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The lovely Nichole of A Type of Style invited me to participate in a blog tour that helps spread the word about some of the blogs that we, as bloggers ourselves, love to read. She shared a quick Q&A with Style Bee (read it here) a few weeks ago and today I am very excited to introduce you all to some of my favourite interweb friends!

Style Bee - Blog Tour - Faith Pierce

First up is Faith Pierce of the blog That’s Just Fabulous and believe me it is! TJF is where I go for all the latest beauty trends and best products to try. Faith has a great eye for bright, clean photography with a hint of femininity in every shot. She also shares great recipes for festive drinks and tasty cocktails which always look delicious. Not to mention her delightful Flower Friday series which never fails to make me crave fresh flowers. I asked Faith a few questions about her blogging process and what she’s been up to lately. See her answers below and follow the this lovely lady on Instagram @faithpierce.

Style Bee - Blog Tour - Faith Pierce Style Bee - Blog Tour - Faith Pierce

What are you currently working on (in real life and blog life)?

At the moment real life has taken over blog life a little bit! I work in the interior design industry and am in the commercial/corporate end of things. Lots of exciting work trips and opportunities have been popping up, so I absolutely cannot complain about being busy! On the blogging end there is an exciting collaboration I have coming up and plenty of makeup posts along the way. I am also planning to hopefully sneak in a few Autumnal themed cocktails and drink recipes.

How do you set your blog apart?

The biggest thing for me is photography. I try incredibly hard to really make each post unique in some way. I get the most frustrated when I feel “stuck” on the composition of a photograph. I also find that those days are the ones where I end up pushing myself further and creating photographs I absolutely love. 

What drives you to keep creating?

Seeing the amazing work my peers are doing. The best thing about blogging is the little network of people you meet along the way and they are all so amazingly talented. 

How do your posts come to life?

I try to stick to a calendar. I sit down and plan out the weeks and then spend my weekends shooting posts to prepare. I like to share a couple beauty related posts, one outfit, a recipe if I can, and of course “Flower Friday” each week. I’m also attempting a few new series. My “Favorite Lipsticks”, “Splurge” pieces, “Monthly Favorites”, etc. On Saturday’s and Sunday’s I spend the “good daylight hours” setting up posts in my living room and photographing. Evenings are spent editing photos and putting all of the text together.

What are you currently: a) Wearing, b) Eating and c) Wishing For in abundance?

  • Wearing: An oversized sweater, black skinny pants, and my H&M ankle boots.
  • Eating: Cheese and crackers, lots of cheese and crackers!
  • Wishing For: All things Charlotte Tilbury! 


Style Bee - Blog Tour - Happy Hunters

Next up are Elise and Katie of The Happy Hunters blog. I implore you to spend ten minutes on their site and not leave feeling awesome with a big grin on your face, it’s impossible! I discovered The Happy Hunters a year or so ago on Instagram and have been admiring their work ever since. Somehow they manage to outdo themselves with every new post. I am 100% on board with their casual, never serious take on style and always find myself inspired by their creative approach. Be sure to check them out on Instagram @thehappyhunters and peruse their delightful hashtag #thehappynow for a dose of good vibes. Scroll down to see what these two dynamos had to say when I asked them about their blog and just generally rad existence.

Style Bee - Blog Tour - Happy Hunters Style Bee - Blog Tour - Happy Hunters

What are you currently working on (in real life and blog life)?

This is Katie. I’m working on renovating my “new” 100-year-old home (Kitchen painting project coming to the HH soon).

This is Elise. I’m working my way through the current season of America’s Next Top Model (Trying to “smize” more on the blog to make Tyra proud).

How do you set your blog apart?

This is Us. Approach-ability and accessibility. We’re all about the ability. To make every part of life doable.

What drives you to keep creating?

This is Katie. Elise.

This is Elise. Katie.

How do your posts come to life? 

This is Us. We get inspired by an experience, or something we found at a thrift store, or a photograph, and we turn it into something that’s relevant. We love translating a feeling or concept into something that’s not scary or intimidating.

What are you currently: a) Wearing, b) Eating and c) Wishing For in abundance? 

  • Katie: My comfort uniform. Madewell muscle tee, black jeans, and sandals (Yay Californian October).
  • Elise: Oversized, short-sleeved plaid, Madewell coated leggings (we like Madewell…shocker) aaaaand sandals.
  • Katie: Chocolate-chip pumpkin loaf and Intelligencia iced mocha.
  • Elise: ICED MOCHA! Guess where we are?
  • Katie: Particles of air that are cooler than 80 degrees.
  • Elise: Particles of coffee mixed with chocolate and milk that are hotter than 80 degrees.


Style Bee - Blog Tour - Jessica Klein

Now, and finally, we’ve got Jessica Klein, interior design genius and blogger over at Oh, I Design. I discovered Jessica on Pinterest and subsequently sought out her blog after I pretty much repinned everything from her interior style boards. I particularly love her series ‘Five, Friday Favourites” for discovering fun new products and great pieces to add to a space. Jessica curates some seriously gorgeous interior inspiration and shares her take on new collections and DIYs for the home. Be sure to check out her blog and follow her adventures and adorable pup Bella on instagram @ohidesignblog. Read about Jessica’s process and what drives her to create in the interview below.

Style Bee - Blog Tour - Jessica Klein Style Bee - Blog Tour - Jessica Klein

What are you currently working on (in real life and blog life)?

Real life: I have a few of exciting interior design projects going on right now. One is a small apartment in the South End of Boston, a large residential project outside of the city, and just beginning a start-up company’s office. I also have a couple styling projects that are in the works with a new friend + savvy event designer, Kathryn of Bash Studio.

Blog life: Oh goodness, all sorts of fun and exciting things are happening behind the scenes. I have a couple posts going up this week sharing some new companies and products that have impressed me as of late. One future goal I have is to begin documenting and sharing the process of various design projects.

How do you set your blog/work apart?

I try to take care of anything blog-related in the morning and/or in the evening unless I am taking photos for a post. My work life is mostly during the middle of the day where I devote my time to clients and various design projects.

What drives you to keep creating? 

I don’t think there was ever a time in my life where I wasn’t brainstorming a new idea or executing that idea – it makes me feel alive (as silly as that may sound). I love that I have now created a place on the internet where I can document those ideas, such as: my favorite decor pieces, interior design tips and inspirational people and/or companies. I keep creating because I truly believe our surroundings shape us and any way I am able to communicate some design knowledge and help someone create a space they love is so rewarding. 

How do your posts come to life? 

It honestly depends on the type of post for me. For instance, I have a series on my blog called “Wear This / Live There” where I collaborated with my talented friends in San Diego to create the fashion portion with a photoshoot of a styled outfit and I then paired the outfit with a room. 

For some of my posts, I will create a collage of my favorite decor/furniture and my process normally begins with some kind of inspiration (whether it be from a magazine or a furniture piece I see while I am out and about). Then I find examples through photos or different furniture/decor pieces where I “pin” them in a secret pinterest board called “blog posts” and then create a collage in Photoshop. I do all of my writing last because it’s my least favorite part.

What are you currently: a) Wearing, b) Eating and c) Wishing For in abundance? 

  • wearing: leggings with a cute oversized sweater and booties. pretty much obsessing over pieces in my “closet wish list” pinterest board.
  • eating: currently, a lot of soup (I am fighting off a cold) and a lot of oranges and lemon water. 
  • wishing: dirty chai tea lattes (dirty: with a shot of espresso)

Well friends, I certainly hope you’re as pumped as I was to discover these awesome and talented ladies on the blogosphere. I have no doubt there is a TON of amazingness on it’s way from each one. Big thanks to Faith, Elise, Katie and Jessica for participating in the Style Bee blog tour.


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  1. Faith says:

    Thank you so much for such a lovely feature 🙂
    So glad we’ve become Instagram and blog friends!


    • Lee the Bee says:

      You’re more than welcome Faith and me too!! It was so fun to pull this post together and learn more about you ladies. Keep being fabulous 🙂 Talk soon xo