLANE | Made ethically in Vietnam | $168 USD | Generous fit. I wear a size S.
  • WEAR COUNT: 8 | This coat was sent from Everlane’s PR team last Fall and it’s been such a great coat all winter! I never got a chance to share my review but I would highly recommend this puffer. It’s been awesome out here on cold mornings and nighttime walks with Dobby. 
  • RAIN COAT by Samsoe + Samsoe | Made in China | Approx. $100 USD
  • WEAR COUNT: 8 | This was a spur of the moment purchase when I was travelling in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. It’s a great lightweight, waterproof shell. I wear this much more than my more expensive and stylish Stutterheim raincoat but it is starting to show signs if wear and tear around the seams. 
  • BOSS BOOT c/o EVERLANE | Made in Italy | $225 USD | TTS. I wear a 7 usually.
  • WEAR COUNT: 9 | These are probably my favourite boots ever. They are super comfy, look good with everything and honestly have barely shown any signs of wear since I started stomping around in them last Fall.
  • CLAUDE SWEATER c/o L’Envers | Made in Spain | Approx. $220 USD | I sized up for an oversize fit. 
  • WEAR COUNT: 5 | This was a piece I received as part of a collaboration this Spring and I’m SO glad I added it to my closet. It’s held its shape really well and I haven’t felt the need to wash it yet! So far no significant pilling or fuzziness to report. 
  • RILEY CROP JEAN by AGOLDE | AIR BLUE + HIDEAWAY (shown below)| Made in USA | $168 USD each | Sizes between washes varies. Light wash runs large, dark wash runs small.
  • WEAR COUNT: 10 total | Personal favourite jeans at the moment. I’ve completely lost count of how many times I’ve worn the Air Blue since I bought them but they are probably my most worn pants in the last year. I bought the dark wash (Hideaway) in the Fall and absolutely love those too! The Riley style just has that wonderful high-rise and fitted butt with a straight leg and flattering cropped length. The ideal vintage fit that I’ve yet to find in actual vintage!
  • WHITE RIBBED BODYSUIT by Bodysuit of Barcelona | Made in Barcelona | Approx. $100 USD | I wear a M in these bodysuits and the fit is great. 
  • WEAR COUNT: 5 | I’m a totally bodysuit convert so there’s a reason few other tops are on this list. I love the fitted rib style for staying warm and the streamlined design of a bodysuit for tucking into high-rise pants and jumpsuits.  
  • CECILIA PANT by ELIZABETH SUZANN | Made in Nashville, TN | $220 USD | I wear a 2 Regular and the fit is snug but very comfortable.
  • WEAR COUNT: 6 | These are an all-time favourite black cigarette pant that I replaced when the new version was released and love the longer inseam, stronger zipper and more tailored fit through the leg. I gave my original pair to a friend whom they fit really well. Plus, I’ve got it on good authority that these pants will be restocked soon. 

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1
  • BLACK CASHMERE TURTLENECK c/o Everlane | Made responsibly in China | $150 USD | I have a M in this sweater and it’s an oversize fit.
  • WEAR COUNT: 4 | This is one of those easy, chic, throw on and go sweaters that looks great over skinny jeans or a wide slinky pant. It’s also super cozy!
  • HOUNDSTOOTH COAT by Ralph Lauren | Vintage
  • WEAR COUNT: 7 | This coat works so well over everything. It’s relaxed but not enormous and the classic pattern feels timeless. I think it will be one of those coats I wear well into my later years. 
  • CALLY BOOT c/o Coclico | Made in Spain | $435 USD | I wear a 37.5 in these and recommend sizing up at least a 1/2 size from the European sizing. 
  • WEAR COUNT: 6 | I just can’t quit these boots! Not that I want to but I was surprised at just how much I’ve reached for them ever since they arrived last August. Coclico makes exceptionally beautiful and comfortable shoes. 
  • STRIPED TEE by Emerson Fry | n/a | Linked to Similar
  • WEAR COUNT: 4 | I can’t seem to go much more than a week without wearing a striped tee. It’s so soft and washes up really easy. 
  • FLORENCE PANT by Elizabeth Suzann | Made in Nashville, TN | $235 USD | I wear the old S regular in these. I tried the Tall in another colour and they were too long.
  • WEAR COUNT: 4 | These are a personal favourite pant for sure. I always feel amazing in them and really can’t recommend them enough! The only thing that’s kept me from wearing them even more is that I don’t like getting the silk wet in the rain.


I haven’t been wearing much jewelry this trip other than my statement earrings and my go-to bangles. This is mostly because I can’t be bothered to dig into my packing cubes for anything. I literally haven’t touched a single necklace that I brought but they’ll probably come back into play when the weather warms up. For now, here’s a look at my most worn jewelry!

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1
  • ARC + LINE Earrings | c/o Natalie Joy | $100 USD | Handmade in Portland.
  • Kate Hoops | Machete Jewelry | $44 USD | Sustainably sourced and handmade in Atlanta.
  • Double Dot Bangle | c/o BIKO | $55 CAD | Made in Canada
  • Wave Bangle | c/o Young Frankk | n/a |
  • Guideline Bracelet | c/o Maslo Jewelry | $25 (on sale!) | Made in Richmond, VA
  • Dome Studs | Attic | $290 CAD | Made in Toronto


Most weekends and whenever it’s a nice afternoon I ask Dave to snap a photo for my ‘outfit diary’ and these are most of the ones we captured so far. They’re not necessarily my favourite outfits or my most successful but it’s fun to look at them all together and see what’s been happening. So far it’s been lots of layers, neutrals and fun with proportions, which is nothing new.

The cherry blossoms are likely to be out in full force this week and I’m dying to bring out some linen layers and lighter tones! I’m also hoping the weather forecast cooperates with what I’ve got pencilled in for my #Spring10x10. Until then, here’s what I’ve been wearing out west.

Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1 Style Bee - West Coast Wear Count - Part 1

Well, that about sums up my West Count Wear Count so far! I’m looking forward to seeing how the list evolves and what looks the warmer spring weather inspires. My plan is to share Part 2 at the end of our west coast stay.

So what do you think, would you ever want to try tracking your item wear count?

If you already do, care to share some of your key findings?

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday as we kick off the 2018 #Spring10x10

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  1. Alexis says:

    I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.

  2. Sherry says:

    Just curious…why have you worn your other raincoat more than your Stutterheim? I’m so in love with the Stutterheim raincoat look but can’t find many reviews. Hard to fork over that much money without doing my research 😛

  3. Nadine says:

    Hi Lee,
    Glad you are enjoying Vancouver! I like the style and price point of the Everlane puffer. I live in Vancouver and now that you’ve tried the puffer out here I am wondering if you could comment on it’s water resistance? Obviously that is a concern for us South Coasters! Happy to provide any insider recommendations on places to check out:)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Nadine! I’d so appreciate any recommendations you have!

      So I’ve worn my puffer on a couple of very wet walks around the park and through the woods with Dobby and it was totally fine. Normally, I would opt for an actually raincoat if it was pouring out but if it’s drizzling or spitting it can handle that no prob. It’s also nice and cozy without being crazy warm so it’s great for chilly/windy mornings. I have a Canada Goose Parka in Ontario but honestly wore this puffer way more often this winter. It’s a great price point for the quality and it’s machine washable! Hope that helps. xo

    • Nadine says:

      Hi Lee!
      Thank you! Some great places to eat in the city: Les Faux Bourgeois for great French food, savio volpe for great Italian, Nuba for casual Mediterranean, matchstick coffee, Batard cafe bakery, tacofino, barbarella pizza, Vij’s, sorello, la Buca (kerrisdale), l’abbottoire, juice truck, liberty bakery, salad des fruits, heirloom
      Great shopping areas: Main Street and gastown; the Block in gastown is an institution, Eugene Choo Main Street
      My sister in law owns Lynnsteven boutique which she has recently rebranded into a green beauty destination and she is in gastown,
      craft academy salon (hair!), hammam spa on Granville street for a spa day
      For a retro cocktail check out the tiki bar at the Waldorf hotel!
      These are some of my favorites!
      Take care!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you Nadine! I so appreciate these suggestions! They’re all on my list to try out. xo

  4. Kris says:

    Thanks for such a detailed and interesting post. Spring weather n Vancouver is soooooooo unpredictable – we can have a couple of very hot days in May and then rain, rain and more rain – I keep sweaters available to wear until the end of June!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Unpredictable is definitely the right word! One morning I’m in a sweater, raincoat and rubber boots and by the afternoon it’s nice enough for a linen blazer and I’m searching for my sunglasses haha. I’m glad I brought a full range of layers for this trip! Thanks for the insight Kris! xo

  5. Wendy says:

    I really love the L’envers Claude cardigan on you and would like your opinion on sizing. Do you find yours to be pretty slouchy and loose after buttoning it up or is it slightly fitted in the hips/butt area. Also, I notice that you rolled the sleeves. So are the sleeves pretty long?
    I do like my chunky cardigans a bit oversized but just a bit! I would probably wear it as outerwear on warmer days but also want to be able to wear a jacket if it’s raining out.

    Thanks so much! Remember to drop by Charlie and Lee on Union st. (edge of chinatown), visit Erin Templeton’s shop (also in chinatown on Carrall st.-all locally made handbags) and some awesome shops (one of a few on water st) and great brunch places in Gastown.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Wendy! Good questions! I usually wear it open but I just tried it on buttoned and it’s fairly loose around my hips/butt but certainly not huge. It’s just loose enough that I can move around and it sort of sways with me but it’s not stuck to me, if that makes sense! My hips are 37 in and I have the M/L for reference. When worn uncuffed the sleeves come down past my wrist but don’t interfere with my hands. I personally love a long sleeve for staying cozy at my desk. I like to roll them for a more polished look if I’m going out. I hope that helps, it’s a really great sweater!

      Yes! I so appreciate these tips, thank you, I’ve got a long list of shops to explore and I can’t wait! I’ve been a fan of Erin Templeton’s bags for ages so I’m excited to see them in person. xo

  6. Sarah says:

    I like the idea how favorite pieces of clothing may not be the most worn. I have an antique Japanese haori jacket that I love but don’t wear super often. It’s not part of my regular clothing “uniform” but more of a special occasion thing. On the other hand, too many pieces like that would be kind of overwhelming, I think.

  7. Britt says:

    I like that you decided to go analogue for your clothing count, Lee. It’s nice to see how simple it really seems. Literally two pages of a notebook and a pen, and you are good to go. Enjoyed the post! Would love to see more Vancouver sightseeing posts of you exploring the place and maybe like a “dress-up day/ styling from a vintage store” or something like that.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Britt! Yes, it doesn’t get much easier than that 😛 Thanks for the post suggestions, I love those! Will put my thinking cap on for post 10×10 content. Enjoy the rest of your week! xo

  8. Koko says:

    Thanks for the detailed response Lee re. bodysuits! Appreciate it!

  9. Jodie says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing this, but not sure if I’d actually do it every day, and how helpful it would be for me since my wardrobe I’ve basically made into 2 capsules: a fall/winter, and spring/ summer with each having less than 50 items (not including pajamas, workout, under garments and jewelry).
    Love the snaps of your daily outfits. It seems so much warmer out west! Soak it up for me!
    Excited for the Spring 10×10 this Friday The weather in New York keeps changing, with it going from 30 and snow to 55 and sun during those 10 days- typical spring lol. Thinking of leaving 2 shoes as wildcards so I can be wear boots when needed.

    Have a good week!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Jodie! So glad you’re joining in with us this Friday! A wildcard option is a good idea when the weather is so unpredictable. I’m waiting until the last moment on Thursday to finalize my ten pieces haha. Looking forward to your #Spring10x10 posts 🙂 xo

  10. Hillary says:

    Love your style and this is such a great idea! I have been hunting for a light wash pair of denim that isn’t just super skinny and stretchy. I have tried so many, but the mom jean style doesn’t seem to be working for my body. What is the pair you are wearing with the brown sweater? It’s the 4th picture down, on the right in the last montage of photos. I am all about the high waist, but getting the crotch to be comfortable and not have weird bunching on my thighs and hips is tough. Thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Hillary! I think the pair you’re referring to are the Perfect Summer Jean from Madewell. I’ve had them for years now and they’re still one of my go-to favourites. There is some creasing and bunching in the crotch area but not as bad as many others I’ve tried. The denim is non-stretch but very soft so I find them very comfortable. If I was ordering them now I’d consider the Jamie High Rise by Agolde. Hope that helps!

  11. Paige says:

    I love this look into your wardrobe. I too went very basic with my tracking and hung a list right by my closet door to mark off each day. For me, seeing my entire wardrobe listed out and how few ‘tick’ marks some items have is a great way to avoid impulse purchases. Instead, it motivates me to get creative with new ways to wear those items and to find different combinations with what I already have in my wardrobe.

    I’m so glad your enjoying the west. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for the original inspiration Paige! You mentioned you were just using a sheet in your closet to track that really resonated with me. I knew if it was too complicated or cumbersome I just wouldn’t follow-through. Yes! It has been a great way to temper any shopping urges. I am much more inclined to try wearing something that hasn’t been worn much or at all before adding something new.

      Vancouver has been awesome! So much left to check out too 🙂 Have a great week friend! xo

  12. Koko says:

    Everlane just came out with a bodysuit – which has me considering bodysuits for the first time ever. When did you take the plunge? What should one look for in a bodysuit? And how did you settle on any particular brand? Considering my first bodysuit purchase this summer! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Great questions Koko! I’ve been a bodysuit fan for ages (>10 years) now and started wearing them when I was in university. I used to buy them from American Apparel. Personally I look for:

      – Bra-Friendly or thick enough material that I won’t be worried about show-through
      – I like hook+eye clasps or snaps at the base (ie: the crotch) but they need to be very slim so there is no discomfort. This helps because it means you don’t have to be totally naked when using the washroom haha.
      – A stretchy material that’s fitted but not crazy tight. Something breathable is important too. Cotton/Spandex or Viscose/Spandex blends are usually good.
      – I like a high cut leg and thong back for wearing under fitted bottoms but a bikini back is good for under skirts.

      I’ve personally tried lots of brands (American Apparel, Theory, Commando, Free People, Hosiery brands etc.) but Barcelona makes my current favourites because they answer all my preferences. I am currently testing out the Everlane bodysuit and it’s pretty good but not bra friendly so that limits it’s versatility for me. Plus it has a bikini bottom which means underwear lines when worn with fitted pants. I’ve heard good things about Madewell’s bodysuits as well but haven’t tried any.

      I hope that helps!

  13. Kat says:

    I love this idea! I’m going to do this as well – it’s so crucial to look at how a change in job or location can necessitate a tweak in wardrobe. For instance, I went from living in a year-round warm climate/working in an office to living in Toronto and working from home. Tend to need shoes that are more durable here, higher quality coats and not as many formal clothes! The rust coloured pumps in the header image – where are they from? Look forward to wearing something like them when it stops being wet and dreary here…

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Kat! I totally agree about how much a change of climate, job, lifestyle etc. can influence our ‘needs’ in so many ways. It’s easy to ignore but then sure enough discontentment and a lack of alignment between our belongings and lifestyle eventually reveals itself.

      The Rust Suede Pumps are the CLAU Flat from L’Intervalle. There is a store in Toronto if you want to try on or you can order online. They’re quite reasonable ($138 CAD) and made responsibly in Spain.

  14. Great post! Last weekend I did your ‘Define Your Style – In 5 simple steps’ workbook. My personal style is ‘casual, ‘comfortable, cultural.’
    Next, I did an analysis of my outfits by considering what pieces I wear most, and I discovered three things about my self.
    1. Three-quarters of my clothes rack are filled with special occasion outfits, which I’ve only worn once. but I felt I couldn’t let go of them because they haven’t earned their worth through wear. So, they just hang there taking up valuable closet space!
    2. I have too many sweaters but don’t get rid of them because for some odd reason I’m emotionally attached.
    3. Shoes well, I have 30 pairs and 10 boots. Most very unpractical for my lifestyle.
    What I discovered is I’ve been investing in the wrong clothes/shoes/boots for my personal lifestyle. Based on the findings from the ‘Define Your Style workbook, I did a massive clothes cleanout and prepared my spring outfits for Friday’s 10×10 style challenge. Wish me luck now that I have found the ‘true’ me (Ha Ha)! Thanks for your guidance, inspiration, and challenges!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing these great insights Kimberly! So glad you’ve found the Define Your Style exercise helpful and that you’re feeling positive about making some changes. Sounds like you’ve already made some great progress! Everything you noted sounds so familiar and I found I was doing the same thing, investing in pieces for a lifestyle that I wasn’t actually living. So happy to have you joining in the Spring 10×10! I’ll say Good Luck but something tells me you’ve got this one in the bag 🙂 xo