May is Mental Health Awareness month, and given the personal importance of this topic, I wanted share a collection of instagram accounts that I follow for mental wellness. These are run by therapists, thinkers, artists, and writers, and their work gives me reason to stop and think, adjust my habits, and just simply feel better.

Now, I won’t argue that Instagram is a space that takes a toll on our mental health. That said, I do believe that the type of accounts we follow can make a big difference. While there are likely some on your daily scroll that trigger unwanted feelings (remember, you’re free to mute or unfollow those at any time!), there should also be accounts that are uplifting, affirming and motivating.

Scroll on for links to a selection of my favourites. I hope this list points you to some new sources of wisdom and peace of mind!

This post is not intended to replace the help of a mental health professional. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, this resource is great for Canadian residents and BetterHelp or TalkSpace seem to be good options for virtual counselling and support from anywhere. Please know, you’re not alone and you deserve to be happy.


Virtual wellness practice supporting you through difficult emotions & mental growth run by Chantée Dardaine, M.A. RP.

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Run by Stef, a PhD Student from Montréal, QC, showing that it’s cool to talk about mental health through the loveliest illustrations.

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Minaa B., LMSW, is a therapist, wellness coach and host of the podcast, “Your Mind, Your Body” offering tips for personal growth and self-care.

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Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist, poet and author of the book “How Far You Have Come”.

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Lisa Olivera is a human, writer, guide and seeker. Here for radical acceptance, integrating our stories, and embracing our full humanity.

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Led by Sarah Magidoff, Slow Entrepreneur shares strategies to work less, get more done, make room for what matters.

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Of course, please feel free to share any accounts that you find helpful for mental health and self-care too!

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