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In an instagram post a little while back I asked if you folks might be interested in seeing a workwear capsule and to my delight the answer was a resounding YES! The capsule itself is something I’m still thinking about and slowly pulling together but in the meantime I wanted to share some office-ready looks from my current closet to give you some inspiration for the fall season.

Today I’m sharing 7 looks that could work for a range of different office environments (or no office at all!). From classically corporate to polished professor to artsy accountant, there’s bound to be at least one that sparks an idea for your own closet!

I was going to wait until Monday to share these but figured this would give you a head start for next week. Scroll down for all the looks and catch a quick style tip in each one!


Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

If I worked in an office, this would probably be my go-to outfit formula most days. A simple light coloured top front tucked into black fitted pants with an oversized blazer on top. I added some minimal leather accessories in a range of textures to keep things interesting.

Attention to detail is a great skill to have whether it’s for reading reports or getting ready. So consider giving those extra elements some thought when you’re putting together a simple look. A little really goes a long way with a modern flat or an unique headband.

OUTFIT SOURCES: BLAZER* old | HEADBAND | MINI DAY TOTE gifted | TEE* old | PANTS* old | SQUARE TOE FLATS gifted | EARRINGS gifted | *linked to similar



Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

This one is a power look and then some. It’s fundamentally minimal but because each item is carefully curated with clean lines and elegant details it has a real boldness to it. I love, love, love the way this palette of bright white, cream, camel and a couple of hints of chocolate came together.

Never underestimate the impact of a monochromatic look! See if you can pull together an outfit using pieces within a tonal range. It could be greys, blues, reds or greens! Whatever you find yourself drawn to often.

OUTFIT SOURCES: CAMEL COAT (Wearing a S, comes with belt) | TURTLENECK | BELT | SKIRT* old | TIGHTS gifted | BOOTS (51% OFF!!) | BAG | HEADBAND | EARRINGS gifted


(Many under $500 USD)


I’m certainly not reinventing the wheel with this office look but I felt the ivory blazer was a nice way to freshen up a black top and houndstooth trouser. I went for loafers, a watch and a large leather tote to reinforce the classic menswear vibe.

Black and white with a bit of pattern and a hit of brown is an easy go-to colour palette when I’m putting together outfits in a hurry.

OUTFIT SOURCES: BLAZER (I wear a 2) | TANK gifted | PANTS* old | TOTE* old gifted | LOAFERS | NECKLACE | *Linked to similar


Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

Houndstooth is one of a my favourite patterns (must be the Brit in me) because it always manages to add interest while still blending in. I fought the urge to add a bright white element in this look and opted for a muted olive green button down. I love how this one feels a moody and earthy with the mix of sage, oxblood and lots of black textures.

Next time you’re inclined to add a certain colour maybe swap it out for something less obvious and see how it feels!

OUTFIT SOURCES: HOUNDSTOOTH COAT* vintage | WASHABLE SILK SHIRT gifted | BELT | SKIRT gifted | TIGHTS gifted | BAG* vintage | BOOTS gifted | EARRINGS gifted


Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

Every time I wear this denim duster someone usually says I’m serving some major art teacher vibes and I can totally see why. A long duster coat like this is a great piece to sub in instead of say a blazer, leather jacket or sweater because it’s a bit less expected and adds an element of polish without being too basic or serious. Duster jackets are a fundamental part of my personal style for that very reason!

Fun fact, I almost took psych in undergrad with a plan to become an art therapist. I even considered doing a masters in it but decided to follow my love of design instead.

OUTFIT SOURCES: DUSTER COAT* old | BLACK TEE (I wear a S) | WIDE LEG CHINO (see the full review) | BELT | FLATS gifted | HAIR CLIP | NECKLACE | BAG* old | EARRINGS gifted | *Linked to similar


Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

Since we’re on the topic of duster coats, I wanted to get a bit creative with this green one and decided to try it out as a dress. Now I just can’t believe it took me so long to wear it this way! I layered it over a pair of opaque tights and a fitted turtleneck and belted it with a unique but minimal knot belt.

Whenever I’m trying something new with an item, I try to keep the rest of the look really simple. This way I’m not so far outside my comfort zone that I feel self-conscious. In this case that meant all black accessories and clean lines throughout.

OUTFIT SOURCES: DUSTER COAT/DRESS* old | TURTLENECK (I wear a S) | BOX BAG gifted | KNOT BELT* old | TIGHTS gifted | BOOTS gifted | EARRINGS gifted | *Linked to similar


Style Bee - Week of Outfits - Work

Last but not least we have a more classically corporate look. I wore this one recently for a meeting and felt like a total boardroom badass!

There is something special about the combination of a sweater dress and a blazer. The two don’t typically work together but in this case I’m really feeling the softness of the monochrome grey palette mixed with clean lines and a black leather box bag and pointed boot.

Coming at you Q4!

OUTFIT SOURCES: SWEATER DRESS (I wear a M for a looser fit) | BLAZER* old | TIGHTS gifted | BOOTS gifted | EARRINGS gifted | BOX BAG gifted |*Linked to similar


Well that was fun!

I hope this post gives you some new office outfit ideas!

If you enjoyed this one or have another style category you’d like me to tackle with a week of outfits please let me know!

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful weekend!


This post was not sponsored or produced in partnership with any brands noted above. This article contains affiliate links and some gifted items. If you see something you like and decide to shop through the links above, I may earn commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!


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  1. Amy Coates says:

    Love your pants and shoes. Great outfit! I need for my husband some new Flight Jackets styling ideas. Can you please share if possible ?? Thank you so much for all

  2. Holly says:

    Oh my goodness, what a magnificent collection!! Can you do a workwear post once a month or so?! Ha! I am mimicking every one of these looks this week!! I need to kick my work style up a notch…and these outfits are it!!! I was so taken with your blazers that I went straight to Goodwill and scored a 7$ Dior vintage blazer that I’m sporting tomorrow!!! Thank you, Lee! This is just in the nick of time because I’ve hit a style rut! And I swear, I am just OVER skinny pants, but had no idea how to style anything else!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That so much for the great feedback Holly! So happy that this post has given you a boost of inspo for your work week. Um, that Dior blazer find sounds EPIC! Have a great week. xo

  3. Anne Rice says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your thoughtful post! You have really inspired me to review my wardrobe with an eye towards sustainability. I need advice on a patterned blazer for fall/winter. I like the selection from Everlane and I am wondering which one would be the most versatile for the upcoming season.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Annie! Everlane does a really great blazer for sure. I think the Herringbone or Glen plaid are great options for a bit of pattern but still lots of versatility. Both are classic and they won’t go out of style. If you wear more warm whites and neutrals the chocolate windowpane could be a good call. Hope that helps you decide!

  4. Tsport says:

    All the outfits look so beautiful and these are different outfit ideas. I was searching some outfit ideas for work and this article can be helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. Kirra says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your seven looks for work. I’m a primary school teacher so I don’t need to dress too smart, mainly clothes that are comfortable for moving around most of the day.
    I looked at the Everlane work pant link and realized they are mostly cotton! Since I’m in Australia I’m thinking of buying a pair for our upcoming summer, for when it’s not boiling hot. Keen to try pants with a side zip too. Did you get your normal size in these pants? Looking at reviews some people got the size up.

    Also love your stockings that you’ve worn in this post, have saved them for winter as I like wearing skirts and stockings in winter for more warmth (it does get cold in some parts of Australia in winter!!).
    I agree, thanks for posting on the weekend, gives you something fun to think about for work the next week!

  6. liz says:

    Hi Lee,

    Love these looks! I’m in the market for my first nice blazer. I have to make a TV appearance soon (woot, woot public broadcasting!) and I’m thinking about the classically fitted black Everlane one. Is that a good investment for your first nice blazer or should I go more art teacher vibes?


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Liz! That’s so exciting congrats! I absolutely love the blazers I have from Everlane and I definitely think they’re great quality and value. I think it’s a great pick for your upcoming appearances 🙂

  7. Lindsey R says:

    Hi Lee, I love this post! So fun and such great ideas. How warm is the curated wool coat? Is does it have winter staying power? Thanks!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thank you Lindsey! It’s definitely cozy but not a deep winter coat. I think it’s best for anywhere between 0 and 15 Celsius depending on what you’re wearing underneath. It’s such a gorgeous piece though, I’m a bit obsessed 😛

  8. Aline says:

    Please tell me more about the camel coat in look 2! I’ve been looking for a well made, well sourced option for some time now. This looks like it has a lot of potential!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Oh goodness, this coat is such a gem! I’d been looking for the quintessential camel wrap coat forever (like the Max Mara one) and discovered The Curated through the lovely Jamie-Lee of It’s really well made and Nicola, the founder/designer, puts so much care and thought into the collection. I’ve been so happy with it so far and can only imagine it getting better with time. Let me know if you have any specific questions!

  9. Kimberly says:

    Hi lee, Thank you for not waiting for the weekend to post, and giving me a head start to playing with my wardrobe pieces this weekend. My workplace is casual, but I sometimes have meetings at City Hall or with other departments, so your outfit ideas would allow me to transition seamlessly between the two environments. I love your ideas! I noticed that you change your handbag everyday, which enhances the outfits greatly! However, when I do this I usually mess up and forget something. How do you organize your handbags?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s so great to hear Kimberly, thanks for reading! I’m so glad the post gave you some ideas.

      I keep what I throw in my bags pretty lean (just wallet, phone, lip balm, car keys, comb, sunnies) so it’s pretty easy to swap them around. I just grab the stuff from one and toss in it another one. If I worked in an office I’d probably just use one or two during a given week to keep it simple though.

    • Rita says:

      I used to change handbags alot, and kept dragging with me all kinds of stuff… To prevent forgetting anything, or spending lots of time transferring stuff, I kept all the bits and bobs in a small makeup-bag. Then I could just transfer this one from bag to bag.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely post, Lee! Would wear almost all of these outfits, except #2 ( too much contrast between the white skirt & black leggings for my average height!). Otherwise, the rest are creative, elegant and understated.
    Can understand why Sararaili, above, can’t wear cropped pants all year. I wear sheer nude pantyhose in cooler weather or knee high boots to keep warm because I live in SW Ontario.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! I think look #2 would be better with a knee height boot but I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect pair. Appreciate your tips for cold weather styling too.

  11. Mrs A F Tonsberg says:

    Gorgeous! I was one of the many people that requested you do a workwear capsule and it’s great- lots of great combinations to inspire me to be more creative with own work clothes. Thank you

  12. These are all pretty outfits. I really love those hounds tooth jackets. Hounds tooth is one of my favorites too.

  13. SaraRaili says:

    I love this post! I work in a very small, casual construction office and am often tempted to just not care what I wear to work. I often live in Tshirts and jeans…because of a back office, no one sees me all day except dirty construction workers, mentality! But this has definitely given me ideas of how to up my game a bit… I’ve screenshotted a few here! The one thing I always notice with your outfits tho, is that you seem to wear your cropped pants all year round in Canada! I can never manage this. I live in northern Ontario. And just hate to be cold. I find myself putting away all my straight ankle pants and wearing nothing but tights and skinny jeans/pants all winter. Also my ankle boots always look a bit awkward with cropped hems… Maybe it’s my height… I am 6 ft tall.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I’m so glad this one gave you some inspiration 🙂 I would be tempted to do the same but it might be fun to switch it up sometimes!

      I definitely hate being cold too so I’m not in cropped pants much during the deep winter. If I do wear some, I wear ankle boots that have a tall enough shaft to fit under my pants and I wear knee socks to cut out any draft. I also wear skinnies and insulated boots a lot during Jan/Feb/Mar.