December Vibes


I started this post by looking back through all the monthly vibe posts throughout the year and two things became clear. The first is that I really like taking photos of stacked logs. The second is that I had a pretty awesome 2014. It was definitely a whirlwind and like any span of 365 days, there were both highs and lows. Unsurprisingly, most of the lows were renovation related. I had never realized how profoundly effected I am by the state of my surroundings. When my home is in a constant state of turmoil and unrest, so is my mind and it’s horrible and exhausting. Now that the rooms we’ve been working on are starting to open up and the dust is settling, I’m feeling much more in control and less like a chicken with my head cut off!

The highs were plentiful this year and I feel so lucky to be able to write that. I had the chance to celebrate so many great people starting lifelong partnerships together. I visited places I love and others I’d never been before. Our family business thrived in it’s 5th year and I’m on a great path toward new career goals. I got to see my love in his element, thinking, planning, building, making and perfecting our little home. His abilities never cease to amaze me. But hands down the most rewarding part of the 2014 has been my blog. People always say, “It must be so much work.” and sure, it is, but honestly it’s so much fun, I barely even notice.

December has been overshadowed by this relentless cold that both Dave and I have had. It’s been so tiring but our little fur person, Dobby has been as delightful as ever, keeping us going and being the best little companion. When I think about my day to day life in 2014, Dobby is the best part of it. Sorry Dave! (But I know he’s your favourite too.)

StyleBee - December Vibes

2014 has definitely been a defining year for my sense of style. I’ve always known what I don’t like but figuring out what truly works for me and suits my style has been an ongoing journey. It’s far from over but I finally feel like I’ve found my stride.

StyleBee - December Vibes

I decided to close out the year with one final change. I’ve been wavering and waffling about cutting my hair for an entire year and I finally committed to the chop. I took off about 8 inches of dead weight and went for a long, angled bob. I can’t believe how great it feels and how versatile it is. I feel more put together and sophisticated than ever before!

StyleBee - December VibesStyleBee - December Vibes

Well that’s about it 2014! Thanks for being a year I’ll not soon forget. 2015, I’m all yours!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!!

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