Style Bee - Blundstone Styling - 1 Formula - 4 Ways

1 Formula – 4 Ways – STYLING BLUNDSTONES


Who’s ready for a new style formula post? Well hopefully you are!

Since sharing my Blundstone Review + Styling Ideas last winter, lots of requests for an updated styling post have been coming in. It’s been chilly enough to start wearing my Blunnies here in Guelph and every time I pull them on I’m reminded why they’re such a crowd favourite. Bottomline is that they’re warm, waterproof, well-made and wearable for a whole range of outdoor adventures.

That being said, I’ve got to admit, I still don’t think Blundstones are the most elegant boot, despite my deep affection for them. Since I wear them a lot throughout the fall & winter, I’m always trying to figure out different ways to make them feel more in line with my usual style. I’ve heard the same from a few readers so I hope this post is helpful! 

Today, I’ve put together four minimal, sophisticated and totally functional ways to wear Blundstones or any other black boots you may have. Join me for a quick look at how one formula can create four totally unique & cozy fall outfits!

Post is not sponsored and the Blundstone boots featured were a personal purchase. This post contains affiliate links, which means Style Bee may earn a commission on sales made through the links below (at no additional cost to customers). Thanks for supporting this space, I hope you find it helpful!

What’s this “outfit formula” you speak of?

Great question!

An outfit formula is similar to a recipe in that it consists of a few common categories (ie: ingredients) in your closet that can be used to build an outfit.

For instance, a summer outfit formula would be something like:

Midi Length Dress + Block Heel Sandals + Hat + Basket Bag

From there, you can use this ”formula” to mix and match all the items in your closet that fit into those categories (or serve a similar purpose). It’s an easy exercise to find more potential in your existing closet, which you know we love here on Style Bee.

Plus, outfit formula’s can be a great way to test out a new piece for versatility!

Lots of folks I’ve heard from love this technique and it takes almost no time to try out. If you do give it a go, let me know what you think!

Style Bee - Blundstone Styling - 1 Formula - 4 Ways

Quick note on Blundstones

I cover all my thoughts on the Blundstones I have in my Blundstone Review + Styling Ideas post. So check that out for fit notes and other details.


Not a Blundstone fan but in search of a classic, functional black boot? I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of great options in a range of price points for you below.

Another great Canadian footwear brand to explore is MAGUIRE and you’ll find lots more where those came from in the Winter Boot Directory.



I’ve been wearing this formula for a couple of years now without even really realizing it. It’s certainly not revolutionary but it’s one that can be recreated in most closets. Of course, you don’t need a pair of Blundstone Boots for it to work. You can try this formula with any sort of black ankle boot you have.

Now onto the results of this today’s style formula!


An easy way to elevate a more utilitarian item like Blundstones, is to go for a quintessentially chic colour palette, like camel and black. Then, by keeping each element simple and streamlined the entire look feels refined.

In this case I went for a relaxed fit cashmere turtleneck in a wheat colour topped with a classic camel coat for some tonal dimension. True black jeans and a black belt offer a nice bit of contrast and a minimal cross-body bag in a chestnut brown ties it all together!

CAMEL COAT | THE CURATED | Full unsponsored review here.



BLACK STRAIGHT LEG JEANS* | N/A | *Linked to similar option.

DRESS BOOT IN RUSTIC BLACK | BLUNDSTONE | Full unsponsored review here.

SARAH BAG | A.P.C. | Similar here and here for less.


Another quick way to balance the ‘toughness’ of a pair of boots is to pair them with white denim. White jeans work with everything and instantly freshen up an outfit.

In this case I pulled out a very old oversize black tunic sweater (which is still available amazingly) to offset the brightness of the jeans. Then a vintage houndstooth coat was an easy answer to tie the look together. If I was headed back to the UK anytime soon, this look would be coming with me for sure!

HOUNDSTOOTH COAT* | VINTAGE | *Linked to similar.



DRESS BOOT IN RUSTIC BLACK | BLUNDSTONE | Full unsponsored review here.

SARAH BAG | Similar option for less here.


Oh goodness am I happy this outfit came together! I’d been unsure about whether Kamm pants would work with Blundstones but seeing them in this context all doubts have been quelled. Just more proof that you can’t knock an outfit until you try it!

Whenever the majority of the elements in a look are voluminous (ie: my pants and sweater) I like to balance it out with a fitted piece. In this case, my white turtleneck serves that purpose. Another small element I love in this look is how the white button on the pants and just the cuff of turtleneck sleeves peek out under the cardigan. This helps the bright whiteness of the turtleneck feel more cohesive and less stark.

CHUNKY CARDIGAN sold out | BARE KNITWEAR | Linked to a similar option. Save 15% with LEE15.



DRESS BOOT IN RUSTIC BLACK | BLUNDSTONE | Full unsponsored review here.

SARAH BAG | A.P.C. | Similar here for less.


And last but not least, an easy-going, everyday sort of outfit. A striped turtleneck with vintage Levi’s is a forever classic base that’s great to build on.

In this case, a minimal, long, open-front cardigan does the heavy lifting when it comes to giving the look some refinement. This deep black top layer visually draws out the stripes and my go-to cross-body bag adds just a touch of warmth.

BLACK CARDIGAN | sold out NORDSTROM | Linked to similar.

STRIPED TURTLENECK | gifted TRADLANDS | Sold out, waitlist open. | Similar here for less.

JEANS | vintage LEVI’S | Linked to a very similar option.

DRESS BOOT IN RUSTIC BLACK | BLUNDSTONE | Full unsponsored review here.

SARAH BAG | A.P.C. | Similar here for less.


Would you like even MORE styling ideas? Then you’ll want to give my Pinterest board \\ BLUNDSTONE STYLING // a follow!

Style Bee - Blundstone Styling - 1 Formula - 4 Ways

Thanks for tuning in!

Please feel free to share any Blundstone specific questions on this post so that they’re all in one spot.


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  1. Donna says:

    Look 4, hands down!

  2. Kiki says:

    Have you tried the Blundstones with the heel? Wondering how comfortable they would be for walking. I have an old pair of Blundstones that are well worn and its time to replace them.

  3. Barb says:

    I am def going to try out the white jeans and Blunnies combo. This is not something I have thought of, but I have an oversized plaid sweater/coat with a white base and black and teal stripes. The while jeans would look great with this and the black Blundstones to anchor the look into fall. You’re a genius!

  4. Jo says:

    😍 Love this post! I basically wear blunnies for most of winter, they are so good for chasing after the little kiddos. So each winter I style my entire casual wardrobe around the blunnies and what will go with them 😂 Thanks for some great ideas Lee!

  5. Kirra says:

    I love the way you style these sturdy Australian boots! Makes me think about getting a pair, rather than my dressier but less resilient boots I currently have. There is another Australian boot company from my city, Adelaide, called Rossi Boots, if anyone is looking for some similar styles to this.
    I think I like style 4 the best, the stripes are fun!

  6. JaneT says:

    I love all of these outfit formulas. I don’t wear Blundstones but I do wear El Naturalista Chelsea Boots. They have a similar look and are extremely comfortable. I wear them with jeans and my Kamm pants. 🙂
    My favourite look is #3. I am eyeing that cardigan. So beautiful.

  7. steph says:

    the marine cardigan link on look 3 leads to a gorgeous coat, just fyi.

    i wanted to check it out b/c i loooove the voluminous sleeves! alas it’s out of my price range and i have this look-a-like to keep me happy
    i almost shrieked when i found it at a yard sale for $3!

    i’m only shopping secondhand and while i thought it would be limiting it has really helped me define my style. so excited it’s fall, it’s definitely my favorite season to dress for.

  8. Alessandra says:

    I find it highly uncomfortable that you are still linking items to Everlane. They have not repaired the damage they have done to the Black community and their workers and I would no longer consider them an ethic company worth investing in. Other influencers have stopped promoting them and I had expected you to as well.

  9. Kathleen says:

    I’d wear all the looks….if I lived in a cold climate!! I have the rustic brown blunnies and am wondering if I could sub them for “lighter“ versions of these outfits.

  10. Lauren Hyatt says:

    I would wear all of those! But my lifestyle is so different from yours and those type of boots don’t make sense for me but they look fab on you! I like the outfit formulas and making them more casual for my lifestyle. I would love to see an updated sweater duster formula! I love all your outfits with them but they are from several years ago and all your suggestions are out of stock or I can’t find anything similar.

  11. Nipa says:

    I didn’t realize that I had outfit formulas until I started writing them down! I love your turtleneck/cozy cardigan one – I definitely need some chunky sweaters and boots so I’ll check out your suggestions! Xo Nipa