Style Bee - Camel Coat

Camel Coat


Style Bee - Camel Coat

I’m feeling nostalgic today so let me tell you a story about this camel coat, which I discovered almost a year ago. I’d been looking everywhere for a long camel wrap coat because they are basically the most timeless winter closet item there is, but couldn’t seem to find anything that was exactly right. Well, I found this one, which is perfect but obvious reasons (it’s $2600 price tag) make it also impossible. It was nearly spring so I finally gave up and figured I would resume the hunt the following Fall. Then I happened into my local vintage shop and low and behold, this coat was hanging on the wall, looking glorious. I have a very weird sixth sense about whether or not an article of clothing will fit. For instance, I can see it in the box and know right away if it’s going to be too big or too small, even if folded! That’s about the extent of my instinctual abilities but none the less it comes in handy. So, I knew the coat would be perfect just from the sight of it but I tried it on to be sure and indeed it was. After parting with about $100 she was all mine. I was in disbelief for a little while and actually hung it up in my office just so I could occasionally turn around and see that it was still in fact in existence.

In a past post I likened the discovery of a perfect wardrobe item to that of finding love. The moment you stop looking for it, it finds you. Which, my friends, is the moral of this story. So whether it’s a great coat or a great person you’re on the hunt for, try calling off the search for a bit. You just might be surprised by what suddenly appears. With that silly bit of life advice, I will wish you all an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Style Bee - Camel Coat Style Bee - Camel Coat Style Bee - Camel Coat Style Bee - Camel Coat Style Bee - Camel Coat

Coat n/a Vintage Outpost (love this option so much!) | Sweater Everlane also in Charcoal (c/o) | Denim AYR (c/o) | Boots Rag & Bone | Bag vintage (this one is almost identical)



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  1. Such a sweet find!
    I’m happy for you – I love coming across finds in vintage stores.

  2. Melissa says:

    That’s such a beautiful coat. Amazing find! I love when that happens to me.

  3. echo says:

    This coat looks fabulous and almost brand new! And the price!!
    Yes you are so right! When you look for things(or person) like crazy, looking everywhere you just can’t seem to find it. Then, the moment you stop looking, it finds you! It happened to me so many times. Maybe it is because, when we are so focused we actually somehow lost the focus, like a tunnel vision you don’t see well, then when you are out of it, you look at it from outside you see much more clear.
    anyway, I love this story! and it makes me love vintage clothes hunting even more, it’s truly like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find and this makes it all the more exciting.
    also, I am too very good at judging whether or no a piece of clothing will fit well, usually just a look will determine. maybe it’s because we shop so much we are so experienced? 🙂
    Have a great weekend dear!!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      I think you’re totally right Echo, when you’re too focused on something you end up losing sight of it sometimes. Vintage shopping is definitely a treasure hunt! Sometimes you discover goal and sometimes it’s a bust. Being a seasoned shopper definitely helps with the sizing intuition haha Thanks lovely, same to you! xo