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Happy Friday! Today I’m switching gears with a post all about my current beauty favourites and two makeup looks I’ve been wearing lately.

I don’t buy makeup or change my beauty routine often but this year I’ve been inspired to have some fun and lean into a bit of drama and a touch of sparkle! I thought it would be fun to share the products I’ve been loving (some for years and some more recently) and two ways to wear them.

Both of the looks I’m sharing today are quick to create (as in under 10 mins) and the products are super easy-to-use, which they need to be since I’m no expert! Read on to see my beauty go-to’s, a ‘soft glow’ daytime look and a ‘warm spice’ evening look that’s a bit more dramatic. These are both great year-round but particularly ideal for the fall and winter seasons.

Style Bee - Fall Beauty



CONCEALER | KJAER WEIS | I wear Like Porcelain | I’ve been using this product for years now. I use it as a concealer instead of a foundation (which it’s intended as). Coverage is excellent, it’s highly blendable and the texture is incredibly light. It’s pricey to start with but I find one palette lasts a long time (I’d say at least 4-6 months if used as concealer) and refills are more reasonable.

Key ingredients include sweet almond seed oil and coconut oil to naturally moisturize the skin, while Jojoba seed oil are rich in fatty acids that promote skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging.

FOUNDATION | BARE MINERALS | I wear Vanilla 02 | I started using this in the summer during a search for a new tinted sunscreen option. None of the options I’d been using were working for me so I bought this in a rush before a trip and ended up really liking it. It offers a medium amount of coverage, blends beautifully and keeps my skin glowing and hydrated but not oily. Two other options I’m considering are this one and this one.

BROWS | ECOBROW | I wear Penelope | This is another long-time favourite. I’ve been using this brow wax (and brush) for ages. It’s great for filling in patchy spots, very forgiving and buildable as needed.

Key ingredients include silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E so brows never look dry or drawn on.

PINK BLUSH | KOSÅS gifted | See how I wear Longitude Zero for a daytime glow in Look 1 below. | This is a great blush for a ‘rosy glow’ that achieves a flushed, healthy look in a flash. It’s very lightweight and has just enough iridescence to add a bit of highlight as well.

Key ingredients include jojoba seed oil soothes and balance skin and moringa seed oil to brightens via vitamin C.

MASCARA | HOURGLASS | I wanted to try this one out after seeing it featured by several beauty gurus. I was out of my usual go-to mascara so I got the small size to try. It’s a great option for volume and intensity but didn’t deliver as much as I’d have liked on length. I’ll be going back to my usual when it runs out.

EYE PALETTE | ILIA | I LOVE all the warm neutral colours in this palette. It’s great for anyone who likes a more subtle eye but it’s very buildable for a more dramatic look. There are matte, satin and metallic finishes and I’ve found that they hold well and don’t crease even after a full day. The formula is very blendable too so they’re pretty fool proof if you’re not a pro. Just keep blending!

LIQUID EYE SHADOW | KOSÅS | I love GLOBE, shown in Look 1 below. | I was so excited to try this new liquid eyeshadow from my favourite beauty brand and it did not disappoint. It’s very liquid in the bottle and goes on wet and cool but dries quickly into a creamy texture that you can blend. I LOVE this product for mornings when I’m in a hurry or when I just want a little sparkle!

LIPSTICK | KOSÅS | I’m wearing Undone in Look 1 below. | This is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks. It’s a very subtle and natural colour that’s deep enough to add a hint of drama. Rosewater is another colour I love that’s a touch lighter.

Key ingredients include jojoba oil a vitamin-packed moisturizer, rosehip seed oil, which provides antioxidants for enhanced tone and texture and mango seed butter that’s omega-rich and skin-soothing. More on why I love KOSÅS lip colour here.

PEACH BLUSH | KOSÅS gifted | I’m wearing the Papaya duo in Look 2 below. | This is definitely the blush I reach for most. It goes on like a dream and gives the perfect amount of sun kissed glow that’s noticeable but natural.

DARK LIP COLOUR | BITE | I’m wearing Yucca in Look 2 below. | I love the texture of this lip colour, which is somewhere between a gloss and a stick. I like to dab it on and then rub in with a fingertip. I find it holds better and you can build up the colour to the intensity you want much easier. It’s got decent staying power and doesn’t dry out my lips.

Key ingredients include monoi butter for hydration and a sumptuous feel  and coconut oil for hydration and a smooth texture.

HIGHLIGHTER | KOSÅS gifted | Wearing Tropic Equinox in Look 2 below. | I love this product and find it always adds the perfect touch of highlight. I wear the lighter shade most often on my cheek bones, layered under a swipe of powder blush. Sometimes I’ll dab it under my brows, chin and along the bridge of my nose as well.

LIP BALM | KOSÅS | This product has been such a game changer for me. I get very dry lips and as soon as summer ended I felt the change in humidity. I put this on before bed, under lip colour and anytime in between. My lips have been feeling fuller and softer than ever!

Key ingredients include konjac root, which creates a gel-like barrier between lips and the environment, sealing in active nourishment. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and locks in hydration while vitamin E smooths the look of lips. Wild mint soothes and energizes.


This is my go-to daytime makeup routine and what you’ve seen me wearing in most outfit posts. It’s pretty natural and just adds a bit of warmth and colour to help me look healthy and awake (coffee and sleep can only do so much!). Here’s the step by step of how I use the products noted above.

  1. Starting with clean, hydrated skin I apply my foundation all over and concealer where needed. I’ll usually just apply with my fingertips and then lightly blend with a soft brush. When I feel it’s needed, I’ll use a touch of tinted powder to combat any oiliness.
  2. Then I’ll fill in my brows with a tinted wax formula that keeps the shape and has a buildable, natural effect.
  3. Next, I’ll dab on my new favourite eye shadow and smudge it out over my lids for a bit of shimmer and warmth.
  4. After a quick curl of the lashes I’ll swipe on a few coats of mascara.
  5. With a big soft brush I sweep a light layer of illuminator/blush onto my cheeks for a rosy flush.
  6. Finally it’s time for my favourite lip colour, which emphasizes my natural lip colour and brings the look to life.

Style Bee - Fall Beauty
Style Bee - Fall Beauty

OUTFIT SOURCES: BLAZER* old (Similar linked and vintage here and here) | BODYSUIT gifted | BELT | PANTS | HEADBAND | NECKLACE

Style Bee - Fall Beauty


Look 2 is what I’ve been wearing for visits with friends, family get-togethers and anytime I want a bit more dimension and warmth. I love the result of a soft, golden, smokey eye and a bold brown lip. It’s equal parts spicy and shimmery making it perfect for cozy sweaters and all the autumnal colours of the season! Here are the steps to create it:

  1. Starting with clean, hydrated skin I apply my foundation and concealer (as needed). I’ll usually just apply with my fingertips and then lightly blend with a soft brush. When it’s humid I’ll use a touch of tinted powder to combat any oiliness.
  2. Then I’ll fill in my brows with a tinted wax formula that keeps the shape and has a buildable, natural effect.
  3. Next I’ll begin with ‘cocoon’ (top right) on my shadow palette and blend with a shadow brush from lash line to just under my brows.
  4. From the outer edge towards the middle I’ll blend in ‘1979’ (mid left) for a smoky effect.
  5. From the inner eye towards the middle a bit of soft gold ‘grace’ (top left) brightens the look and adds some iridescence.
  6. From there I’ll add a subtle cat eye with ‘lineup’ (bottom left) along the top and lower lash line and finish the eye with an all over blend using ‘unite’ (mid left).
  7. After a quick curl of the lashes I’ll swipe on a generous amount of mascara to pump up the volume.
  8. To the top of my cheek bones I add a touch of cream highlighter, which doesn’t show as well in photos but adds a beautiful gleam in real life. I sometimes add to the bridge of my nose, chin and just below my brows as well.
  9. With a big soft brush I sweep a light layer of illuminator/blush onto my cheeks for a sun-kissed glow.
  10. Finally it’s time for a bold lip colour, which really brings out all the warmth of the look.

Style Bee - Fall Beauty


Style Bee - Fall Beauty





Let me know if you’ve got any favourite beauty brands or products on the go! I’m always keen to discover new options.

This post was not sponsored or produced in partnership with any brands noted above. This article contains affiliate links and some gifted items. If you see something you like and decide to shop through the links above, I may earn commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!


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  1. Aleta says:

    I tried ten Kosas products on my first order, including the lipstick you suggested in a recent post. They just haven’t worked for me. But it is a wonderful company. When I inquired about returns, Kosas credited my account and told me to keep the products or donate them! No hassle with sending them back, and so easy. I wasn’t expecting that, and appreciate the company a great deal. I’m sure I’ll try something else now!

  2. Lisa says:

    I am a Kosas convert from your very first post on them! Great looks!

  3. linda says:

    The link for the skinny headband is wrong source please? I love it!

  4. Sam says:

    I’m curious how beautycounter and skinceuticals are considered “cleaner” than bare minerals. I love the bare minerals foundation because it’s free of silicones, fragrance, and chemical sunscreens and other icky things that are in both of the other products.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Good point Sam, cleaner is probably not a good word choice. The other two have zinc oxide so I believe the SPF coverage is broader. So much to learn about ingredients so thanks for noting that. Glad to hear you like the Bare Minerals foundation too!

  5. Hanusia says:

    Ooh, I always love a beauty post! I just got the Cool Nude version of that Ilia palette and love that it’s so compact, with shades that are all super-wearable. I’ve read about Kosas on your blog several times now, so they are definitely on my list to check out!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading Hanusia! I was sooo tempted to get the cool version of the palette so I’m glad to hear you like it a lot. It’s a great palette for travel and as you said, super-wearable which is always essential. I’m a bit obsessed with Kosås, as you can tell 😛 xo

  6. Nanci-jean says:

    Wow!! Gorgeous as ever!!

  7. Sarah Winton says:

    I love a healthy natural look as well. I have a pretty similar go-to routine for the office. Bite Beauty lip products are so good, definitely one of my favourites as well!

  8. Nipa says:

    I loved this beauty post! I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I struggle with makeup tutorials that require 17 steps to achieve a “natural look”. Mineral Fusion and Gabriel are two of my staples, and I just started trying out BeautyCounter. Oh, and I love Bite’s lipsticks but haven’t tried the liquid version, so I’ll check that out. xo Nipa

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing some of your go-tos Nipa! I haven’t tried MF or Gabriel (on my list now!) but I have loved some of the Beauty Counter products I’ve tried in the past. In particular their sheer lip stick and cleansing balm. I really liked the liquid version of BITE’s lipstick because I found my lips got a bit dry with the regular formula. Have a great week! xo