At the beginning of 2015 I was feeling really frustrated about my personal style, spending habits and closet overall. I was constantly trying to ‘keep up’ with fast fashion trends, buying the latest ‘it’ anything, filling creative voids with stuff and never feeling satisfied by any of it. I felt lost in my sense of self and embarrassed about how much time, money and headspace I was spending on clothes. In a nutshell, my closet problems amounted to:

  • An inability to escape the revolving door of trends
  • Overspending & shopping too much 
  • An undefined sense of personal style
  • General feelings of overwhelm & discontent 

The Closet Mission


So at the start of 2015 I decided to embark on a lean closet mission to eradicate the extras and unnecessary ‘stuff’ that was cluttering my wardrobe and mindset towards my life-long love of fashion. From there I set some clear objectives for the year ahead.

I then began an in-depth exploration of various aspects of shopping, personal style and closet curation. The result of those exercises has turned into a series of topics and exercises that I’ve developed to help myself and my readers on their own journey towards wardrobe contentment. Below is a visual table of contents of each step I’ve embarked on so far in this mission.

I’ve found the process extremely rewarding and enlightening so I encourage you to explore these posts, ask yourself some key questions and take some steps towards making your style and closet a point of positivity in your life!

Closet Mission Goals

  • Spend less time, effort and money on clothes.
  • Define my personal style.
  • Feel good about every addition to my wardrobe. 
  • Find contentment with less.
  • Save money and spend more time enjoying the moments that matter.

Start your own closet mission with the DEFINE + STREAMLINE TOOLKIT

The Define & Streamline Toolkit includes all my tips and insights for:

  • Going on a Shopping Fast
  • Considering Your Style Story
  • Identifying Shopping Triggers
  • Defining Your Personal Style
  • Creating a Core Colour Palette
  • Conducting a Closet Edit
  • Creating a Wish List
  • Taking the 10×10 Challenge

I’ve personally tested and revisited each step (many times) and I owe so much of my current style understanding and closet contentment to this process. My hope is that these tools will help you too, so if you try any of the exercises out I’d love to hear what you think!


Closet Mission Resources