Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Style Profile: Moriah Murrell


It’s time for another long overdue Style Profile! Today I’m talking to the stunning and stylish Moriah Murrell about her personal style and how her hometown, Nashville, has been integral to her exploration and appreciation of independent brands and shopping responsibly. As is so often the case, Moriah and I crossed paths on Instagram (@moriahmurrell) and bonded over our mutual love for oversized pieces and relaxed but polished looks. If you haven’t visited Moriah’s namesake blog, definitely make it your next stop because it’s packed with pretty photos and effortless style inspo. To top off her incredible style and enviably awesome hair, Moriah is one of the loveliest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with to date. She’s a total gem! But before you’re completely entranced here’s a few questions I asked Moriah and a few of her favourite closet heroes.

  • Name: Moriah Murrell
  • Blog: Moriah Murrell
  • Current City: Nashville, TN
  • Occupation: Blogger and Content Creator

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Tell us a bit about yourself and how your blog, Moriah Murrell, came to life. 

Hello Style Bee readers! Isn’t Lee the coolest? I’m so, SO excited to be a part of her Style Profile. Okay, so my blog was created out of a desire to do something creative. I grew up in a small town in Michigan where there was little attention paid to style or fashion. Nashville, however, is quite the opposite. Here there is such a focus on style, music, and art. There are also tons of local designers who are INCREDIBLE. I’ve always had an interest in style and fashion trends, but my past few years in Nashville have really helped me figure out what my personal style truly is. It’s easy to fall in love with fashion in Nashville, being surrounded by so many talented jewelers, shoe makers, and designers. The blog is a place for me to explore my personal style and share that journey with anyone who’s interested! 

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell


Item 1 | 7 for All Mankind Tailorless Flares

Where did you find it? Nordstrom (Similar style on sale here and here)

How long has it been in your wardrobe? 6 months

How has it influenced your personal style? So, I tried and tried to love skinny jeans, but my short legs and curvy booty just did not agree. Thankfully I have recently learned that high waisted flares or wide-leg bottoms are the most flattering style on my figure. Who knew! I’m all about finding what works well for my specific body type. So these have really brought an air of confidence to my wardrobe in terms of denim!

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? Yep, especially because 7 for All Mankind really did short girls a favor by selling a tailorless option!

 Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Item 2 | Madewell Jersey Tank Dress

Where did you find it? Madewell (black almost gone, deep indigo option and similar on sale here and here)

How long has it been in your wardrobe? a few months

How has it influenced your personal style? Well, it has totally taken over my wardrobe. Haha, I have to force myself to wear other things! The fit is perfect for me, and the silhouette allows me to dress it up or down. Oh, and it’s super comfy. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? I think I would try to find a dress with a similar silhouette at least!

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Item 3 | FashionABLE Tirhas Hobo Bag

Where did you find it? FashionABLE in East Nashville

How long has it been in your wardrobe? a few months

How has it influenced your personal style? It allows me to be completely versatile in my outfit choice. This bag literally goes with everything. It has such a minimal aesthetic, yet it’s homey and vintage at the same time. 

If it somehow got lost or ruined today, would you immediately want to replace it? Honestly, I would! FashionABLE bags are my favorite, they are so durable and neutral.

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

 How would you define your personal style in 5 words or less?  

Organic, effortless and simple

We connected over a mutual appreciation for simplicity and supporting independent makers. Why is shopping responsibly important to you? 

Shopping responsibly sort of happened out of convenience for me. I kept running into so many amazing ethical brands and local designers in Nashville that all I wanted to do was represent them and their mission! When you can step into a showroom in the city you live in, meet the designer, and hear the story behind the work, the pieces become so much more valuable!

What are a few of your go-to places to shop (online and/or local)?

Elizabeth Suzann, Nisolo, Sisters of Nature, Corinne Collection, Aritzia.

What makes a great outfit for you? 

An outfit is great if I look good AND feel totally comfortable. Sometimes I’ll put something on and my sisters will say, “Ooo, cute!” But if I don’t feel totally comfortable in it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I guess that’s why it’s called “personal” style!

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

When did style become a creative outlet for you? Do you have any others? In high school I would thrift in my free time and I got such thrill out of finding an awesome piece for like two dollars. But like I said earlier, I think my college years in Nashville really connected style to creativity for me. I like to take pictures! I’m 0% a photographer but I love capturing moments with my friends and family. Does antique shopping for home decor count as a creative outlet? Haha, I do lots of that!

Do you still have any items on your Summer Wish List? Oh gosh, way too many. Jesse Kamm Pants in Tobacco, Elizabeth Suzann Jolene Pant in Cotton Twill Natural, Lauren Winter Wraparound Tank in Ivory Hemp, First Rite Banded Tank in Black.

What are you looking forward to seeing/doing/reading/eating this Summer? Watermelon, farmer’s markets, eating pizza with friends, hanging our hammock on our front porch, my sister’s visiting, Friday night cookouts!

Style Bee - Style Profile - Moriah Murrell

Thanks so much to Moriah for sharing her beautiful images and insightful take on personal style with us today! If you’re as smitten as me, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on instagram

Photos 1, 11 by John Hillin | Photos 2-4 by Kelsey Cherry | All others by Moriah Murrell

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  1. Mun says:

    Such a sweetie. I just checked out her blog and her style is so relaxed and unpretentious. Just lovely.

  2. Alex Chua says:

    I’ve been following Moriah for a while now and love her style. I’ve been thinking that she’s one of those rare women that can make anything she wears look instantly accessible, instantly wearable. She can probably make a sack of potatoes look stylish and yet, she has managed to curate a style that’s as unique as she is – effortless, elegant, and completely now. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      That’s great to hear Alexa! She really does rock anything she puts on doesn’t she!? She’s also such a lovely person to chat and work with too. xo