February Vibes


Monthly vibes shall live! After some of your lovely comments and encouragement on the January Vibes post I decided to continue these monthly recaps. After all, it’s a great way to keep a record of what’s happened each month. So thanks so much for piping up!

It’s no secret that February was insanely cold but it has been bright and sunny. Luckily my studio has two big windows that let lots of sunshine in so I could kind of trick myself into feeling better about the -30 degree temps outside. My rubber pant and lots of fresh tulips definitely helped too.

Style Bee - February Vibes

I was hunkered down at my desk a lot last month. Focusing on a product launch with work, new business ideas and lots of projects for the blog (including a fun new recipe series launching tomorrow!). Caffeine and tasty snacks are keeping me alive right now!

Style Bee - February Vibes

You might have already caught a glimpse of my recent hair chop via instagram or facebook. It was a significant change after over 20 years of long hair but it feels great and almost as if I was always meant to have a shorter ‘do. I’m loving how polished, chic and Parisienne it makes me feel. The only problem is that my desperation to visit Paris is stronger than ever!

Style Bee - February Vibes Style Bee - February Vibes

Of course I can’t resist infusing my monthly post with some cuddly shots of Dobby. He’s just such a great little buddy and at the top of my favourite things in life list. He’s got some serious ‘tude and reserves the right not to trust inanimate objects that spontaneously move, for example the vacuum or when the air vent blows a curtain. These are deemed extremely dangerous incidents by him. His little quirks make him all the more hilarious and unique.

Style Bee - February Vibes

I’ve missed putting together my weekly flatlays lately but I’ve been loving my white denim skinnies from Madewell and you already know how much I love the new Gap resolution denim (see my review here). Dave bought us a gorgeous set of Speck and Stone mugs for Valentine’s day and they have completely transformed my mornings. A beautiful coffee mug is an absolute must-have as far as I’m concerned now.

Style Bee - February Vibes

So that’s a decent summary of my February. We’ve been working on the house a lot too and I will FINALLY be able to share our finished bedroom this month (I mean it this time!). March is going to be awesome! I kicked things off with a fabulous giveaway and next week I’ve got an amazing guest blogger lined up along with lots of other Closet Mission plans and great spring inspiration. I’m also planning to overhaul the ‘Shop’ page and make it extra easy to shop my favourite mainstay pieces. Stay tuned and have a good one! xo

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  1. Echo says:

    Very nice new hair style! It’s more fun and edgy! I wonder if it’s hard to maintain? New hair style always looks good after we come out of the hair dresser, but once washed, the hair seems to have its own idea and won’t listen to me!

    I love the wide plank wood floor, and color, very fresh an clean 🙂

    And I love how soulful Dobby’s eyes are.

    Stay warm, spring is in the air!

  2. Laura says:

    A sneak peak of the finished bedroom… very excited to see how it looks. Also your new hair cut looks very good! I have short hair myself so I am always promoting it!! Cant wait for March! Keep up the good work xoxo

  3. Jenna L. says:

    Love the haircut! There’s something very Audrey Hepburn about you in those b&w pics.

  4. Myrna says:

    Thanks for not omitting this series because I love it. Love love love the haircut it’s seriously transformed your face and yes so PARISIENNE! Also how big is your studio ?


  5. Lauren says:

    Oh my goodness, that haircut looks AMAZING on you! You should keep that and never look back, ha!


  6. Jodie says:

    Yay, so glad you kept the monthly vibes! Your hair is fabulous.
    I love that you shared some of Dobby’s personality! One of my favorite things about Emmitt is that he loves to put himself to bed about 9:30, no matter what we are doing, lol. He wants to be up on the bed sleeping, even if it’s by himself.
    Your tulips are so pretty, I think I’ve got to get some more fresh flowers this week- I am having Cabin fever and so ready for spring time!
    I’am so excited to see your bedroom. You have such great taste and we tend to like the same things! I gave our sofa a mini makeover with new pillows and blanket. Also, bought new sheets and a big fluffy white comforter for the bed. I’ve decided to put them on the first day of spring❤️
    Stay warm Lee. Have a great week!