Is anyone else finding it extra hard to leave their bed these days? As the leaves drop and the daylight hours shorten, I can’t help but squeeze in a few more minutes under the covers.

One item on our household wish list this year was a bedding upgrade so I set out to discover some options. As it turns out we have lots of Canadian-based companies to choose from and I shared a roundup of Canadian Bedding Brands, along with which one I’d be testing out first, earlier this year.

Now that I’ve finally got something to report back on, I can share my review of the linen bedding set from Flax Sleep!

This bedding review will cover:

  • Why Flax Sleep
  • My thoughts on:
    • Softness
    • Fit
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Design
    • & more
  • Would I order from Flax Sleep again?

Now let’s tuck in!

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Why I ordered from Flax Sleep

Flax Sleep had been on my radar for a long time and after some research into Canadian Bedding Brands, I felt that they’d be a great place to start. They offer a lovely range of colour options and I like to support a brand that’s female-founded when I can too! Our budget along with all these factors played into my decision to give them a go.

ABOUT FLAX SLEEP: Founded by Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick in 2017, Flax Sleep started as a fun side hustle for three friends with a deep love for linen and has since grown into a favourite amongst conscious Canadian snoozers. 

WHY LINEN (according to Flax Sleep):

Short answer: linen is just better.

But allow us to elaborate, because linen has a lot going for it. It’s the oldest textile material in the world, for one thing. First used 8,000 years ago in the Mediterranean, it made its way around the world until the 18th century, when mass-produced cotton came along and provided a much cheaper option.

Linen takes a little more time and care to produce. That’s also why we love it. What makes linen so great for bedsheets is that it breathes cool in summer, while keeping warm and cozy in winter. And the longer you own your sheets, the softer they’ll get. That all adds up to better, more comfortable sleep.


MATERIAL: 100% French Linen (All Flax Sleep Bedding is 100% European Linen)


(Includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 4 pillow cases, 1 duvet cover)


AVAILABLE SIZES: TWIN / QUEEN (size we ordered) / KING

COLOUR OPTIONS: Flax Sleep has a lovely array of colour options. 7 including a white & a grey stripe.

When I ordered in the summer, I went for the Olive duvet cover and Fog for the flat and fitted sheet. I love the combo and how it looks in the bright white bedroom and with our cherry wood bed frame.  

Olive is not available directly from Flax Sleep anymore (sorry!), however king size duvet sets or sheet sets are available from Indigo. I would be ordering Charcoal/Fog or Pebble/White if I was ordering now.

SHIPPING: FREE on orders over $250 CAD in Canada, INTL shipping calculated at checkout.

Flax Sleep linen sets arrive in a drawstring dust cover (shown above) and there was no plastic in the parcel I received.

MADE IN: Shenzhen, China 

There isn’t a lot of information about Flax Sleep’s production, however, the brand states:

“Our products are made with quality materials, high production standards, and ethical manufacturing practices. We’ve met all of our production partners in person and pride ourselves on these relationships with quality manufacturers around the world.”

If you’d like to shop from a linen brand that’s sewn in Canada (we don’t produce linen domestically so it all comes from overseas) check out:

If you’re US based I’d check out:




It seems the claim to fame of these sheets is softness and that definitely holds up. They are considerably softer than any linen sheets we’ve tried previously (ie: IKEA & MATTEO). We washed them before the first sleep (which is recommended by Flax and something we would do anyway) and they were a delight to sleep on right away. In the past I’ve found new linen sheets to be slightly scratchy, however, this was not the case at all. 

It was like sliding into a lovely little cloud and we’ve had great sleeps on them/in them for sure!

(Texture shown below)


My husband and are a both relatively hot sleepers and while the sheets didn’t make us any hotter than usual, they weren’t as cooling as I’d expected either. That said, I haven’t found myself hanging a limb out to cool down throughout the night either. Now that we’re into the fall and winter months the sheets feel perfect. The outside definitely stays nice and cool, while the inside feels more snuggly.  


I love the simple tie closures on the duvet cover. There are no snagging zippers or finicky buttons to fuss with. (shown above)

The pillow cases have an envelope design so the insert stays concealed. They fit nicely over the Casper pillowcases we have. (shown below)


Linen wrinkles, and these sheets are no exception. If you don’t like a slept-in vibe and prefer a crisper look, these might not be great for you. For this shoot I pulled them right out of the dryer so they were reasonably smooth. After a sleep or two they look more rumpled.

Expect lots of lint in the dryer, which the care instructions note. I haven’t found that they leave much lint when in use though.


You bet! I think they’re worth the price for how soft and high quality they feel. They’ve definitely improved our sleep experience and I expect to have them for many years. That said, I’ll update if anything changes my opinion of the quality/longevity.

If you’re considering new bedding for the new year or a holiday present (to yourself or otherwise!) I definitely think Flax Sleep is a worthy option.

Have any additional questions? Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.



I hope you found that review helpful! I’m planning to try out more brands from the Canadian Bedding Brands list and will continue to share my thoughts.

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  1. Natasha Clarke says:

    Hi! This post and your other one on linen bedding have been so helpful, thank you!! I was wondering if you could help me decide on a colour combo? I am going with Silk & Snow as it’s more my price point…I am thinking copper for the duvet & one set of pillows, and then oat for the sheets. Do you think this would work? My walls are white so I don’t know if the oat will get washed out and whether I should just go full copper! Decisions… https://www.silkandsnow.com/fr-ca/draps-en-lin/

  2. Shari McCullough says:

    Most of the companies on your list do not produce in Canada. For instance Flax Sleep is produced in China.
    Companies may be Canadian owned, but produce elsewhere.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Shari, You’re correct. That’s why I’ve included where each one is produced and lots of other helpful details for folks interested in supporting Canadian businesses. Thanks for checking out the post.

  3. Lisa Walkey says:

    Hello! I’m wondering if you were happy with the size of the duvet cover? I read one review that someone ordered a Queen duvet cover for their Queen bed, and they said the cover didn’t hang over enough to cover the sides of their mattress. When I had a Queen bed, I would sometimes order King duvets/blankets to ensure adequate overhang… but, now having a King bed, I don’t have that option.

    Also, I’m debating the striped sheets with white duvet cover – do you think that combo will look nice?

    Thanks for your review!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Lisa, We’ve been very happy with the duvet cover size. Our duvet is a Queen and hangs over the three edges nicely. The cover itself is roomy but we don’t find it gets saggy or loose anywhere (as has happened with duvet covers in the past). I think a king should fit nicely for you but you may consider checking the dimensions to be sure.

      Love that colour combo! It will be so fresh and inviting for the late winter. Hope that helps! xo

    • Lisa Walkey says:

      A little update – the king bedding arrived… and it is PERFECT!!! There’s plenty of hangover! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep on my old bedding – this bedding is a total dream! I’ve also just found gifts for family and friends for the foreseeable future!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ah! That’s wonderful Lisa! Thanks for sharing the update. I know what you mean about not going back lol. xo

  4. Shannon Mori says:


    I see in your article you said you would get charcoal/fog or pebble/white, I cannot decide what colours to get. would you always get the sheets lighter than the duvet. I have a dark charcoal fabric bed and white dressers in the room and med grey walls. Any ideas? I was thinking Charcoal duvet and fog. I think the charcoal duvet might be too dark.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Shannon! Oh I love this kind of question 🙂 Based on the other elements in your room I think white sheets with the fog duvet would look really lovely. With the dark charcoal fabric headboard I agree that charcoal duvet might not be ideal. You could also try Fog sheets with a Pebble duvet depending on how you think that might work with the charcoal fabric bed but I think the white and fog would look really fresh and inviting. Hope that helps!

  5. Madeleine Blumgart says:

    Looks nice! How do you think these would manage w/air drying? We live in Paris – no dryer in this apt (hopefully the next one!).

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hey Madeleine! Yes, I think they’d air dry no problem as long as you have room to hang them. They’ll just have a more rumpled texture but I bet they’ll still feel plenty soft. Hope you’re doing ok during France’s latest lockdown. Stay safe!

  6. Genevieve says:

    Hi! I ended up buying my duvet based on your first post about them, so this makes me happy you are still loving it 🙂 also mine does have the inside ties to keep the duvet in place, I ordered mine in September 2020, not sure whether it’s a new addition or not.

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Genevieve, I’m so glad you shared that because I just found the inner loops for the duvet!! I don’t know how I missed those before but I had to double check. Thanks so much! xo

  7. Hi Lee,
    I have never heard of this brand – I’m excited to try it! How did you order the duvet cover separately from the sheets? I love how you chose two colours.

  8. Yay for Canadian brands! I have Flax Sleep sheets and love them!

  9. Susan says:

    Hello Lee,
    Does the duvet cover have ties on the inside to keep the duvet in place?

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Susan, No ties on the inside of the duvet cover, just on one end. I’ve never used one with that feature but it sounds cool!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Susan, just in case you have notifications on, I wanted to share an update that the duvet cover DOES have loops that the corner of the duvet goes through and it helps it stay in place. I missed them the first time I checked but another reader (Thanks Genevieve!) let me know. Sorry about that!