Soda Vase


StyleBee - Soda Vase

It seems as though everyone I talk to these days is ‘swamped’. I don’t know about you but I’m certainly sick of hearing the phrase “I’m so busy!” and I’m usually the person saying it, which has got to be a sign! Anyway, the bottom-line is that I haven’t had much time to work on blog content for the last few weeks but I wanted to share a few snaps of these fabulous Italian Soda bottles. I picked them up during lunch with my Mum a little while ago and they have the loveliest blue hue and elegant shape. We had a great lunch, the soda was delicious (not too sugary) and I got to bring home two new vases and some gorgeous hydrangeas for the house. I’m trying to savour these little mementos when everyday is a whirlwind of emails and deadlines. The good news is that despite my lack of devotion, Style Bee has been garnering lots of attention this month and I’ve got new collaborations in the pipeline for the next couple weeks. Stay tuned and Happy Friday!!

StyleBee - Soda VaseStyleBee - Soda Vase

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