Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

5 Little Luxuries with Soft Focus


If one zodiac sign thrives most at making time at home delightful, it is indeed the Taurus. Seeing as were currently in the season of the bull, and being one myself, I thought it might be fun to share a few small ways I treat myself to little luxuries throughout the week.

These are not lavish indulgences but more about savouring simple moments that often slip by or become a chore. Life is full of uncertainty and sadness for many right now but I hope this post offers the gentle nudge you’ve needed to embrace a little luxury in what could otherwise be seen as an everyday task.

Read on for the 5 little luxuries I savour on a daily/weekly basis and learn a bit more about the beautiful pieces from Soft Focus (a Toronto-based loungewear line) that I’m wearing throughout the post.

I’m so happy to share this post, which was produced in collaboration with Soft Focus, a Toronto-based brand and features some gifted items but no affiliate links. All opinions are always my own and I only feature items I love. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!


In fabrics that feel good

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Some evenings when I’m feeling up to it, I like to put together an outfit for the following day and have it all set to go in the morning. I’ll assemble all the elements from shoes to accessories and arrange them on the outside of my closet door. It doesn’t take much more than a few minutes but the reward is high. It’s as though a little stylist fairy came in and picked out my look for the day.

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards floaty fabrics like Tencel, linen and silk that glide over my skin and move effortlessly with me. I love soft whites, muted peaches and mossy browns layered together with warm accents like gold jewelry and fuzzy slippers.

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus
Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus


& Furry Helpers

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Of course, changing the sheets can be considered a classic household chore but there are few pleasures in life as exquisite as sliding into a freshly made bed. It’s the reason why staying at hotels is such a delight, which is what I try to remind myself when I’ve been putting off the task.

I personally love crisp cotton or soft linen sheets with a fluffy duvet on top and a wool blanket at the foot of the bed. Evie loves joining in for this activity and is always the first one to warm up a new set of sheets.


Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Give me all the earthy notes! Sandalwood, oak, moss, bergamot, tobacco, sage and amber are all welcome here! Something about deep, warm, earthy scents brings me such a sense of calm and contentment.

I love burning incense in the office when I’m about to begin my work day. It can be a struggle to get into a focused mindset, especially lately, but having a sensory cue that it’s time to sit and get to work has been hugely beneficial to my productivity. I’m able to relax my racing my mind and get onto the tasks at hand whether that is writing, editing, decision making or planning ahead.

If you’re sensitive to strong aromas, I find that auditory cues work just as well. Playing rain sounds is my favourite way to soothe my mind and ease into working mode.


Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Another weekly “task” that I always relish is watering and caring for my many green friends. I’ve filled just about every windowsill and spare spot in our home with a plant of some kind and while they don’t all thrive under my care, the ones that do bring me so much joy.

I talk to all my leafy roommates and do my best to listen to what they need, whether that may be a misting or a gentle wipe down between waterings. If you’re a plant parent yourself I’m sure you’ve felt the goodness that they give to a space. Being present while I tend to them is something I try not to rush or take for granted.



Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Last, but never least, on this list of little luxuries has got to be curling up in my favourite couch corner with a glass of wine as the evening sun drifts across the room. If I’m lucky, a curious little corgi might join me to watch as neighbours walk by with their pups, which he always has strong opinions about.

It’s the perfect spot, away from my desk and computer, to transition out of work mode and into an out-of-office headspace.

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus
Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

A few notes on Soft Focus

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

Soft Focus is a Toronto-based clothing line crafting lavish yet laid-back pieces from quality, plant-based fabrics.

Before I discovered the brand a few seasons back, I’d previously considered “the robe” to be either a relatively dowdy closet item or something reserved for those with luxurious walk-in closets and La Mer perched on mirrored trays.

Seeing how Soft Focus founder, Sammi Smith, had re-interpreted the style by creating a contemporary, elevated design in a thoughtful way, made me reconsider the robe concept entirely. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to wear one, I can’t imagine going back to life before The Classic Robe.

Throughout this post I’m wearing:

The Classic Robe in Toast size XS/S (it also comes in a sublime Blue Sky)

Cami & Brief Set in Milk size S and M respectively (these also come in black and grey mix).

The Classic Robe ($245 CAD) is made of a beautifully fluid Tencel (plant-based and sustainably sourced) that is breathable, soft and easy to care for. The robes themselves are produced in small batches in a factory near Shanghai, China. Sammi’s close relationship with the team has allowed her brand to grow organically and keeps production close to the source of Tencel that is used for each collection.

The Cami & Brief Set ($100 CAD) are made from 95% rayon (from bamboo) & 5% spandex jersey (to help maintain the shape and fit over time). This fabric is super soft and breathable with the perfect amount of stretch for comfort + shape. The Cropped Cami features a double layer bodice for a bit of support and extra coverage so you can skip the bra. Soft Focus underthings are all made in Canada in a factory that specializes in lingerie located in Montréal, QC.

Explore more of the Soft Focus collection here.

I’m also loving The Fluted Slip Dress.

Use code STAYSOFT10 for 10% off your order + free shipping in North America

{If you’re looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, I can’t imagine a lady who wouldn’t love a Soft Focus gift card!}

Style Bee - Little Luxuries with Soft Focus

While I’m immensely grateful for all of the little luxuries in this post, a furry faced smooch will always be #1 on my list! Although Dobby may feel otherwise haha.

Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear about the little luxuries in your daily life that bring you comfort or joy!

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  1. A.N.c says:


    Love the tips- especially making the bed with fresh sheets! I wanted to ask- where’s your couch from? We’re searching HIGH and LOW for a new couch, and, from the little I could see, it looks like a lovely build.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi! Our couch is the Sven Sectional from Article. We’ve had it for about a year now and it’s been great! I did a recent update review post which will give you lots more information. Very comfy and good value! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. xo