Ready for another in-depth review of something I’ve been wearing non-stop since the moment it arrived? Well, ready or not, today we’re taking a look at the Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan by Jenni Kayne, aka the epitome of effortless, elevated, comfort.

Now, I realize we’re heading into summer and it’s not exactly sweater season, but having just worn this piece for the last 3 months straight, I wanted to get my thoughts down while they’re fresh. I also plan to wear this piece year-round as it’s highly adaptable for lots of weather.

I’ve received more DMs and emails about this piece than almost anything else in my closet and given the price tag, I understand its not a purchase to be made on a whim. I always strive to share pieces that will stand the test of time in any closet and this is most certainly one of those.

Today I’ll be covering:

  • Quick Facts
  • Fit Notes
  • Details I love
  • Maintenance
  • + A quick comparison to the Claude Cardigan from L’Envers

If you’ve been considering or are even just curious about the Cocoon Cardigan, then do read on!

Full disclosure, the featured cocoon cardigan was gifted to me by the brand back in February, however, this post is not sponsored and all thoughts are entirely my own. While I’m a Jenni Kayne ambassador (meaning I earn commission on sales through the affiliate links below), I’m not being paid for this coverage nor would I go to all the trouble of this review if I didn’t feel it was worth it. I think I can offer some firsthand insights given my experience with knitwear, assist with sizing and hopefully help anyone that has this piece on their wardrobe wish list.

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  • Price: $445 USD $378.25 USD when you use LEE15 for 15% Off.
  • Sizes: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / 1X / 2X / 3X | Designed with an oversized fit. I’m wearing an XS, more on fit below.
  • Materials: 100% Cashmere. Faux-horn buttons.
  • Made in: China.
  • Weight: Lightweight, super-soft, chunky weave knit.
  • Feel: This may very well be the softest cashmere I’ve ever worn. It’s truly like wrapping yourself in a cloud. One thing that really stands out on this piece is the sheer volume of cashmere used. The brand did not hold back on how generous and luxurious it feels.
  • Dry clean. More on maintenance below.
  • Shipping: Free across the US. International shipping now available for a flat rate of $30 USD. Keep in mind all international orders are final sale and customs/duties may be charged.
  • Read more about Jenni Kayne’s approach and commitment to sustainability here.
  • Colour options: OATMEAL (shown throughout post) | NAVY | BLACK | HEATHER GREY | IVORY | CARBON | CINNAMON


{ USE LEE15 for 15% OFF }


If you’re petite and looking for a shorter version of the Cocoon Cardigan, then I would recommend the Cropped Cocoon Cardigan.

The Stanford Cardigan is a great alternative for a slightly less voluminous knit and slimmer fit.

I also have the Alpaca Cocoon Cardigan (shown here) and it’s really beautiful. Super soft, warm and considerably chunkier than the cashmere. It also comes at a slightly lower price point.

There is also a Cable Knit Cocoon Cardigan, which comes in a beautiful Blush colour way.

If you’re looking for a cotton knit, you’re also in luck as there is now a Cotton Cocoon Cardigan available!

Style Bee - Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan Review



The shape of this sweater is probably my favourite design detail. The generous fit of the torso makes it a dream to layer open or buttoned over jeans and gives it a gorgeous drape.


These buttons add some natural interest and the large size creates a subtle focal point.


These wrist sweeping sleeves are perfect worn long on cold days and easily roll or push up on warmer ones.


The ribbed stitch of this knit gives it such a beautiful, timeless texture.


While this sweater is super cozy, voluminous and warm, it’s also lightweight and super soft, making it perfect for any season.


I am wearing an XS and I am really happy with the fit. I opted to size down after reading the many reviews which suggested so. As you can see, it’s still very roomy and has an oversized fit and feel without being too big. It layers under my relaxed fitting coats no problem and being a lightweight cashmere it doesn’t feel bulky.

For reference, I’m about 5’7 and 130 lbs. My measurements are Chest 32 in / Waist 26 – 27 in / Hip 37 – 38 in. I typically wear a small or medium in knits and a 26/27 in denim.

This sweater is available in 10 sizes from XXS through 3X.

I typically wear it three ways.

  1. Open
  2. Top button done up
  3. All buttons done up

As you can see below, it fits very comfortably over my jeans with room to spare through the hip. On me the hem falls just below the hip/butt so it’s the perfect mid-length knit.


As with almost any knit, a little maintenance goes a long way. I think there is a general misconception about how much need to launder knitwear, especially fibres like cashmere, which are naturally anti-bacterial. Personally, I will either hand wash (with this wool and cashmere shampoo) or dry clean my knits about once or maybe twice a season, usually right before storage (since moths don’t like clean fibres as much).

One other question I always get about cashmere knits is, “Does it pill?” and the answer is always, “Yes.”. Sorry but that’s the deal! Cashmere will develop small pills of fibres, particularly in areas of high friction, ie: under the upper arms. Longer fibres, which are typically found in higher quality cashmeres, take longer to develop and that’s been my experience with this sweater.

The image below shows the pilling situation after about 3 months of very frequent (almost daily) wear.

This doesn’t really bother me but for the sake of this post I decided to remove the pills with a sweater comb to show how easy it is to restore it to like-new condition. Simply sweep the sweater comb upwards in short swift strokes and the pills will come right off. The photo below shows how much I collected by doing a once over on the whole sweater.

Between wears I’ll spritz the sweater with a refresh spray and this keeps it smelling great.

This kit will get you sorted out right and you can see the full post on How I Care for My Knitwear for lots more intel.



A few folks have asked about how the Cocoon Cardigan compares to the Claude Cardigan by L’Envers, which is another favourite in my knitwear collection (gifted in 2018). Above you’ll see a flat of the two sweaters.

SIZES SHOWN: The Cocoon Cardigan shown is a size XS and the Claude is a M.

WIDTH: The Cocoon Cardigan is wider through the torso.

LENGTH: They’re both very similar in length, about 27 in, however, the cocoon seems to fall slightly lower on my upper thigh due to the drape of the cashmere and extra width.

BUTTONS: Cocoon has 4 faux horn buttons the Claude has 5, made of Corozo, and they’re slightly smaller.

NECKLINE: The Cocoon v-neck isn’t quite as low, so you could forego a base layer and wear it as is. The Claude would fall a bit deeper.

SIZES: The Cocoon comes in 10 sizes, the Claude comes in 5 with an option for customization.

SOFTNESS: The Cocoon is 100% Cashmere and very soft. I would wear this directly on my skin no problem. The Claude is 100% merino wool and while it has softened with wear over time, it’s still too itchy for me to go without some sort of base layer barrier.

PILLING: The Cocoon does develop pills more easily than the Claude. Both clean up easily with a sweater comb.

PRICE: Cocoon Cardigan – $445 USD $378.25 USD when you use LEE15 for 15% Off. Claude Cardigan – € 230 (approx. $280 USD). A price difference of about $100 USD.

MADE IN: Cocoon Cardigan – China // Claude Cardigan – Spain.

MY HONEST PREFERENCE: The Cocoon Cardigan has essentially eclipsed all other knitwear in my closet since it’s arrival. If your budget allows, you will not be sorry you chose the Cocoon, it’s just so incredibly soft, luxurious and chic. The Claude is also gorgeous but feels a bit more rough and has a distinct handmade quality, which is really lovely. I also love the authenticity of the brand.

Both are beautiful, just depends on what you are looking for long term because these are sweaters you’ll wear for many, many years.

Use LEE15 for 15% OFF at Jenni Kayne

This code is always active so no rush to shop. Just keep it handy next time you’re ready!


I hope this review is helpful! If you have any additional questions feel free to let me know!


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  2. Andrea Stasuik says:

    Hi Lee,
    Being Canadian I’m wondering – do you happen to know the customs/duties charge as I see it’s not included in the total but due on delivery? I’ve ordered from the US from other companies and have been gouged on customs charges before. I think this could make or break my decision. I understand if you don’t have that information but thought I would ask!
    Thank you☺️

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Andrea, Customs/duties will be due on delivery. I much prefer when there is the option to pre-pay so hopefully that is in the works. In the meantime I’ve found this calculator helping is estimating any c&d charges that may be expected. Hope that helps!

  3. Emily White says:

    Love the look/fit of this cardigan, but looking for something cotton for summer weather. Suggestions?

  4. Samantha says:

    Thank you for this review. I just bought this cardigan. It’s the biggest clothing investment of my life and I couldn’t find a good review of it anywhere until I stumbled onto your blog.

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