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Easy & Chic Second Day Hair Ideas


As of late I’ve been surprisingly inspired to put more effort into my hair. I use ‘more effort’ loosely as I don’t necessarily mean much effort at all. Here’s a couple not so fun facts: 1. My hair is fine but there’s a lot of it and 2. it gets greasy FAST. I try not to shampoo my locks too often but I can rarely go more than two days without feeling grimey. To make matters worse I’m fairly updo challenged and topknots make me look like a tool. With those things in mind I’ve been on the lookout for uber easy hairstyles that lend themselves to second day hair, although these could all be done on fresh hair too. The fact that I’m a braid junky will quickly become evident as well.

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest#1 – This is probably the most obvious and easiest idea but I love how chic a wavy ponytail looks tied up with a clear non-snag elastic. They’re available at all drugstores and look much sleeker than a black elastic band. If I’ve gone to all the trouble to curl my hair, surely I’m getting two good days out of it. This is a bed head, cow-lick safe option too.

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest

#2 – Still keeping it ridiculously simple, this little bobby pin triangle is a super cute way to change things up and get hair away from your face. It’s a fun update on a barrette and you probably already have what you need in the bathroom cabinet. See a few other fun bobby pin ideas here.

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest

#3 – This one looks way too lovely not to at least attempt once. It’s the ultimate festival hair style and would work for a variety of different hair lengths. Seems like just a couple of braids and a knot to pull them together, a light spray to tame flyaways and you’re a boho beauty for the day!

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest

#4 – I LOVE this loop-de-loop look for a Sunday brunch or a casual day at work. Hiding the elastic with your hair instantly makes this much more sophisticated and I can’t imagine it taking more than a few minutes to whip up in the morning. See how here.

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest#5 – I absolutely adore the ethereal fair maiden feeling this style gives off. I’m planning to give it a go for a number of bachelorette parties and bridal showers I’ve got on the horizon. Three long braids twisted and pinned should lead to this result and it looks like the clear elastics and bobby pins from looks #1 and #2 will be handy for this style too. Seen on Pinterest, sourced here.

Style Hair Ideas - Image via Pinterest

#6 – Of course I’ve saved my favourite for last. The braid within a braid is a super easy and slightly unexpected take on a typical plait. If you’re still not feeling totally presentable, toss on a felted wool hat and you’re all set.

All images were found on Pinterest. You can see these and many more hair ideas on my ‘How Do You ‘Do?’ board.


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  1. Mindy says:

    I love all of these hairdos! I’m lucky that my hair doesn’t really get greasy ever, but I have so much of it that it’s a real pain to wash and blow dry every day. It just takes up more time than I have in the mornings! Thanks for all these ideas, will definitely be trying some of these. 🙂 Lots of love to you!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks so much Mindy! I’m super jealous of your non-greasy locks but hear you about having no time in the morning!! I’m sure any of these style will look lovely on you. XoXoxo

  2. Great inspiration! I loved a messy ponytail or a messy fishtail. I’ve been trying not to wash my hair everyday in an effort to keep it healthier. Thanks for the great post 🙂