Style Bee - August Outfits - Look 11

August Outfits – Look 11


Hello, hello! Welcome to a new week of August outfits. It’s still hot as ‘H’ ‘E’ ‘double hockey sticks’ here in southern Ontario, which is just the incentive I needed to keep digging into my summer style. In fact, when this dress arrived recently, I was thrilled to see that the weather was on board with my plans to wear it.

I’m slowly but surely becoming more of a dress wearer and even though this look it not my typical go-to, I feel right at home in it. Sometimes when I try something new I’m reminded that a great aspect of personal style is how it can evolve and grow with you. It need not be limiting or stagnant!

In today’s post I’m sharing a few notes on how I bring a unique piece into my closet while staying true to my personal style.

PS. Thanks so much for the kind words on Friday’s post. I’m always nervous when sharing something new or a big project and it meant the world to see such a positive response. You folks are honestly the best!

Style Bee - August Outfits - Look 11
Style Bee - August Outfits - Look 11
Style Bee - August Outfits - Look 11


I’d been interested in apron dresses for a couple of seasons but hadn’t found the perfect option. When I spotted this one at L’Appartement Sézane in Paris this June I was so smitten but being the start of my trip, I didn’t want to add to my already packed suitcase. Serendipitously, Sézane reached out a few weeks later to send me a piece to try and I knew this was the one! It was something totally different for me and yet, as soon as I buttoned it up, I knew it was a keeper.

Sadly, this dress doesn’t appear to be shoppable on Sézane as of today (sorry about that), but I felt it was still worth sharing this look and some thoughts on how I ease a unique piece into my closet. Here’s my approach:

1 – Stick to My Colour Comfort Zone – This will be different for everyone but for me, warm neutrals are my wheelhouse. When I’m trying a style that’s a bit outside of the norm for me I like to go for a colour that’s within my usual palette. This way I can focus on a single aspect that is different, in this case the shape, without being overwhelmed by too much change.

2 – Consider Styling Potential – The more versatile a piece seems the less daunting it feels to add something different. If this dress could only be worn one way I probably wouldn’t have taken a risk on it. However, it can be layered over a tee or fitted turtleneck, worn with sandals now or over tights and boots when it’s chilly (can’t wait to try that) and looks great under a blazer for a meeting. Just noting these different styling options when I was deliberating made it feel like it could work well within my closet and wouldn’t be a stand alone item.

3 – Lean Towards Timeless Over Trends – While the apron style has been popular this summer, I think this particular take has a more timeless feel than a trendy one. Especially in this chestnut linen with flat tortoise buttons it almost reads to me as more vintage than modern. I decided to really lean into the vintage vibe with this look through the ribbed tee and tortoise headband.

These are all things I consider with any new addition but I put an emphasis on these three in particular when I’m trying something more unique than usual. Perhaps they’ll be useful for you too!

I’d love to know, have you tried any styles that were out of your usual wheelhouse this summer? How’d it go?

OUTFIT DETAILS: JADE DRESS* gifted but no longer available. Similar style here (in black and green) and here (in tons of linen colours). | SIMONE BODYSUIT (I wear a M) | TORTOISE HEADBAND | WOVEN BAG* old | ANKLET* sold out | SILK SCARF* old

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  1. Virdena says:

    Love your sense of style!!

  2. Kirra says:

    I live this style of dress and you look great in it! I used to have a similar style black one but it wore out and I haven’t found a replacement yet. Thanks for sharing what you consider when adding new pieces, very good advice.

  3. Martine says:

    The first thing I noticed was that this dress is so different from what you usually wear but on the otherhand it fits right in.
    It looks great on you and what you say, it’s good not to limit yourself or be stagnant.
    Reading the post I recognized that I thought the same way you described, while ordering a boilersuit last weekend on a UK site (, I think you might like it 😉 ).
    Is it the rigth colour, check. Can I wear if in different ways, check. And is it a timeless, good quality piece, check.
    So I was ready to order that boilersuit which is for me really something different and challenging.
    Now keeping my fingers crossed that the fit is ok.
    That’s always a problem while ordering online 😉

    I think it’s good to try different pieces and re-invent yourself sometimes.
    I have added several new to me pieces this summer and they make me feel so good.
    Like new energy is being released 😉

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Martine! LOVE that boiler suit so much! Great find for sure. I totally agree that it’s a good idea to change it up sometimes. It’s invigorating and I think a change here or there can actually help you see new potential in pieces that might have been feeling stale. xo