Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review

ST. AGNI Paris Mule Review


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a shoe girl. In fact, ‘SHOES remains one of my favourite YouTube videos of all time. While I don’t quite know why this is, they’re probably my biggest weakness when it comes to adding to my closet. Yet, finding a pair that perfectly combines form and function is not always easy. Luckily, this spring I managed to find some that do just that and after about 150,000 steps in them I’m excited to share my thoughts.

This particular pair happens to be the cult favourite Paris Woven Mules by the Australian based label St. Agni. These beauties had been on my wish list since last year and I finally decided to order them for my birthday at the start of May. They arrived after making their way (pretty darn fast) from down under have since been pretty much the only shoes I’ve worn.

I’m so happy I invested in them but I was really nervous about sizing since I ordered online and had heard a lot of mixed sizing reviews. It’s become clear that I’m not the only one with sizing reservations since I’ve had lots of DM’s asking about fit. So I thought I should share my findings and how they’ve broken in so far. Plus, we all love a good product review, right?

DISCLOSURE: This post isn’t sponsored or affiliated with St. Agni and I bought the shoes myself. 

Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review


ABOUT THE BRAND | St. Agni is a footwear, accessories and clothing line founded by Lara & Matt Fells in their iconic coastal hometown of Byron Bay in 2014. The couple set out to create simple luxurious pieces that reflect the beauty and freedom of the Australian lifestyle, using quality leather and fabrics. Think wearability, easy shapes, earthy tones and natural textures. Or simply check out the collection!

MADE IN INDONESIA | The St. Agni footwear line is handmade in a small leather factory in Java, Indonesia that consists of approximately 50 staff members. Lara & Matt take pride in the close working relationships they have with the people and factories they choose. Working directly with the artisans helps to ensure the quality of the St. Agni product.


As a company we recognise our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment. We constantly strive to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint. The cows used to produce our leather are sourced from a selection of local farms, raised purely for consumption and leather. The use of plastic is minimised in our packaging process and all of our products are shipped in re-usable dust bags. We source as many materials as possible from Indonesia and importantly we are careful to only produce to meet demand.

Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review


After about a year on my wish list, I’ve now had the Paris Woven Mule in Almond in my closet for about one month and have been wearing them almost every single day. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I’ve clocked something like 150,000 steps in them so far and they only seem to get comfier! So let’s go over some of the details shall we?

SIZE: I’d be lying if I said the fit on these wasn’t tricky but here goes! I wear a US 7 (usually) and a 7.5 (sometimes) and have a narrow foot. I got these in the 38. The brand recommended a 37 while a lot of other people recommended a 39. I think the 37 could have worked but they would have been very tight at first and taken longer to break in. The 39 would have been too wide and too long. The 38 was snug at first but relaxed exactly as much as needed after about a week of daily wear. The foot bed is a touch long at the back (which perhaps you can tell in photos below) but it doesn’t bother me and feels totally fine.

If you’re between sizes and/or have a wide foot I would definitely size up. Lots of people go up two sizes as they do run very narrow but I think the woven leather will give a lot if you give it time to warm up and stretch out.

Sidenote: I had tried the 38 on in the Olive Suede Paris Mule and they were loose but the woven leather runs narrower for sure. I would probably order a 37 in other styles.

PRICE: $259 AUD + $35 AUD for INTL Shipping and I was charged customs and duties (approx 30% which hurt a bit but at least the AUD is on par with the CAD).

COMFORT: After a few hot spots during break-in, these have become some of the comfiest shoes in my closet and have not given me any blisters. I used to slip on Birkenstocks to walk Dobby but now these are what I slide into in the morning. I don’t even really notice the low wood heel but I really like the silhouette it gives and just that little bit of added height. Not a heel gal? Go for the Bunto Woven Loafer.

The woven leather gives these some stretch and really adds to how wearable these are as they  move with your foot. The footbed is slightly padded and the inside of the woven leather is very soft. The more I wear these, the better they mold to my foot and the comfier they are.

COLOURS: You can find the Woven Paris Mule in Almond (which I have), Vintage Tan and Black. The Paris Mule style also comes in a smooth leather if that’s more your thing.

MAINTENANCE: I spray these with a standard leather protector and any time they’ve gotten dirty I use a Boot Rescue wipe to clean them up. The toe has gotten a bit scuffed but I think that’s just part of the patina they’ll get over time. I also plan to one day replace the leather sole once I’ve worn them into the ground.

WHY I CHOOSE THESE: I was looking for a light neutral shoe that would be super easy to slip in and out of for the Spring and Summer season (I love a good buckle but I’m lazy too!). I wanted something that was a contemporary shape but still a timeless style. Something between a flat and a sandal and versatile enough to be dressed up and down for everyday wear. I wear mostly neutrals now and also wanted a little bit of texture to add interest without feeling busy. These checked all the boxes!

Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review


Here are a few more of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received. 

Are they breathable? Yes! Because the leather is woven, little holes let air in. That said, I won’t be grabbing these on a super humid summer day, I’ll opt for open toes instead.

Do they stay on? Yes! FINALLY! I’ve struggled to find mules that worked for my feet in the past, ie: those that wouldn’t fly off, but these stay on very well and I rarely ever have to think about it. I think this is partly because of the slender fit and design of the shoe as the woven top comes up high on the arch of the foot. It’s also partly because of the way the leather softens and molds to the shape of your foot creating very subtle dips and ridges that your foot fits into perfectly. When I first put these on and my feet are cool and dry they can be a bit slippery but it only takes a few minutes to warm up the leather.

Is there a budget friendly option? I think these are worth every penny and would buy them again in a heartbeat. Save up, you won’t regret it! Of course, for those on a tighter budget, Paloma Wool ($133 USD on sale) and Nisolo ($178 USD) make a woven mule. However, with the exchange they’re not actually all that much cheaper for us in Canada. I’ve also tried both and neither were nearly as comfortable or flattering on the foot.

Can you dress them up? Totally! I love them for everyday but you can absolutely dress them up for a nice dinner or night out. I’ve worn them with my HDH Jumper and a bold lip for a night out with Dave and just this weekend I wore them with wide leg pants and a silk tank to dance the night away with my girlfriends. They also look super cute with a feminine dress or a full skirt! The shape really ups the elegance factor.

Where can I get them? I ordered directly from St. Agni (the style/colour I wanted was sold out everywhere else) and the shipping was very quick. But you can also find them at:

Style Bee - St. Agni Paris Mule Review

BOXY BLOUSEgifted | VETTA | $80.10 USD when you use the code: ‘BEE10’ at checkout | Made in NYC | Save 10% on any VETTA order with ‘BEE10’ through Thursday May 31. Catch my Casual Capsule review here.


ARC + LINEgifted | NATALIE JOY | $100 USD | Portland, OR

THRILLEST | KOSÅS via LYNN STEVEN | $28 USD | See my KOSÅS lipstick review here.

I hope this review is helpful for anyone interested in the St. Agni Paris Mule! 

Please feel free to share your size + fit insights or any other questions in the comments.

DISCLOSURE: This post is not sponsored or produced in partnership with any of the aforementioned brands but it contains affiliate links. When you shop using the links above I may make a small portion of the sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Style Bee.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Love this review! I have been seeing many others that recommend buying used for cheaper price & avoiding any breaking in. Think secondhand may be better for my budget, but glad to hear that they’re good quality!

  2. Leslie says:

    I found a pair of the leather Paris Mules Size 36 on Poshmark and they fitted perfectly. I’m a true 6 with narrow feet. I later noticed the Woven Mules in Vintage Tan were on sale at the St. Agni website, so I bought them. After going back and forth with a sizing specialist they suggested sticking with the 36 even though the website suggests sizing up. I wore the mules out yesterday and I’m happy to report I didn’t get any blisters. My heel is at the very edge of the shoe but I’m hoping the leather will stretch and give me a tad more room in the back. Overall, these are beautiful shoes and the leather looks great. I also love the heel and I can wear this style for years to come.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this sizing experience Leslie. It’s so tricky to know what will work between the type of shoe and the sizing advice online. I think you made the right call and I would be willing to bet that the leather will relax the perfect amount for you!

  3. Amanda says:

    I am so worried now seeing that you have not sized up and they fit well! I ordered these in a size 40, then emailed to update to a 41 because I think my feet are on the wider side… Waiting. A St. Agni rep recommended I order a 40 (for narrow feet) or a 41 (for wider feet) as I’m usually a US9. I hope the 41 does not stretch too much and that they’re not too long. I really wish there was more sizing information available, especially measurements of the shoe itself. I appreciate your review.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Amanda, The sizing is tricky, especially when dealing with US vs EU since they’re not perfectly transferable. Add in the handmade factor and it gets even trickier! Personally, I think you will be fine with the 40. The leather is quite soft and will stretch as much as needed to accommodate your foot. I ended up getting a second pair of the Paris Mule and went with a 37 instead of 38 and while very tight to start, they ended up fitting best. The 38 felt a bit sloppy after a full season but was still totally wearable. I just didn’t love how much the footbed stuck out behind my heel. I hope that helps and you get a response soon!

  4. Karsti says:

    Ok so I bought them and am so glad I did! Thanks a million for your sizing advice, there is very little else to go on out there on the interwebs! I am usually a 9 but am sometimes an 8.5 because my feet are so narrow, really I am a true 39.5. I went for the 39, and initially was worried they were too short (the return costs are daunting!), but as the leather is stretching I think they will end up being perfect. These are the most beautiful shoes I have ever bought

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I’m so thrilled to hear that you love your new Paris Mules Karsti! Thanks for sharing your sizing and feedback, I’m sure that will helps others too. Enjoy your new beauties 🙂 xo

  5. June says:

    Love these on you, and the way you’ve styled them!

    I picked up similar ones secondhand ( ) and would encourage anyone looking to try this style of shoe out to do the same, especially if on a budget! They were super popular at various points in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, so there are many beautiful options to choose from on Poshmark, Ebay, Vinted, etc. etc.

    xx from London

  6. Devon says:

    I had no idea I needed these. They’re arriving Thursday. : )

  7. Vee says:

    Oh my gosh, those shoes are gorgeous! I love mules in theory but I’d be so worried they’ll come flying off my feet. 🙁 Glad to hear these ones stay put! I may have just added them to my wishlist… They look so lovely on you! Thank you for the detailed review.

  8. Karsti says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing these and shy to take the plunge… I have a pair of Nisolo Marietta mules I love but they just don’t stay put like I’d hoped. And while the nubuck is beautiful and not really that hard to take care of, it’s still too much maintenance for me. I think the woven smooth leather will take scuffs better – enough scuff/water marks = patina right?!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I found the exact same thing with the Nisolo mules. They are a gorgeous design but just didn’t stay on and kind of made my feet sweat. These are more comfy and low maintenance for sure. I also prefer the slightly pointier shape. Thanks for reading Karsti! Xo

  9. Eleanor Lipinski says:

    I’m a size 11 and bought a 42 and they were at least 2 sizes too small. I’m just incredibly frustrated with company’s like Everlane, Nisolo, etc that will not make shoes that run true to size or for women with larger feet. I also loved the shoe but had to return. And no way for me to size up. Glad they work out for you.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for sharing your sizing experience Eleanor. I hear you! Buying shoes online is so damn tricky when they’re not made true to size. Totally agree that the size ranges need to be more inclusive as well! I hope you were able to find another option that worked better for you. Thanks for reading xo

  10. Krystal says:

    These shoes are so tempting! Just curious how sturdy it feels at the point of the toe – do you have any worries of the leather snapping or coming loose? (or maybe I’m just fearful due to my propensity for running into things!)

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Good question Krystal. The leather overlaps at the tip of the toe so it’s actually quite sturdy. I’ve worn these through the woods, tall grass, on gravel and lots of other tough terrain and they’ve been great so far. I wouldn’t be worries about the leather snapping or coming loose but it will definitely get scuffed. In the lighter tan it’s not very noticeable though. Hope that helps! xo

  11. Kim says:

    I just bought these from Still Life a few weeks ago and they are lovely. I went slightly smaller thinking they would stretch to fit and they have been really comfortable from the start. Easy to dress up or down. A pricey purchase but they go with everything and always look great 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on these Kim! So glad you love them too. They really work well with everything don’t they? xo

  12. Lori says:

    As a Calgarian I am compelled to note that Field Study is in Calgary, not Edmonton 🙂

    Love the mules on you and LOVE your blog!