Style Bee - Summer - Look 19

Summer 20 – Look 19


Style Bee - Summer - Look 19

I allllllmost saved this outfit for #20 but at the last second decided to switch things around and share it today instead even though this dress was easily my most worn and loved summer item. I don’t spend over $300 on a single item without a lot of consideration. At this point I honestly don’t spend $10 on an item without some consideration but you get my drift. I’d had my eye on the textile company Ace & Jig for ages before I committed to anything but now I am officially a huge fan of their work.

Ace & Jig founders are Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, a best friend duo inspired by their love of antique textiles. They create their own patterns and textiles using influences from antique French linens, Japanese boro quilts and lots of other unique fabrics. They work one-on-one with textile specialists in India, using ancient wooden hand looms, to produce the authentic fabrics used in their collections. The manufacturer they collaborate with provides free childcare and uses reclaimed water to grow organic produce for their weavers and employees. Small details that point to the fact that it’s not about outsourcing for a better bottom-line, but instead about working with the best people possible to bring the Ace & Jig vision to life. The result is something you have to feel to fully appreciate and the process is something I’m proud to support.

Since I basically never take this dress off, I wanted to try out a look that might lend itself more toward these late Summer/early Fall days. I layered on my trusty denim vest and dug out an old wide brimmed hat. Then I layered on some dainty gold accessories, slipped on my sandals and grabbed my big black tote for the road. I might even switch out the sandals for a pair of ankle boots once the humidity dies down!

With that I’ll say Happy Friday and have a great weekend! Stay tuned for Look #20 on Monday!

Style Bee - Summer - Look 19Style Bee - Summer - Look 19Style Bee - Summer - Look 19Style Bee - Summer - Look 19Style Bee - Summer - Look 19

Hat Rag & Bone || Dress Ace & Jig || Vest J.Crew || Sandals Sol Sana || Tote Cuyana 

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Lee – I happened upon your blog close to a year ago now and I am a fan of your esthetic and your ‘less is more’ approach (as well as the fact that your climate, thus clothing needs are the same as mine – as a fellow Canadian). This is a great post in that it highlights a clothing line that is doing business in an ethical and seemingly environmentally responsible way. I just recently watched ‘The True Cost’ and although I knew the ‘fast fashion’ industry was gross, this doc left me gobsmacked. My point? It’s nice to see you taking thoughtful approach to fashion blogging – so keep it up – say more!

    • Lee the Bee says:

      Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for you thoughtful comment. I recently watched ‘The True Cost’ too and had the very same reaction. I’m so glad this post resonated with you because I’m planning to steer the blog even more towards a conscious consumer focus and highlight makers and companies that are producing clothing in an ethical and sustainable way. Without sacrificing an elegant and minimal aesthetic. If you’re interested check out the #consciousclosets tag on Instagram, it’s really picking up and I just read this post on Darling about it. Thanks for the encouragement!! xo