Style Bee - Summer - Look 1

Summer 20 – Look 1


Style Bee - Summer - Look 1

Deciding what would be the first look from my Summer Foundation Closet was a no brainer. It just had to be what I’m calling the Holy Grail of summer dresses. The moment I saw this dress in the Ace & Jig lookbook I knew I’d found my soulmate (sorry Dave!). I scooped it up via NA NIN, a delightful little shop in Richmond, VA and fell so in love with how they styled it I had to get the Janessa Leoné Klint straw hat to match. Now I dare say these two items are the true soul mates!

Besides the beautifully woven pattern, incredibly soft cotton or the out-of-this world fit and feel of this dress, it’s something I can imagine wearing for literally decades to come. Which is exactly how a successful closet investment should make you feel. For a night out I’m wearing it dressed up with sky high mules, a fancy hat and a few favourite accessories. For a more casual look, well, you’ll just have to wait see later this month!

Have a great Friday and a Happy Independence Day to all you stateside folks!

Style Bee - Summer - Look 1Style Bee - Summer - Look 1Style Bee - Summer - Look 1Style Bee - Summer - Look 1

NA NIN still has a Medium available in the Chord Maya dress but don’t delay! I found a couple great options from Anthro which you can shop via the link below.


Dress Ace & Jig via NA NIN || Necklace c/o BIKO || Hat Janessa Leone || Shoes Rachel Comey || Bag vintage (similar) || Jewelry Laite Atelier

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  1. Emily says:

    This dress is so good! Random but what do you lay down for that gray flooring? It looks so good up again your wall!

  2. Andrea H says:

    Super cute! And I love what you’re calling your summer wardrobe. “Foundation” is such a great word for wardrobe building!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Thanks Andrea! I thought ‘foundation’ was the right word for my approach since I don’t (yet) have the discipline to commit to a full on capsule. This way it still has a feeling of permanence and deliberateness, if that makes any sense! Ps. Love your blog! xo

  3. Kat says:

    That is a really lovely maxi dress! You’re right, it looks like it will transition well between the “ages” and I bet it will still be fashionable in 10 years’ time. If that turns out to be true, it will be a good investment indeed! 🙂
    xo Kat

  4. Kate says:

    This look is so reminiscent of like a funky, worldy art or English teacher you might have in high school that you really admire and want to emulate but you can’t quite understand her… I say this because this is always the look I go for! Funky, chic, worldly.


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Kate! This is the best compliment ever! I totally know that English teacher archetype you mean and I love that vibe. Thanks love! xox