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Style Bee - Body OM


I’m excited to share something a little different today and introduce BodyOM, a raw and 100% organic subscription snack service that recently launched. I’ve had the opportunity to try out these snacks for the last two weeks and can honestly say that they’re delicious and have made such a positive difference to my daily nutrition.

To ‘BodyOM’ is to love yourself from the inside out, and that starts with food. 

While I totally support and believe in this mantra, I must admit, I’m not great about eating super well or even eating super often during the average day. My meals are usually rushed, sporadic and rarely homemade (mostly because I have no kitchen right now). I’m juggling so many work and blog projects all the time and trying to catch the daylight when it’s best for photos, take good care of my pup, keep up with household chores and somewhere in there food gets involved. I’m sure you know the drill all too well! So having BodyOM’s tasty, healthy snacks at the ready means I can fuel up on the go or at my desk without a big hassle or mess. Such a game changer!

Style Bee - Body OMStyle Bee - Body OMHOW IT WORKS

  • Pick Your Plan. Choose either a single month ($24) or 6-month plan ($22/mo). Monthly price includes shipping. Currently BodyOM cannot ship to Canadian addresses but that will change soon!
  • Build Your Box. Choose 12 snacks from a variety of 15 different dried fruits, nuts and combo packs.
  • Check Out. Be sure to enter code ‘LeeV’ for $5 off. 
  • Enjoy! Subscriptions arrive within 2 weeks up sign-up.
Style Bee - Body OM


I love BodyOM’s philosophy of doing what’s good for the body and for the planet by working with organic farmer’s who are cultivating the world’s best produce. But it’s all backed up by a product that is also delicious. Major win win right there!

I’ve been making my way through my first box by integrating them into my ‘routine’ during the day.

Morning: I’ve been adding shelled pumpkin seeds and Sicilian almonds to my morning yogurt with fresh fruit and granola and it’s SO good. I’ve also noticed a significant improvement in my productivity and ability to focus throughout the morning.

Afternoon: I’ve been bringing a snack pack of Indian mangos, Sri-Lankan cashews or English walnuts with me when I take Dobby for fetches in the park or his long afternoon walk. It’s usually around 3:00, lunch is long over and I’m feeling super drained. These help boost my overall energy level and mood for sure.

Evening: We often eat dinner fairly late (around 8:30) so I’ll grab a snack around 5:30 or 6:00 to keep me going until I call it a day around 8:00. The Turkish Figs were the first to go because they were AMAZING. Now I’m onto the Turkish apricots, which pair perfectly with the Sri-Lankan raw cashews.

You can learn more about all the different fruits and nuts that BodyOM offers and what they’re known to be good for here.

Style Bee - Body OM


If your lifestyle sounds at all like mine and you want to do something good for your body, without a huge expense or major time commitment, then definitely consider trying out a BodyOM box. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m so glad I agreed to try this new service. Just be sure to use ‘LeeV‘ at checkout for $5 off your first order!

Style Bee - Body OM

Thank you to BodyOM for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own.


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