There are tried & true “essentials” when it comes to building a closet you love. While those pieces differ from person to person, one that has always remained on my list is a pair of minimal flats.

I’ve been wearing my Oliver Cabell Dream Flats for several months now. They were sent from the brand for me to test out with no obligation to share, however, I really like them and felt they were worth elaborating on.

I realize most people are likely to be boot shopping at the moment but I felt it was best to share my thoughts on these while they’re still fresh instead of waiting until next spring. Plus, I know some readers live in more temperate climates and can get away with wearing flats any time. How lucky!

This post will cover:

  • A Full Review of the Dream Flat
  • How they compare to the Day Glove
  • The no-show socks I wear with flats
  • & A question for you!

Shall we step in?

The product under review in this post was gifted with no expectation of a feature. This post was not produced in partnership with any brands mentioned but does contain affiliate links. If you see something you like and decide to shop through the links included, I may earn commission on a sale at no additional cost to you. All opinions are always my own and I only share items I love and think you might too. Thanks for supporting Style Bee!

DREAM FLAT gifted // BROWN SWEATER old (linked to similar) // LONG SLEEVE TEE (wearing a Small) // AVERY PANT gifted Use LEE15 for 15% Off! (wearing a size small standard length) // ANKLET (made in Canada)




  • $135 USD $114.80 USD First time shoppers save 15%.
  • Sizes 5 – 10 (whole sizes only)
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 4 Colours – Saddle (shown) / White / Rosa / Black
  • Made in Italy
  • Oliver Cabell is an independent brand, and founder, Scott Gabrielson, personally reached out to me initially. The O.C. team is currently focused on thoughtfully producing quality footwear for women and men at accessible prices in elegant and functional designs. You can learn more about the brand here.


When a brand claims “no break-in period” I’m usually inclined to roll my eyes. However, this time I have to admit, they weren’t far off! Apart from a bit of slight rubbing on the very back of my heel (after lots of walking with no socks on a hot day) the break-in was completely painless and blister-free. This is rarely ever been the case for me with new shoes of any kind and was a pleasant surprise indeed.


  • I went with a size 7. Typically Iโ€™m either a 7 or 7.5 (38 EU) in shoes depending on the fit and whether or not I intend to wear socks. In these I will either go barefoot or wear a thin, no-show sock (more on those below).
  • I have a narrow foot (AA) and heel with a high arch.
  • The Dream Flats fit my foot right away. There was a touch of room in the length and a bit of room in the width but it didn’t feel too sloppy anywhere.
  • I share more on this below, but I’ve found that as the leather has loosened with wear, the fit can feel a bit looser than I’d like at times. That said, they are still entirely wearable (and a no-show sock helps) but for those with very narrow feet, these may not be ideal.
  • For folks with a regular – wide foot width, these will be great!


  • 100% leather with a rubber outsole.
  • The leather has a pebbled texture, which gives it a natural feel, resistance to stains and makes it easy to wipe off.
  • The leather is quite soft but feels durable and I’ve found that it stands up to scrapes and scuffs well.
  • The rubber sole is extremely flexible and easily bends and moves with your foot. Itโ€™s also nice and grippy on smooth surfaces.
  • The Saddle brown is a beautiful, rich warm neutral. A classic cognac colour.
  • I care for them by wiping off any dirt or stains with a damp cloth. Mud, red wine & coffee have all come off easily. As needed I’ll condition and treat them with leather conditioner & protector.
  • I’m not sure if the sole can be replaced but I would be inclined to guess not.


  • Two small inner side vents allow for some air flow.
  • Breathability is not bad, but when I don’t wear a sock I find my feet sometimes get clammy.
  • There is a reinforcement strip at back and top of the heel. Common on flats as this helps prevent the shoe from slipping off.
  • Cushioned insole and back panel.
  • The inside is partially unlined so the soft (suede-like) backside of the pebbled leather is exposed around the foot. This helps to give these flats a very ultra low-profile, minimal fit.


  • No arch or significant support to speak of so probably not great for pounding the pavement all day.
  • That said, I’ve worn them for walks that are well over an hour and my feet/lower back felt fine.


They are a true classic and excellent quality for the price point.ย They work with pretty much any outfit I might want to wear and I’ve been loving these as an indoor flat that’s almost like a slipper. I can zip out for a walk with the pup or into the yard and not worry about getting them wet or dirty (like I would slippers). The tread doesn’t pick up much dirt and they’re easy to wipe clean. I expect to have them a long time.


They’ve stretched out more than I’d like. Out of the box they fit pretty well perfectly and in my experience most leather shoes that I plan to wear barefoot (or with a no-show sock), should start out a little snug. If anything these were a bit on the wide side for me and as the leather has softened, it’s relaxed a little more than I needed. This means that when my feet are cold or it’s not warm out, they fit a bit loose. They still stay on well and with a thin, no-show sock it’s all good. I don’t expect them to stretch out any more at this point.

Additionally, I don’t think a size down would have worked in the length so I’m happy to make these work. If there were half sizes I might try a 6.5 but they’re currently only available in whole sizes.


I think these would be an easy 9 for someone with a more average width foot. With a little more insole cushioning they might even be a 10.


{ affiliate link }



When I shared my mini review of the Dream Flats on Instagram I got a number of messages asking how they compare to the Day Glove from Everlane. You can find my initial review on those here but I’ll share some comparison notes below.


  • DREAM FLAT: $135 USD $114.80 USD (First time shoppers save 15% and shipping is always free worldwide.)
  • DAY GLOVE: $118 USD (Free US shipping on orders over $75 USD and INTL on $100 USD)


  • DREAM FLAT: Sizes 5 – 10 | No half sizing | Best suited for regular to wide feet.
  • DAY GLOVE: Sizes 5 – 11 | Half Sizes available | Best suited for narrow to regular width feet.


  • DREAM FLAT: 100% Leather upper with rubber outsole. The leather on the Dream Flat is a bit thicker than the Day Glove with more of a pebbled texture.
  • COLOURS: 4 Total | SADDLE | WHITE | ROSA | BLACK | See them all here.
  • DAY GLOVE: 100% Leather upper with rubber outsole.
  • COLOURS: 9 Total (currently) | See them all here.
  • BOTH: Are made in Italy and the leather will stretch and give to fit the foot within a few wears.

In the photo below you can see a side by side comparison for the Dream Flat (left) and Day Glove (right). This shows the slight design differences, width and overall feel of the two flats.


DREAM FLAT: No pull tabs / Toe box portion covers toes but leave most of the top of the foot open. / Inner sides come up 1/4″ higher and outer sides come up about 1/4″ lower. / Back of heel height is about the same (excluding pull tab).

DAY GLOVE: Leather Pull Tab / Toe box portion of the shoe comes up higher on the top of the foot.


DREAM FLAT: My initial impression was that the Dream Flat seems to be made of higher quality materials and better construction and I still think so. Mainly, the leather feels more durable and scuffs less easily.

DAY GLOVE: I’ve had these for several years now and they’ve held up pretty well. There are some scuffs/scrapes on the tip of the toes that need repairing but overall these flats should remain wearable for more seasons to come.


Bottomline, these shoes are quite similar. For me personally, the Day Glove ultimately fits my narrow foot best (despite a horrendous break-in period), however, I like the simplicity, design and the quality of the Dream Flat more.

They are both a great option for a minimal and timeless “glove” style flat and can fit within any wardrobe. It will likely come down to fit (whether you need wide or narrow width) and preference of design details.


I recently discovered SHEEC socks and they’re a total game changer. Shown above are the Secret 2.0 Ultra Low Cut, designed specifically for minimal coverage shoes (like these or Rothy’s). I got the size Small but could probably fit into the Medium too.

They ACTUALLY stay on and I can wear them all day without adjusting them or having to fish them out of the toe of my shoe! The toe and heel are a special no-slip material (poly/spandex), while the sole is cotton for sweat absorption and breathability. They also have a no skid patch, which I never even knew I needed, but definitely appreciate on tile and hardwood floors.

SHEEC offers a range of profiles and options depending on the type of shoe you’re wearing (even for sling backs!) so they’re well worth a look! I also tried out the Active-X High Cut Socks for sneakers and ankle boots and I really like them.

I bought these socks myself and I’m thrilled to have finally found something that works!

I reached out to SHEEC and managed to get a discount code for 15% OFF on top of the offers currently running! Use STYLEBEE at check out. Valid for 1 week, ending November 4th, 2020.

Finally, a question for you!

Oliver Cabell has kindly offered to send additional styles for me to test out (this was well before I shared that this post was in the works) and I’d love to know which one you might be interested in hearing about. These are the three on my radar but I’m totally open to suggestions!

MONTI LOAFER Sandstone | DREAM MULE (Leopard coming soon) | LOW 1 White


I hope this review will provide some helpful insights on the Dream Flat and clear up any questions about how they compare to the Day Glove!

If you have more questions please feel free to share them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

Leave me a comment here!

  1. Jen says:


    I really like this and think I may order, but still torn bw them and the day glove. I do have wider feet and so with that seems you’d recommend the dream flat, even if everlane comes in half sizes?


  2. Deborah Small says:

    I would love a review of the Dream Mule. I have the Jenni Kayne mule and would love to know if there is an affordable, comfortable mule out there that meets your rigorous reviews ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Emma says:

    Wow awesome! I have the black so I might just give this a go! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Rita says:

    Hi Lee! This was a timely post as we’re just in the midst of a very warm and dry Spring in Auckland and coming up to Summer and I’m looking for a new pair of flats. You touched on all the points I always want to know: will they give me blisters, how’s the fit (I’m in between sizes and it can get tricky) and is the leather too soft (I’m a bit clumsy and if it’s too vulnerable to scratches it’s not for me). All this to say a very big thank you ๐Ÿฅฐ

    On other styles, I’m personally thinking of the sneakers ๐Ÿ’•

  5. Allison says:

    Thank you for sharing Lee! I really appreciate your thoughtful approach to your reviews of items. I would love a review of the Leopard Dream Mule since they seem similar to the Jenni Kayne mules in Cheetah.

  6. Jessie says:

    Hi Lee – Have you considered or tried using a terry cloth liner inside the shoe to help it fit more snugly? I also have a narrow foot and find the liners do just the trick when a shoe (particularly a flat) is just a tad big. Thanks so much for this review – the color and style of this flat is something Iโ€™ve been looking for for years!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Jessie, No I haven’t! Do you have a link or brand name for the liners you like? I’d love to explore that idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

    • Jessie says:

      Of course! I have used the Happyfeet cotton terry liners from Amazon but Iโ€™m sure there are other similar options. I like that they are washable too! I posted a link as a โ€œwebsiteโ€ in this comment, too, so hopefully that will work ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿปhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BMYSLDD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ASSMFb6NP5M89

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Awesome! Thanks Jessie!

  7. Jaimie says:

    What a helpful review! Love the comparison to the Day Glove. I’d be curious about the OC mules and how they compare to the Jenni Kayne mules, since they’re very similar in style (but the OC ones probably at a more affordable price point)

  8. Jennifer y. says:

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you for another great review. Personally, I would love to see your review of the OC Low 1 White sneakers!

  9. Nipa says:

    I’ve been looking at the Everlane flats for the past year, but they did look rather narrow to me. Really appreciated your comparison – I’m pretty sure they would be too snug on my feet. I’m stocking up on sneakers right now, so I vote for the Low1 | White. A gorgeous post, as always, Lee! Hope all is well ๐Ÿ™‚ Nipa

    • Emma says:

      I have what I consider to be wide feet and the Day Glove fit perfectly! However, after a year and half of having them in heavy rotation, there is a fair bit of scuffing (Lee any tips on how to fix this?), so when the time comes to replace them I’m definitely going to consider the Dream Flat because of the higher quality and durability factor! Thanks for another great read Lee ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Emma, Not sure whhichh colour you have but I’ve been looking into this product (comes in a range of colours). It’s leather paint that you can use to cover scuffs and dark marks on leather. Hope that helps!