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I had an entirely different post planned for today but it just wasn’t sitting right and I decided to scrap it and write about what’s been on my mind lately. So, look out!

I’m currently dressed in stolen boxers and a giant t-shirt that came free in a 2-4 of Sleeman Cream Ale. My house is a mess and I’m about to eat a stale piece of toast with questionable banana slices for breakfast (which will be the first proper one I’ve had all week). My dog just farted because he ate something bizarre and rotten off the road last night. Oh and I have little to no intentions of showering today. There, now you have a better idea about what I’m doing now, honestly.

I love social media and find so much inspiration through it but sometimes it can psychologically turn on me. With Instagram showcasing perfectly tailored moments, Pinterest taunting me with beautifully finished spaces and recipes, Facebook reminding me how much fun everyone else is having, Linked In pointing out my lack of promotions and Twitter being too annoying to even go near, I’m sometimes left feeling kind of sour. The fact is, it’s too easy to compare your life, surroundings, career, progress, relationship, social events, travel schedule and just about everything in between to everyone you encounter during the day.

We all know the quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” and it’s spot on. I let all these fabricated sound bytes have a REAL impact on my emotions, which I’m aware is pretty ridiculous. So yesterday, as I was adding insult to injury by looking through my Pinterest board \\ Sentiments That Speak To Me // (formerly Annoying Sentiments I Like) I saw the message above* and it stopped me. I decided to get a piece of paper, a brush, some water colours and just write, or rather paint, it out a few times to help it sink in. Wouldn’t you know, it helped!

This exercise allowed me to clear my head and reminded me that I’m on the right path, I just need to stay focused and remember this is my life I’m living and I’m doing the best I can, which is pretty damn decent at that (OK so my morning routine has room for improvement). People are always going to have a sweeter house, a dreamier job and WAY nicer shoes but who cares? They’re not in control of my life and what I can achieve. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason but we have the ability to make the most out of those happenings. So note to self, “Dress well, work your ass off and commit to creating the life you want for YOU.”

Well don’t mind if I do!

Have a good Thursday friends. xo

*author unknown

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  1. Ardith says:

    Dear Lee, thank you so much for your wise and inspiring words. I love your description of your morning. It was refreshing and real. Actually a breath of fresh air.We need to stop wasting our energy in making these pointless comparisons. Your post helped put things in perspective. Thanks for your lovely blog. I look forward to your posts and the beautiful photos that you share. Have a wonderful day!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Ardith, your comment has totally made my day! Completely agree about wasting energy on comparisons, it’s nuts! Thanks so much for following the blog, knowing people enjoy it makes all the effort more than worth it 🙂 Happy Friday!! xo

  2. Myrna says:

    Omg! Thank you so much for such inspiring words! This has hit close to home, I also feel that social media is the devil haha cause it for some reason “sometimes” makes you feel worse about yourself . So I sometimes just turn it off and find something else to do. But you are right “who cares?”
    Thanks so much for sharing .


    • Lee the Bee says:

      Myrna! Thanks so much for your comment. So glad you feel me! Totally agree with you about turning it off and finding something else to do. I love to check out of the whole social scene and cook a delicious meal. It’s my favourite way to de-stress. You and your blog are just delightful! xoxo

  3. CT says:

    Amen, sister. xo

  4. dad says:

    You nailed it. Too easy to be influenced by all the noise. You have good ideas, great intentions and a work ethic that rocks. We love seeing what you see in Style Bee and help us cut through the crap. Keep going, good things are moving close. Too bad about the dog farts.

    Cheers D

  5. Shannon Buckley says:

    Umm, you are amazing, the end! I may or may not have choked a little on my coffee after I read the part about your dog farting… I love your candor. Also, your handwriting is so pretty and classic. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! You’re doing just fine as-is, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that you’re one of the very few whose style I want to emulate every day! 🙂

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Shannon, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re an absolute gem!! Thanks so much for your comment and the style props. You have such great taste, I know if you like it then I’m onto something 😉 I have almost choked on coffee catching a whiff of Dobby’s farts too! haha He’s so low to the ground I can never see the weird stuff he thinks he needs to consume.

      Ps. lets be real life friends one day, SOON!