It’s time for the final part of my summer travel series (catch up on part 1 and part 2) and today I’ll be sharing everything I packed for my 10 day trip to southern France and Barcelona, plus all the looks I put together!

I like to lean into a more playful and feminine style when I travel so I made a point to bring lots of dresses and the flirty summer pieces I love but don’t get to wear as often at home. I felt great in all the outfits I wore and I think the key was bringing items that were both weather appropriate and stylish. I never felt like I was sacrificing my comfort for sartorial reasons or vice versa.

With the 30 or so items I packed (including shoes and accessories), I managed to put together 20 different looks! Plus, while creating this post, I realized that my packing list would make for a great summer capsule closet, so even if you’re not travelling I hope this one gives you some summer style ideas.

Now, onto the good stuff!


As usual, I packed up my AWAY carry-on suitcase, using packing cubes to stay organized. I also grabbed my trusty JOSHU+VELA medium canvas tote (gifted a couple of summers ago) for my second piece of luggage, which is where I keep my purse, liquids and other essentials for easy access.

Technically, my luggage qualified for carry-on with every airline, however, I ended up having to check my bags on a couple of flights because they were full and the crew had concerns about overhead space. Luckily, baggage claim was prompt and there were no issues throughout my trip. I did keep an extra set of underwear and a fresh top in my tote to be safe.


WEATHER FORECAST: The weather forecast for southern France and northern Spain was a little bit daunting since there were extreme heat warnings and temps in the high 30’s and low 40’s (that’s around 100 degrees fahrenheit). I’m not great with heat and sweat easily, so knowing this, I allowed for 2 outfits a day. One for daytime exploring and one for the evening. I also opted for loose fitting pieces to keep the air flowing as much as possible and lots of linen!

ACTIVITIES: For the most part my trip itinerary was fairly casual with lots of walking in the day and dinners out at night.



Dresses were essential on this trip and the perfect one and done outfits for hot days of exploring and dinners out on patios. Most of the items I packed got too sweaty to wear twice but I wore my ditzy floral mini dress and tiered block print maxi dress a couple of times each. Note to self: prints have more longevity during travel because they hide dirt and stains!

SOURCES: DAWN DRESS old (Save $30 USD with this link) | PALO WRAP DRESS gifted | CIRCLE DRESS gifted | DITSY FLORAL MINI DRESS old (Linked to similar print/style) | BASIL DRESS old (Save $30 USD with this link)


I packed a range of bottoms and jumpers for the trip and unsurprisingly found that the jumpers were great for getting ready quick and the separates, like shorts and skirts, were ideal for mixing and matching.

SOURCES: BEL SKIRT gifted | JUMPER gifted (old but similar linked) | FLORENCE PANT | EASY SHORT gifted | DUFFY JUMPER gifted | OLIVER SHORT currently sold out | LINEN JUMPER gifted (old but similar linked)


I brought lots of tops because I knew I’d go through these the fastest. Loose tees were perfect for the daytime and button up shirts gave me some styling flexibility. You know how I love a front knot! Fitted tees were part of my travel uniform (more on that below) and great for small space packing. If I changed anything, I might have brought an extra bodysuit or two next time because they’re great under a relaxed short.



I was really happy with how my TKEES sandals held up throughout the trip but it would have been smart to bring a pair of more supportive sandals/sneakers for the super long walking days (looking at these for next time). My block heeled sandals were great for nights out and some casual walking around.



All the jewellery I brought fit neatly into a little white box, which took up barely any room. I packed my favourite Jewels & Aces capsule earrings and my go-to statement earrings. I wore my necklaces and anklet on the plane to avoid tangling. While in Saint Guilhem-le-Désert I picked up a couple of beautiful handmade earrings and wore those for much of the remaining trip.

SOURCES: JEWELS & ACES EARRING CAPSULE gifted | NECKLACES & ANKLET | STATEMENT HORN EARRING gifted | KATE HOOPS | Woven statement earrings bought in Saint Guilhem-le-Désert.



One thing I did on this trip, which I hadn’t done before, was plan a travel uniform. This consisted of a basic fitted tee, linen skirt, sandals and my tote bag. I wore this uniform on every flight (4 total) and one day of car travel. It kept my packing lean and eliminated the added stress of deciding what to wear on already hectic days. I will 100% use this trick again!






SOURCES: WOVEN BAG old similar options here and here. SQUARE LEATHER BAG (shown above) | Please see my packing list for clothing and accessory sources.

Et voilà! My summer travel series is complete!

Thanks for tuning in and indulging in these adventure memories with me.




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  1. Kathleen says:

    I’m late to reading this post but enjoyed it immensely as I’m always looking for ways to pack efficiently. I’d love to know how you packed so many items in your carry on. I have the small Away carry on and use their packing cubes but still struggle. Do you roll or fold? Maybe a future post could show us how you fit it all in?

  2. Stephanie Simos says:

    What a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely have to try the idea of a travel uniform. Who makes that gorgeous white dress with the black embroidery? It looks like it might be floor length, but I’m unsure. Sending you love!

  3. Sandra Nicholson says:

    Hi Lee, I just found your website and I love all your outfit inspiration! I’m using the closet edit workbook now.

    I’m about to place my first ES order for the silk Florence pant and the linen Petra crop.
    For the crop, I can’t decide between Flax and Ivory linen! Which color do you think would be more versatile for a first purchase? Thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Sandra, that’s so great to hear, welcome!

      Ohh good question! I’d have to say Flax because it pairs so well with both dark and light pieces. Flax also hides dirt and stains better than the ivory. I hope that helps and great picks for your first order! xo

  4. Ana Q says:

    Oh no, looks like my question from a few days earlier didn’t post!

    I was really interested in your comparison between the OC Palo Wrap Dress and the HWDH Circle Dress in style, functionality, and design. I am looking for a closet hero! If you could only pick one which would it be?

    • Ana q says:

      Oops, and it’s magically appeared below! Sorry for the duplication! No need to reply!!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Ana, No problem at all! Could have been a browser cache issue. I shared my thoughts on the two in reply to your initial comment but let me know if it’s not showing up for you. Thanks so much for following up! xo

  5. Ana Q says:

    Love love love this story and your travel capsule collection so much! Help me decide based on versatility, wears, longevity, and design: which would you choose to purchase, the HWDH circle dress or the OC palo dress? I’m trying to pick one to be a closet hero!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Ana! Ah, that’s a great question. I really love both of them and have worn them equally but I think ultimately, I would probably have to say the Circle Dress. It has been great for summer and it’s an easy piece to layer under for cooler temps. I think it could look great over a fitted turtleneck with a tall boot and a leather jacket for Fall. That being said, I just feel incredible whenever I wear the Palo Dress. It’s got a beautiful shape and movement to it. It’s probably a bit less versatile than the Circle Dress in terms of reversibility and layering. Both are made very well. I hope that helps! xo

    • Ana q says:

      Thanks so much for your side-by-side comparison! I loved the movement of the Circle dress in the short videos on your travelogue. It’s so great to pick your brain about styling it in the fall—thanks for those ideas!

    • Ana q says:

      Thank you thank you thank you for your guidance on this one! Just got my Circle Dress and it’s an absolute dream! I am in love. The fit and fabric are gorgeous and so versatile. Can’t wait to wear this weekend!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thrilled to hear you love the Circle Dress Ana! It’s such a special piece. Thanks for letting me know and enjoy! xo

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lee,
    Really enjoyed these posts on your travels and your photos are beautiful!
    I travel frequently, so… dress smart casual with slip-on shoes for planes/ always have extra panties, top & bottom in my purse should luggage not arrive-has happened!/classy cotton foldable sun hat/pack couple of plastic coat hangers to hang up laundry washed in sinks & rolled in towels so dry by next morning-only pack clothes that dry overnight- no jeans!/tend to pack stretchy clothes in black, white, grey & one colour “pop” in red or orange/one large shawl in featherweight silk that rolls up smaller than a tennis ball & keeps me warm in very cold ac places/always smart, comfortable worn-in supportive sandals & shoes in soft leather-often find these in Europe.
    Noted that you like clothing (often linens) & bags by smaller companies. I live in K-W & am addicted to the all Canadian clothing, bags & jewellery store, Distill, in Stratford ON.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for all these great tips and packing ideas Elizabeth! I thought your note on packing clothes that dry overnight was so smart!

      I’ve been meaning to stop into Distill for ages actually so I’m glad you mentioned it! Will be sure to do that next time I’m in Stratford.

  7. Nicole says:

    Now another question: what size did you get in the HDH easy short? Love all the items you shared; they’ve definitely given me some inspo for some closet gaps i was hoping to fill

  8. Kirstin says:

    Did any airport security make you take your sandals off? Did you have socks with you? I just can’t imagine walking barefoot in an airport.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Haha I hear you! No shoe removal needed. I haven’t been asked to take off my shoes at the airport for a long time now. Might be because I’m usually in slip ons but it could also depend on the airport. I think they still scan heeled or thick soled shoes but I’m no expert!

  9. Nicole says:

    Hey Lee!
    Beautiful post! I’ve been eyeing the Na Nin Raw Silk Oliver Shorts for a while. Would you mind sharing what size you bought?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Nicole, You bet! I got a Medium in the shorts and LOVE them so much. The fit and small details like a single front pleat, wood button and pockets makes them just a tiny bit tailored and special. I’m 100% ordering the other two colours when they come back later this summer.

  10. Lindsey says:

    Lee, these outfits and your trip blow me away! So so good. I’m envious you snagged a Duffy jumpsuit in cactus – they’ve been sold out of XS and S for several weeks. Can I ask what size you are wearing in the Duffy? Thank you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Lindsey! I was bummed to see it sold out but I’m sure they will restock and/or offer more colours soon! I got the size S but it’s quite a generous fit, I think I could have gone down to the XS for a more tailored look but I love how loose and flowy it is. I’m 5’7 and about 125 lbs for reference. Hope that helps!

  11. Sarah Winton says:

    I love your woven bag! Your vacation style is lovely and effortless!

  12. Kirra says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about your packing list! Packing for travelling is always interesting as even though I plan it I don’t seem to always pack the right combination of items. I really like your suggestions of a ‘travel uniform’ and having two items for a day when hot, good to see what you packed for this amount of time away.
    I like wearing sandals when it’s hot too but have also learnt that I may need to wear sneakers when doing lots of walking, especially on footpaths in cities compared to say the beach. I’m also trying to not buy plastic water bottles by carrying my own, nice to see you doing that too.
    I am about to pack for two months in Europe/UK and am a bit daunted, any long trip packing tips anyone wants to share would be appreciated!
    Kirra 🙂

    • Kennedy says:

      Hi Kirra! I’ve done multiple long term travel stints (ranging from one month to a full year, often packing in just a backpack) and my advice would be to pack about a week’s worth of clothing. That normally offers enough options to mix and match, and I find I only have to do laundry about once every two or three weeks. Pack extra underwear though — that’s the one thing that can’t really be re-worn obviously. I recommend having one go-to fancy/formal outfit that makes you feel super confident, something you can reach for when you have a nice outing scheduled. Linen is my favorite travel fabric especially for summer. It doesn’t retain odor, looks good wrinkled, and dries quickly. My final piece of advice is to pack some of your favorite clothing items from home that you feel represent your personal style. May sound like a no-brainer but I find I have a tendency to go out and buy “travel clothes” or things I think I should bring because of some list — this normally results in me feeling not like myself when traveling. I end up feeling uneasy when I should be enjoying all of the experiences I’m having.

      Happy packing and have a great Euro adventure! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your packing wisdom Kennedy! So many great tips in there 🙂

    • Kirra says:

      Thanks Kennedy!!! This is great travel advice! I know what you mean about packing clothes for ‘traveling’ that you don’t really love. This week is when I’ll be packing so wish me luck 😉

  13. BIRGIT says:

    Love your serene and elegant style, Bee, it’s very inspiring! Also am a fan of packing posts- could you sometime do a one on not just WHAT to pack but also HOW?
    What you brought still looks like a lot to me, assuming you had also additional items like toiletries and stuff, so I would be very interested in your packing system- especially for a trip with several stops and having to unpack and repack repeatedly.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much! That is a great suggestion and I meant to document my packing this time but it got too late (as usual haha). I’m definitely not a minimalist with packing but I try to be thoughtful about what I need without totally depriving myself of options. Packing cubes and rolling are my two key tricks but I’ll be sure to keep a ‘how to’ post in mind next time! xo

  14. I love reading your blog, Lee!

    My plane staples these days –
    Black EZ Florence linen pants
    Striped or basic top (often Everlane)
    White Supergas or cute mules
    Everlane cashmere sweater (as pillow or, if cold)
    AND Caron Callahan blue work jacket:)

    While traveling, I live in a white tee and Jesse Kamm pants:) Supergas for all the walking.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      That means so much Annie! Love following along with your travels, sorry they got cut short this time. Love your travel staples! Thanks for sharing friend 🙂

  15. Laura Lambrecht says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and feminine look book of sorts. What I love best is you do not look in any way like a tourist! Such a great example of taking the time to be cool, comfortable and stylish while traveling. You inspire me to move towards more interchangeable neutrals as I can be drawn to more prints which I find can be limiting when traveling. Many thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s so kind of you Laura, thank you! I was asked directions a few times and that always makes me feel like a local even if I can’t help haha. If find that bringing a couple of prints and lots of neutrals works really well. Then you can spice up the basics but still make lots of combinations. Thanks for reading! xo

  16. Christine says:

    Lee, thanks for sharing! I love packing posts — I find them so inspiring and useful. I’m headed to Italy in September and will definitely be referencing this as I pack. Would you mind sharing the straw bag you brought? I looked at the shop my closet page, but I’m pretty sure it’s not on there. I am jonesing for a straw bag but haven’t been able to settle on one I like that seems it’ll hold up well, and this one may just be it. Thank you! Xx

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Christine! I love packing posts for the same reasons 🙂

      I found that bag in Antibes last summer at this boutique. It’s since sold out and I haven’t been able to source anything quite like it however I did come across this option from Clare V. and this option from Kayu. I like that they have handles and a removable long strap. I’d also try Etsy because they might have some good options for less! Hope that helps xo

    • Christine says:

      Thanks very much, Lee! I appreciate you taking the time to respond and sharing some alternatives.

    • Carly Chapman says:

      Wow, I love all of these looks! Great inspiration, thank you.

  17. Joanne Leach says:

    Wow. I’m really surpris ped you didn’t bring a walking shoe or runner. I just got back from 3 weeks in France, Italy and Scotland and while I did pack light sandals (it was extremely hot in Italy) I found that with hours and hours of walking each day, I wore my white Geoxx runners and black Joseph Seibel walking shoes and saved the sandals for the evening when we did less walking.

  18. Sara says:

    Hi Lee,

    What packing cubes do you use? I just bought some and the zippers are cheap. I’m looking for a good set.


  19. Allison says:

    Love all of these outfits! If you don’t mind me asking, where is the water bottle, wallet and scarf from in your travel uniform flatlay photo? Also, love this hack of wearing the same thing on your travel days. So good!

    <3 Allison

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Allison! Oh yes, totally forgot to link those items, sorry about that!

      The water bottle is from Soma (I did my best to avoid buying plastic water bottles on this trip and it really helped!).
      The wallet was a gifted item from HFS Collective (it comes with a belt!).
      – The Olive scarf is old from a local shop in Guelph, but The Scarf Shop makes a similar style in lots of colourways.

      Thanks so much for reading! xo

  20. Nipa says:

    Hi Lee,
    Loved reading about your travel style as it’s so different from mine! I pack lots of stretchy pieces, very little jewelry, and sneakers. I also don’t own any linen as I figure it ends up a crumpled mess, but your linen pieces look so chic, I’ll have to give it a try! xo Nipa

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Nipa! I hear you on the sneakers and stretchy pieces for sure. I usually go that route for flying but opted out of sneakers for this trip because of the heat. Working on sharing some tips for travelling with linen too so stay tuned 🙂